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Property Management & Me

A series from PropertyMe bringing quick tips and insights from across Australia and New Zealand to support your every day property management practice with host Kate Sunol.


March 19, 2024 25 mins

Join Kate Sunol and Ellen Bathgate in this PropertyMe podcast episode as they dive into the transformative world of content marketing for property management, sharing expert strategies to grow rent rolls and build trust on social media .

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Guest Hermione Gardiner joins Property Management & Me to tackle the pervasive issue of change fatigue among Property Managers. Delve into practical insights on adapting to rapid technological and legislative shifts and discover strategies to streamline your daily processes. Whether you're battling tech overload or looking for ways to enhance efficiency, this episode is packed with valuable advice to help you thrive in a c...

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Dive into episode 14 for an enlightening discussion on mastering email marketing in 2024, featuring insights from PropertyMe's Sinead Clarke and Richie Pitt. Learn essential strategies to enhance engagement and navigate Google's latest spam updates, ensuring your email campaigns thrive.

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"Every year I sit down and think, okay, what do I need to work on this year? And every year there's something that's highlighted within the business that we need to work on. It might be growth within the business, it might be conflict resolution, it might be client liaison, it might be customer journey, whatever it happens to be, work out what you're going to focus on during the year and what's going to be ...

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"They look for things like purpose and meaning. They want purpose in their job. So, if we're saying "Hey, go and sell a house", well, what's the purpose? What's the meaning behind that? How does that align with my core values?
— Kristin Clulow

This episode features  tips from Kristin Clulow and Kate Sunol from PropertyMe on how to best engage and lead the new generation coming into our wor...

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"My view with AI is you've got to pick a system that's simple enough, or you're going to be sort of burnt before you start. But you've just got to get started, this is exciting."
— Ben Burton

This episode features practical tips from Ben Burton from ReHeroes and Kate Sunol from PropertyMe on mastering AI chatbots to reduce repetitive conversations.

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"From a leadership perspective, I think that the goal is to help people to find their value in the new way of working."
— Sarah Dawson

This episode features  tips from Sarah Dawson and Kate Sunol from PropertyMe on how to support your staff through change by sharing the vision and guiding them to find their value.

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“Yes we've had, you know, two months of no interest rate rises but the pressure is now kicking in from months four, five and six. So it's more important now to be on the phone to landlords and checking in with where they are." 
— Ricky Briggs

This episode features  tips from Ricky Briggs, Advantage Group and Kate Sunol, PropertyMe on how to know how to help landlords navigate mortgage pressure, and keep business w...

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“One of the things I always look at is do their strengths complement yours? You know, have you done a team profiling session? Do you know what each other's strengths are? Because obviously like can attract like and we don't want to be building a team or building ownership around the same type of people.” 
— Kristen Porter

This episode features practical tips from Kristen Porter, O*NO Legal and Kate Sunol, PropertyMe on...

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“A lot of the reasons that people get into a job are those tangible benefits that you see, like: it's a good salary, I can work Monday to Friday, or whatever it is. And then what keeps them there is the intangible stuff which for Property Managers. A lot of what I hear is how meaningful their work is, I think that's so important to acknowledge that.” 
— Sharni Campbell

This episode features practical tips from Sharni C...

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"The other big piece of that is actually understanding what these assets are worth in the home. Because as an owner, if I want to say hey just slap another hundred dollars to fix that oven, but in reality that oven is 10 years old, it’s had 10 maintenance jobs and it’s not worth anything anymore, that’s just an irresponsible decision financially."
— Taylor Coleman

This episode features practical tips from Tay...

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“If you are that person in leadership put up your hand and offer your services as a mentor to others because although you might be giving your time, it is really rewarding to know that you are helping someone else through their career and their journey as well.” 
— Hayley Mitchell

This episode features practical tips from Hayley Mitchell, Mitchell PT, and Kate Sunol, PropertyMe on fostering the success of new talent in our indus...

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“Everything that's great in my life has come from the property industry. The most amazing experiences, travel, lifelong friendships. I imagine myself with sort of this image in a book one dimensional black and black and white on the paper. And real estate has coloured me in and, and brought me to life.” 
— Katrina Tarrant

This episode features practical tips from Katrina Tarrant from Harcourts and the NSW Property Services ...

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“So it absolutely all comes down to preparation. We can't say that enough to anyone changing software, prepare, prepare, prepare.” 
— Natalie Hastings

This episode features practical tips from Natalie Hastings from hastings + co and Kate Sunol from PropertyMe on how to plan and manage a software migration and set your team up for success.
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“Questions hold the answers... so the more questions that you can ask in all areas, especially to you clients, the more that you're going to learn.” 
— Hermione Hart

This episode features practical tips from Hermione Hart from Sidekick Consulting and Kate Sunol from PropertyMe on how asking the right questions can help you identify your customer's "why" and craft your messaging to show how you help support th...

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“We have approximately 5,500 properties... we grew from a humble 200, so I feel like we've really felt the pains, the ups and downs of growing a real estate business and growing that team that goes in and around it and that's what led us here...” 
— Christina Lennie

This episode features practical tips from Christina Lennie from Stafflink and Kate Sunol from PropertyMe on how reviewing your property management departme...

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May 23, 2023 1 min

Property Management & Me is a series from PropertyMe bring quick tips and insights from across Australia and New Zealand to make a difference to your every day property management practice.

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