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January 19, 2023 7 mins

Neutrality is our healed wisdom and what we call unconditional love.

Neutrality and Wisdom are a must for those on the ascending timeline.

Any negative emotional response to the world signifies wounds in us, which we must catch and heal.

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#selfimprovement #mentalhealth #consciousness #prosperitymindset #subconsiousmind #su...

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How to guard your thoughts - cancel unwanted thoughts & clean them up, so we can activate the new world we came here for. 

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#selfimprovement #mentalhealth #consciousness #prosperitymindset #subconsiousmind #success #healthfitness #healing #podcast #inspiration #leadershipdevelopment #robertszentes #advancedmindinstitute

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Every single one of us has much to forgive, but we have been focusing too much forgiving the outside, not realizing that we created every bit of it. 😳

In this episode, I share some very important ideas that will help you innerstand that you have to forgive yourself as well we have to forgive ourselves for the many mistakes we made, for the thoughts we ignored etc... 😎

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November 7, 2022 14 mins

This podcast is about “Letting Go” and why letting go is such a difficult thing for most people. 🧐

- Letting go requires us to stop holding onto our unforgiven past, our unreleased losses and our deep EGO rages. 😲

- Letting go of the past allows new goals and new directions to appear.
- Letting go allows us to live in the present once again.
- Letting go releases judgments, grievances, losses, guilt, the need and ...

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What is the mirror effect?

Somebody or a something outside triggers us, you can notice a negative emotion in us, we feel angered, there is fear in us, it creates judgment in us, creates frustration in us…etc. 😢

This is one of the biggest missing pieces for people and without knowing how to decode these, there is no healing or evolution possible! 😭

Whatever bothers us in others, it is in us in the uncons...

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September 7, 2022 27 mins

As we move into the Golden Age, there’s a lot of healing and a lot of release and integration work we have to do! 

Every human has thousands of wounds, conflicts and unconscious junk, negative emotions, hatred, rages, victim stories, unreleased and unforgiven stories and much more, which lower our vibrations, so we are a mismatch to the new frequencies and the ascended timelines.

This topic today is called: Worthiness and i...

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It is common today that people feel all kinds of pressure behind the eyes, they have aches and pains and also quite a few are experiencing seizures or seizure like symptoms.

While medical conditions are complex in nature, the most important aspects of such conditions are the conflicted psychology and the wounded spirituality, which contribute to these conditions.

Seizures in particular are strange and concealed EGO tantrums...

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July 7, 2022 12 mins

Our EGO is raging and has been running the show. I have created this podcast to point out a few destructive aspects of our inner double agent (EGO), so you can catch your patterns and through that improve your life.

If we don't catch our deep and dark EGO patterns, it will ruin our lives and eventually kill us.

Take a listen!

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#selfimprovement #...

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How to create a better reality through changing our inner world.

Every single one of us is manifesting through our unconscious programs and thoughts. Even though these unconscious programs are complex and there are quite many of them, the inner work is the most important work we must do.

It is in our soul contract and our promise to the Universe that we will do it, yet how many don't remember this promise?

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The new leadership from 2022 and on has to be highly broken through and highly spiritualized. This has not been the case for thousands of years, so a new mindset training is needed. 

This training is way beyond the traditional teachings of the currently available success mindset teachings! We've been fooled and we accepted the false teachings as true.

Now we have to unlearn most of what we learned and reverse...

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"The majority of people are kept hostage by their mind, and they do not even know it."Those are the words of today's guest.  

Robert SzentesImagine coming to the US from Hungary with 15 years of engineering under your belt and then in 2010 repeat seizures and a stroke make clear thinking and speaking difficult.

That is exactly what happened to our guest and it was then that he learned modalities to get him fu...

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Everybody is seeking to have a happy and fulfilling and loving relationship. But hardly anybody is satisfied in their relationship arena. So, why is it so hard to find it, and then maintain the crush and the happiness?

-        Conflicted masculine and feminine energies.

-        How did that happen and why?

-        Talk about the ridiculous movies, Hollywood, sitcom shows and how they portrait relationships between men and woman.

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Most people play the game of life to NOT lose A, B, C! 

They don’t know this…. this is unconscious. 

And this sneaky mental attitude keeps repeating through their whole life.

Successful people play to win. They don’t focus on what they could possibly lose. 

They focus on the gains and the positive outcomes they set for themselves.

1. Your goals might be too small. 

2. You send mixed messages out to the Universe.

3. You...

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In this episode of the TriSwimCoach Kevin has a chat with Robert Szentes. Robert is a life and success strategist, transformational master trainer, visionary, and thought leader. It is his passion to inspire and authentically lead the next generation of conscious influencers and leaders who seek to empower others for the betterment of humanity.

He is a former electrical software engineer and the skills he learned gave him the abilit...

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Can you really trust your feelings? The short answer is NO! 

Most people who want to rely only on their "feeling" in order to make decisions will self-sabotage and ruin their lives. 

Their emotions are not accurate indicators of the truth! Their emotions are tainted by unresolved past memories, beliefs and shadow stories.

Because people have not worked through thein inner mind's stuff, their decision will com...

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Wanna hang out with your friends, but have a project you have to finish first? 

Wanna spend quality time with your family and kids, but you have to take care of yourself, too?

Conflicts go very deep and if you do not learn to manage them and methodically resolve them, they create adverse life circumstances and you will not understand why.

But, once you do learn, you can command a life that makes sense and that is...

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There are a few fundamental laws that mankind has not been taught and exposed to for so long. 

And as a consequence, he has mistakenly adopted beliefs that he is not in control of his life and that life has its own agenda independent upon him. 

The Universe does have an agenda but it always involves man and the human being, but does he really know it? 

Does he understand that every event and circumstance is created...

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In this episode, I give an overview of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), help you see where it comes from...what the real causes are and how people who suffer from PTSD can overcome it permanently. 

Share this with friends and people who struggle with PTSD and want to get better.

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August 7, 2021 24 mins

While many Internet articles might tell you that there's no sure way to prevent and overcome "panic attacks" and panic disorders, that statement is a highly inaccurate. 

Not true at all!

I developed a rock solid recipe and already helped thousands of people around the globe...and thousands of people came out of the most severe panic attacks and enjoy a happy life today.

Take a listen!

My we...

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July 7, 2021 24 mins

The real reasons that nobody talks about… 

Everyone has anxiety to various degrees, BUT our conscious awareness determines how we deal with them. 

They are signals for us to become aware of something new, a new spiritual truth. 

Anxiety stems from our inside, so the solution also is inside of us.

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