PRGN Presents: News & Views from the Public Relations Global Network

PRGN Presents: News & Views from the Public Relations Global Network

PRGN Presents is the essential podcast for international business leaders, non-profit executives, and those who hire public relations, marketing, and communications firms. It provides an exclusive look into the ever-evolving world of PR and communications, featuring experts from the Public Relations Global Network, “the world’s local public relations agency.” Is your message winning hearts and minds? No matter where you do business, there is a PRGN member agency in your region with the deep industry expertise, international experience, and local market knowledge you need to connect with your target audience and achieve your goals. Whether you're an executive looking to improve your organization's communication strategy or an in-house marketing professional looking to bring in an outside firm to support a specific campaign, this podcast will provide valuable insights on how to communicate effectively and build lasting relationships with customers, staff, and communities around the world. In each episode, you’ll hear PR professionals and industry experts share valuable insights and perspectives on the latest trends in public relations, Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG), media relations, crisis management, investor relations, stakeholder engagement, executive thought leadership, and strategic communications.


May 16, 2024 26 mins

Sustainability communication has become a core component of modern corporate trust-building, as consumers increasingly prioritize businesses that demonstrate a commitment to sustainability.

In this episode, Martin Lucander discusses the importance of sustainability communication in building trust with consumers and stakeholders. He focuses on the European Union's Green Claims Directive, which aims to regulate and scrutinize environ...

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In this episode, Abbie Fink talks with Leeza Hoyt and James Mowdy about the client perspective on building a communications team and working with an external public relations agency.

James shares his experience transitioning from being a consultant to working in-house at CHOC and assembling a team of external communications professionals. They discuss the organizational structure of CHOC’s communications department, the importance ...

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Effective communication is crucial for success in mergers and acquisitions, as it helps to build trust, transparency, and alignment between the parties involved. Brad Kostka of RoopCo discusses the importance of communication strategies during the M&A process. He emphasizes the need for sellers to market their businesses effectively to attract potential buyers, and advises on the timing and audience for communication at differe...

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Ariane Hofstetter discusses the importance of sustainability reporting and what goes into creating a quality sustainability report.

A sustainability report is not just a marketing brochure but an official document that allows companies to track their efforts, inform stakeholders about their progress, and manage non-financial risks.

Ariane explains the key features of a good sustainability report, including transparency, comparabili...

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Michael Diegelmann, co-founder of the Global ESG Monitor, discusses the role of award programs in recognizing and promoting sustainability efforts. He highlights the importance of awards having a clear meaning and criteria, especially in the field of sustainability.

Diegelmann emphasizes the risks of using misleading logos and claims, citing examples of companies facing lawsuits for false sustainability claims. He introduces the In...

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In this episode, Nick Leighton discusses the role of AI in public relations and how it has revolutionized the industry. He walks through a typical PR campaign and explains how AI can be used at each stage, from market analysis to media monitoring. Nick emphasizes the importance of human intelligence and creativity in conjunction with AI tools, as they complement each other in delivering effective communication strategies. Nick and ...

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Public policy, public affairs, and public relations are interconnected fields that shape the relationship between government, civil society, and the public. In this episode, Chip Taylor discusses the role of public relations in influencing public policy. He explains the differences between public affairs, public policy, and public relations, highlighting how lobbying and advocacy are subsets of PR.

Chip emphasizes the importance of...

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The terms integrated marketing and integrated communications are often used interchangeably. Whether you call it your marketing mix, communication mix, or strategy, the goal is to have a holistic approach that considers all channels and touchpoints.

Deborah Spencer, the Chief Marketing Officer of the Castle Group, discusses the concept of integrated marketing and its importance in strengthening relationships, telling compelling stor...

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This episode provides valuable insights into the world of media relations and offers practical tips for successfully engaging with the media.

David Wills, senior vice president at Media Profile, discusses the evolving landscape of media relations and the challenges faced by public relations professionals in breaking through the clutter. He emphasizes the importance of understanding the news cycle and connecting clients' stories to ...

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Gábor Jelinek, Executive Director of the Public Relations Global Network (PRGN), and Abbie Fink, a founding member of PRGN, discuss the value proposition of joining a global PR network. They highlight the importance of building relationships and friendships within the network, the opportunities for collaboration and knowledge sharing, and the unique insights and perspectives that come from working with PR professionals from differe...

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Andy See, President of the Public Relations Global Network and Managing Director of Perspective Strategies, shares his observations on the past year in public relations. He discusses the excitement surrounding technology, particularly generative AI, and its impact on the industry. He also acknowledges the challenges posed by slow global economic growth and geopolitical issues.

Looking ahead to 2024, Andy predicts that AI will conti...

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Alexandra Dinita argues that ESG is not just a trend but a moral and business imperative. By embracing ESG, organizations can build trust, transparency, and peace of mind.

In today's world, plagued by crises and moral dilemmas, Alexandra higher moral standards and values are essential. ESG provides a global conversation that can address these issues and create a better future for businesses and society as a whole. It is time for bu...

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Public relations and marketing communications have evolved significantly over the past decade, requiring a shift in how we define and measure success. In today's landscape, it is crucial to frame success in terms of business outcomes rather than expected PR wins. By understanding the results that matter to an organization and aligning PR efforts to those goals, we can create strategies that drive real impact.

Amanda Hill, CEO of Thr...

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In this episode, we delve into the crucial role that public relations and communications play in driving revenue for businesses.

Michelle Lyng, CEO of Novitas Communications, shares her insights on how PR can have a direct impact on sales and revenue, and why it is essential for businesses to understand this connection.

Michelle argues that PR should be seen as integral to a business's success: "PR should be as integral to your bus...

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Frédéric François discusses the current state of live events and the challenges and opportunities they present. He notes that while most events are back, there are still some issues with international attendees due to travel restrictions. He highlights the importance of networking in B2B events and how online platforms cannot replicate the physical networking experience.

Frédéric also mentions the disappearance of small meetings t...

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Joanne Chan discusses the importance of integrating ESG (environmental, social, and corporate governance) into a company's investor relations strategy. She emphasizes the need for transparency and consistency in ESG communication, as well as tailoring a communication strategy to address the diverse concerns of investors and other stakeholders. Joanne also highlights the role of recognized ESG reporting standards and frameworks in s...

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In this episode, Sean Dowdall highlights the role of PR professionals in guiding companies towards values alignment and the impact it can have on the community.

Drawing from his experience growing up on a tribal nation, Sean emphasizes the need for businesses to have a strong mission and vision that serves the benefit of people and the planet. He explains the pitfalls of solely focusing on making money and shares how the dot-com era...

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In this thought-provoking episode, Gilbert Manirakiza talks about the importance of executive involvement in information sharing and communication efforts. Senior executives play a crucial role in brand reputation, as they are the ones who carry the voice of the brand. However, many executives feel nervous or restricted in this role. They often express concerns about engaging publicly due to fears of personal scrutiny or potential ...

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One of the key roles PR professionals play is that of a counselor, advising clients and offering suggestions on how they should approach various communication challenges. However, PR practitioners are not the only counselors that clients have available. Attorneys also provide counsel to clients, especially in times of crisis.

Dominique Biquard discusses how the collaboration between PR and legal counsel is essential in guiding clie...

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The word "transformation" is often used to describe the process companies go through as they seek to evolve and meet the shifting demands of the market. But what does transformation truly mean, and how can we effectively evoke change in our own businesses and help others navigate their own transformational journeys?

In this episode, Bradly Howland shares his thinking about transformation as a multi-layered process of organizational ...

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