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May 26, 2023 38 mins

**Content warning: this episode contains description of a highly sensitive nature including sexual violence that may be triggering to some individuals.  

On this episode, we share our experiences with Laura’s Hypnotherapy sessions. Laura is a specialist in hypnotherapy and past life regression. During the session,  she guides you through a past life regression. She does it in a way that you go into like a hypnotic state.


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Have you ever attended the New Living Expo in San Francisco or any other spiritual fair? What was your experience?

In this episode, we share our experiences at the New Living Expo. This Expo is like a spiritual fair. And apparently, this is their 20th annual New Living Expo. Their website says it’s an expo for holistic practices and scientific experiences. We looked at it like a mixed bag of everything you can think and n...

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What myth have you heard about psychics? We know we have too many more myths out there than we can debunk. In this episode, we debunk three popular myths about psychics.

1.    Are psychics frauds? We know many people out there think we psychics are frauds. Unfortunately, there are psychics who are not genuine and are just after swindling people. Shannon remembers an encounter she had in New York with a psychic. They offered to read ...

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In this episode, we are joined by the amazing Rev. Laura Hopper. She is the founder and director of Psychic Horizons, and has been changing lives for over 42 years (including ours!). Laura started the school when she was young. She shares how she got into the spirituality space, started teaching, and how the school is doing. Also, Laura will tell us why she chose to have the school in a city over a serene place.

Listen in and learn....

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What is your current spiritual trend? 

Are you aware of it?

The Abraham-Hicks event we attended a couple of weeks ago inspired this episode. It opened our eyes to see our spiritual trends. Shannon started her new job two months ago. Lately, she has realized her life revolves around work. Her heart and soul are poured out to work, and she has not had time for sustainable self care. Her trend is setting boundaries and adherin...

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Do you practice manifestation? Chances are, we have people who think they don’t. The truth is we are always manifesting based on the choices we make or don’t make. We agree that manifestation is a great tool, but we all need to learn how it works.

Recently, we had the privilege of attending a live event with Esther Hicks, an American Inspirational speaker, channeler of Abraham-Hicks, and author of several books. The lesson...

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Communication is the ability to convey ideas and express thoughts and emotions. Unfortunately, many of us have not mastered the art of communication. The good news is, it is a soft skill that we can learn.

Take a moment and look back at your childhood. How was your communication? Have you improved over the years?

We share a similar story of how we communicated as children. We were not outspoken and tended to withd...

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**Please note that this episode was recorded in 2022.

Have you been to Sedona? What did you love about Sedona as a whole? 

Did you feel like you were in a different place energy-wise?

We visited Sedona and our primary goal was to encounter the famous vortex energy to share our experience with you. Also, we wanted to low-key network with other people who are into spiritual practices like us.

Shannon has be...

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Have you ever realized that new beginnings come with new energy? 

We are in 2023, and it goes without saying for many of us, it is a new beginning. We have goals that we are looking forward to achieving, new jobs, and new homes, among others. For us, we believe it will be an amazing year. We have new beginnings, and peerless energy is coming with that.  

Shannon lost her job last year. We all know that layoffs can be diffic...

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How much do you trust your information? We know just how difficult it is to trust our information. Sometimes we let other people influence us to make decisions against our intuitions, and we end up in a hot mess.

Lili recalls ten years ago in LA. One of her friends was moving from their apartment, and they wanted Lili to take it up in case they came back later. It would be easier to have it back. Deep down, Lili didn’t wa...

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The end of the year has finally arrived!

In this episode, we talk about the overall learnings and the great moments that happened within the year. We all know the past years were rough for us, but it’s not the end, and we need to keep improving and overcome the adversities in our life. For Lili, expressing herself authentically and vulnerability was her theme for this year. As for Shannon, she viewed this podcast as a huge...

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First things first, we are glad to announce that we are officially Reiki Masters!

In this episode, we talk about getting into the space of meditation. There is an increase in the number of people practicing meditation nowadays, but even more people are yet to get into the space. According to Lili, meditation is a way of cleaning up emotionally and spiritually. It brings to your attention the things you need to address and ...

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Growing up, what was life like for you? Did you have everything you wanted, or was life average for you?

How we grew up greatly correlates with how we view abundance and prosperity. Lili grew up in an average family. Her mom was a stay-at-home, while her dad was an engineer. They didn’t have everything they wanted, but the bills got paid.

When Lili grew up, she knew she had to work extra hard wherever she wanted....

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In episode five, we shared our first Reiki experience. Today we share our Reiki II experiences. Having experienced Reiki I, we can say that Reiki two was not as intense as we expected. It had only one attunement compared to the four we had in Reiki I.

The most amazing thing about Reiki II is how we learned to move energy from one part of the body to the other. Also, through the Reiki training, Shannon has discovered that s...

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Is there a difference between being a psychic and a transmedium? 

A medium receives a message from spirit, just like a receiver in a radio, and then facilitates communication. You pretty much receive messages from loved ones. Conversely, a psychic reads your aura or energy field for information regarding career love, relationships, and more.

Lili has both psychic and medium abilities. She has had training for both. Accordin...

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Halloween is around the corner. How do you plan to celebrate your holiday this year? Have you picked up costumes?

This episode we’ll look at Halloween’s spiritual energy and significance. Over the years, Halloween has evolved, and it is currently commercialized, and most people celebrate it for fun. Halloween, also known as All Hallows Eve or All Saints Eve, is celebrated each year on October 31. Halloween’s origins date ...

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Do you experience psychic dreams? Are they recurring, lucid or precognitive?

In this episode, we will share the different dreams we have had. It’s amazing that at one point we both had similar dreams around the same time. Shannon has had several dreams ranging from lucid, recurring, and precognitive. The most exciting thing about her recurring dreams is that recently during a meditation session in clairvoyance training, she healed w...

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October 13, 2022 38 mins

Have you experienced the amazing goodness of Reiki? 

How did you like it? Did it open gateways for you to heal your energy or physical body?

You all know Reiki is becoming popular. We decided it would be amazing to try Reiki sessions. Not long ago, we attended a Reiki I Training Class. Our lives haven’t been the same. Our energy levels have shifted for the better, and our spirituality has deepened. 

Reiki is a Japa...

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An aura is an invisible energy that surrounds living things. Aura photography seeks to capture coronal electrical discharges. Aura photography can be dated back to 1939.  It was invented by Russian inventor Semyon Kirlian and his wife Valentine. They were observing a patient getting treatment from an electrical generator. The patient’s skin emitted a neon glow. Semyon and Valentine wanted a way of capturing that and they ended up d...

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Disclaimer: Trigger warning to those with disordered eating tendencies.

Do you enjoy being in the body you are in now? We have given other people the power to define beauty for us, yet we all have different definitions. We need to reclaim our power.

Are you feeling unhappy with your body? This episode is for you. We have been there before and know precisely what that place feels like. We've had seasons when...

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