Provoking Possibilities

Provoking Possibilities

Join Certified Hypnotherapist and Provoker of Possibility, Lauren Best, each week as she shares intentional conversations with curious individuals who have dared to follow their heart and intuition amongst the unknown, along with her own insights through personal reflections on new ways of being authentic in a world that seeks perfection. The purpose of this podcast is to inspire you to open your mind to new possibilities that will empower you to create a life you love while nurturing your mind, body, and soul. New episodes air every Thursday… and perhaps surprise dates in between!


December 28, 2023 31 mins


I’m Nasirra R Ahamed and am based out of India. I am the founder of “Energy Architect™”. I’m an Executive Coach with over 21 years experience in corporate Leadership roles. I am a Coach, a Mind Reset & Rewiring Engineer; a Spiritual Scientist and a Healer. Through my Podcasts, courses, coaching and writing, I integrate coaching, mindset reprogramming, spirituality, somatic therapy, energy work and help my ...

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Have you ever stopped to think about how using your voice to communicate your needs and your boundaries is truly the ultimate act of love… whether it be self-love or sending your love to others? 

I am joined by trauma informed intuitive life coach and author of the spiritual memoir, ‘Finding Healing Through the Darkness’, Dr. Donna Lee, as she reveals how life compelled her to grant herself the permission to prioritize self-care and...

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Were you as crazy about those quizzes in CosmoGirl and J-14 magazines as I was as a tween? 🤭 I’ve always been curious to find out more about myself because of how it made me feel understood… but I never really knew what to do with it. You too? 

In this week's episode, I’m joined by Life Coach and a Personality Coach/Enneagram Coach, Jackie Coban, to talk about the enneagram and how it can be used as an amazing explor...

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There are moments in life where people may point out the obvious to us, but still the permission to act or not gets to be down to us. I am joined by Life Coach and Breathwork Facilitator, Jenny Cheifetz, who shares the moment when she was faced with the question, “why are you not doing this?”. Jenny spent most of her life trying to make the responsible or ‘right decisions’, which made the ‘obvious’ possibility of combining her pass...

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In this week's heartfelt episode, I'm joined by designer, and founder of MATRS, Cassie Drake. ✨ Our conversation delves into the courage it takes to be our most authentic version of ourselves, unraveling the layers of bravery, big and small.

Cassie spills the tea on her personal journey from crafting the "perfect" social media facade to fully embracing the vibrant authenticity that makes her, well, her! She fearl...

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In this week's heartfelt episode, I'm joined by the amazing transformational life coach, Kristina Todorova. ✨ Together, we unravel Kristina's journey into the world of entrepreneurship, delving into the significance of mental health and the extraordinary power of community! Kristina passionately shares the wisdom she gained through surrendering control, releasing ego, and navigating her path from a place of love and ...

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Ready to uncover the secrets of intentional living and authentic entrepreneurship?

In this episode, I'm joined by Ruha Ratnam, a brand strategist and website designer, in a conversation that delves deep into the intricate elements that have shaped Ruha's entrepreneurial journey, emphasizing the pivotal role of a strong mindset, unwavering commitment to personal values, and her ability to identify what truly reso...

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Have you ever felt like you’re outgrowing your brand and are stuck in this box that doesn’t allow you to evolve and play as your most authentic self? 

Brand / business owner or not… I am joined by the amazing Jennifer Walter who is Sociologist, certified NLP and Breakthrough Practitioner, and design-trained Rebranding Strategist, to chat about how blending strategy, design and mindset is the only sustainable way to bu...

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In this episode, I had the incredible opportunity to sit down with Lynda Sunshine West, the founder and unstoppable force behind Action Takers Publishing, as we explore the idea of using our fears as a transformative tool to unlock new possibilities!

Lynda shares how she made a life-altering decision to confront one fear every day for an entire year, leading to an astonishing revelation. What she discovered was the power o...

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Ever wondered how to break free from the mundane and steer your life in a direction that truly sets your soul on fire? Karsta Marie shares the importance of shaking up the status quo! She's all about taking the reins and living life on your terms. No more drifting along with the crowd. 

Karsta's story isn't your typical fairy tale. She's shares how she battled her own inner demons, wrestling with the chaos of fai...

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Ever wondered how our bodies possess an incredible ability to sense when things are out of energetic alignment even before our conscious minds catch on? This week, Michelle Gazze joins the podcast and unveils the secrets behind the innate mind-body connection that we all possess and how to tap into it!

If you're seeking a more profound sense of purpose, fulfillment, and joy, this episode will take you on a soulful exp...

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Have you ever wondered how to discern whether your decisions are led by fear or guided by intuition? 

I've come to realize that what we think is a natural progression or stepping stone, may not actually be the right next step...  so today, I'm peeling back the layers of my own struggles and triumphs in my quest to regulate my nervous system and conquer energetic challenges.

In this episode, you'll l...

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Let’s explore the topic of change.

In this week's episode, I'll be sharing my own personal experiences in navigating change and, more importantly, embracing it as a powerful force in my life. I'll discuss how granting ourselves permission to change can be a transformative process, one that opens doors to explore new horizons we never even knew existed. 

But this episode isn't just about my jour...

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In this newest episode, I'm joined by Laura Ali, author of Abundantly Grateful and the Founder of Pure Life Space, as she takes us on her personal journey of evolution, where she not only found her path to personal growth but also made a remarkable transition into coaching and the creation of her very own wellness brand!

Together, Laura and I dive deep into the profound power of gratitude, shedding light on how it can be a driv...

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This week I'm joined by my incredible friend and client, Kara Joshi, a beacon of strength and compassion, who's going to take us on a heartfelt journey of supporting loved ones through addiction while also tending to our own well-being. Kara's story is a shining example of resilience, and today, we're diving deep into the art of finding that delicate balance in life. Yes, we're tackling a tough topic, addic...

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Are you ready to breathe life into your dreams through the power of your subconscious?

In this episode, I'm guiding you through a special hypnosis visualization to help support you in dreaming about your most aligned and expansive life, even during such uncertain times when new possibilities might feel cloudy! We'll journey through different scenarios, allowing you to explore various aspects of your desired life. But it&ap...

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What's your true calling? Your purpose?  My guest today is not just going to ask you this question; she's going to help you answer it.

In this episode I'm joined by the amazing Lydia Lee, a reinvention coach and solopreneur strategist, & she's here to help us unravel the mysteries of personal growth, embracing change, and discovering our authentic selves! 

Lydia also graciously shares on he...

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Do you find yourself trapped in the suffocating grasp of toxic relationships, desperately craving to reclaim the life that once felt like your own? In this episode, I'm joined by Tully Rose, to explore the empowering topic of breaking free from toxic cycles and abuse.

Tully, a compassionate certified coach and EFT practitioner, draws from her personal experience and professional expertise to guide others on their jou...

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Let's take a moment to imagine diving into the deepest corners of our minds – those cozy nooks filled with dreams, memories, and untapped potential. It's like discovering a hidden treasure trove within ourselves, just waiting to be explored. And you know what's truly magical? When we venture into the world of the subconscious mind, there's absolutely no ceiling to what we can uncover and achieve!

Think about all ...

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 I know we've all experienced a bad heartbreak in our lives... some more than others. And I'm sure you remember how excruciating it was to heal that pain. The healing journey from heartbreak and gaining your sense of self back is no easy thing, and that's why I'm so thrilled to introduce my guest this week Morgan Rockwell!

Morgan is a luminary in the realms of healing and self-discovery, and shines as a...

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