Pretty Bad Tarot with Emily Milling

Pretty Bad Tarot with Emily Milling

On this podcast your host Emily Milling (100% not a tarot reader) gives very under qualified tarot readings to her guests, and then they talk about whether the reading made their lives better or worse! Every Friday new episodes drop, so make sure you're following for weekly insights about life that Emily will make up at random! And maybe it will make your life better? Honestly Emily isn't a psychic and really can't tell you either way.


September 3, 2021 21 min

It’s time to start travelling again! But will the trips be any good? At all? For real though, I’m not entirely sure that my guest Emily Meadows is going to have a very good vacation according to my tarot cards.

And it’s not that I don’t want her to have a great trip, not at all! It’s just that… I’m pretty sure the highlight is going to be running into someone she really doesn’t want to see on the subway, headed to Union Station (aka...

Mark as Played

In this very special episode of Pretty Bad Tarot, fellow ADHDer and comedy pal Christy Kay joins me to figure out whether or not people will think her ADHD comedy is funny! 

I may have directly applied my own bias to this, which is YES. BUT. As with all of these sub-par tarot readings, I wanted to get into the details a little bit more to figure out what else she needed to know about this comedy adventure!

In true ADHD form we went o...

Mark as Played
August 20, 2021 18 min

There are very big questions in life we all must face. And then there are very simple questions we don’t even need a tarot deck to answer for us. This is one of those situations, where I completely ignore the cards and just go with my own gut instinct - that my guest Valeska should 100% absolutely get a pomeranian.

HOWEVER. That’s not to say that I’m giving literally everything away in these few short sentences! Heck no! We do actua...

Mark as Played

There’s nothing better than having the entire summer off! And that’s what Lizzie’s got now that she’s working a super cool school job, oh heck yeah!

So Lizzie asked me to figure out what the heck to do with her summer, now that she’s got all this free time!

I’m pretty sure the cards are saying something about her becoming an olympian, but I could be a little off? I mean it could totally happen, the olympics are a THING this summer. S...

Mark as Played
August 6, 2021 26 min

To drive or not to drive in Toronto - It’s a question of life or DEATH! In this VERY DRAMATIC EPISODE of Pretty Bad Tarot with my guest Sam Sexton!

Sam hasn’t gotten her driver’s license yet and she wanted to know how and or when she would get it! And I really did not do a bang up job of this reading, but luckily Sam was able to interpret the cards and she got her answer DESPITE me continuously pointing out all of the four legged fu...

Mark as Played

In today’s episode of Pretty Bad Tarot another Emily has come to town to seek guidance about whether a longstanding love affair will FINALLY come back to her! That’s right, Emily Gagne is in love… WITH THE MOVIES!

Can you blame her? Movies are GREAT.

And she wanted to know what her future with the movies holds! Will she go see them? Will she make them? Will she podcast about them even MORE? AND, will we remember the correct lyrics to...

Mark as Played

You’ve got dreams, right? WELL SO DOES WENDY WEI! And on this episode of Pretty Bad Tarot we’re going to figure out if Wendy’s dreams to become a rollerskating Instagram influencer will come true!

Side note: I watched literally all of the videos on Wendy’s account @Wendy_sk8er after we finished recording and they are SO COOL so DEFINITELY go check them out and give her a follow!

Not only that but we talk about calf tattoos, 90s p...

Mark as Played

Aliens! Weddings! Tarot! It’s all here on this episode of Pretty Bad Tarot with my guest Taryn Crankshaw! 

Taryn is a superstar performer with talent beyond anything you’ve ever seen in your life. When Taryn is performing, your mind will be MELTIIIINNNGGGGG! So obviously I thought Taryn should be on my podcast to give it that superstar quality!

Taryn threw me a curveball and asked a seriously serious question about what her career ho...

Mark as Played

This week my old high school chum Bailey Waite joins me for a very in depth look at her garden, and whether or not her lettuce will survive! 


Bailey, a seasoned tarot reader herself, brought out HER OWN MULTIPLE DECKS and did a tarot reading for yours truly (that’s me)! And we’ve determined that I am a violent, worm eating swan that lays golden eggs. 

But the important part is really the lettuce which you can see p...

Mark as Played

In the very first actual episode of Pretty Bad Tarot, my friend Matt Ardill came on to ask whether or not his new podcast idea would be a MEGA SUCCE$$!!!!

From Billy Joel starting fires with a flamethrower, to the absence of butt cracks, Matt and I got to the bottom of the REAL issue. That he needs to meditate without thinking thoughts. Because apparently, he’s been thinking THOUGHTS this whole time. CAN YOU EVEN IMAGINE? 

Well stop ...

Mark as Played

It's the first episode of Pretty Bad Tarot with your host Emily Milling! ME! I CAN'T DO NOTHING SO I STARTED ANOTHER PODCAST.


I was told to find a hobby a few weeks ago because Fresh Prince apparently doesn't count as a hobby. So I bought myself some tarot cards and started doing weekly readings for my parents.

By week two they were sick of it so I decided to bring this wonderful joy of a new hobby to all of you!


Mark as Played

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