Queerly Beloved

Queerly Beloved

This podcast is designed for queer couples who are looking for a safe space to explore the possibilities for their wedding or elopement. It’s also meant to help educate and inform allies and wedding vendors on ways they can create safe and inclusive spaces for the queer folks in their lives.. Simply put, this podcast is here to unite both queer couples and the ally community to help change the wedding industry for the better!


December 1, 2023 22 mins

Hello hello! This week's episode is a follow up from the last episode, but instead things I'd love to see MORE of in 2024 as our generation is navigating a world where we have no kinds of "traditions" that feel right for all love stories.
Here is the episode with Priya Parker I referenced.

If you have other ideas for things you'd like to see more of in the wedding world in 2024, or just want to...

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Alright folks! Who's ready for some change to make 2024 weddings even better and more inclusive!?
There are just some things in our industry that while, aren't necessarily intended to be harmful, end up perpetuating stereotypes and trying to make couples fit into boxes. So I hope you'll join me with an open mind and you're listening ears! :)

ALSO! I want to hear the story of YOUR LOVE! I'm call...

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In this episode, I interview Malachi of Shell Creek Photography who made the corageus jump to publicly come out just this past June. Together we discuss what it means to come out as business owner and how that has affected our business- good, bad or otherwise.
If you need someone to talk to, please don't hesitate to reach out to Malachi or I and we will be happy to be support and keep things anonymous.
If you would lik...

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In this episode I interview Hannah with Palindrome. We discuss everything from her own inclusive business practices, to how the industry needs to shift and change, as well as what lgbtqia+ couples can be on the look out for when hiring a HMUA for their own wedding days. Give it a listen and go check out Palindrome! @pal.in.drome.llc on Instagram!

The intro and all instrumentals were written, sung and recorded by @JaynaDavisMusic

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This week, I talk with @travelagentandy who is a lgbtq+ travel agent and SO many great practical tips and tricks on how to see the world as a queer person. ESPECIALLY when it comes to traveling with your partner, he has you covered so that you can travel safely and not worry about anything as you travel or go on your honeymoon as a lgbtq+ person. Enjoy!

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The intro and all instrumentals were written, su...

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This week I talk to David and Chanti from the brand new Minneapolis wedding Venue- The Mosaic!

We talk about how to make venues more safe and welcoming to ALL couples and people in a way that includes and celebrates different cultures and identities.e

Please listen to get some super practical take aways on how you can be more inclusive in your own space or business.

Also, The Mosaic is actively seeking in...

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June is such an amazing time to celebrate our community- but it shouldn't be the only time. We want to celebrate our love stories year round!
This episode gives tips to both allies and vendors as well as directly to the LGBTQ+ community on how we can make Pride a year round experience, not confined to June alone.
Dancing with Her- LGBTQ wedding planning and vendors
The Equally Wed Inclusivity Train...

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June 7, 2023 12 mins

Is it a Gay Wedding or just a Wedding? This is an episode to let you know I will be switching to a biweekly posting schedule just for the summer busy season! And also talking about finding the balance between acknowledging the queer aspects of a wedding/ couple with out making it too much or "othering" couples.

The intro and all instrumentals were written, sung and recorded by @JaynaDavisMusic

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in this episode, Cass gives us so many great ideas for how to fill you elopement day with things that are fun and authentically you as well as us figuring out ways to make your day reflect being a part of the lgbtq+ community!

Here is the full list of activities that Cass has suggested:
here are a few traditionally adventurous activities you and your partner can do on your wedding day:

  • Hiking
  • Camping
  • Book a land, wate...
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You can hire DJ for your small wedding through The Little Wedding Co OR email her directly at: nosleepmpls@gmail.com

The artist I mentioned that sings songs using they/them pronouns is Miki Ratsula on "made for them"

Here is Angie giving you some REALLY great song options:

First Dance Songs

1. Stay with you-John Legend

2. At Last-Etta James

3. Over the Rainbow-Israel Kamakawiwo'ole

4. Say you w...

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May 10, 2023 11 mins

**first and foremost, I am no poet lol, I'm sure you can tell.
But this episode is short and sweet, mostly as a reminder to all who have been showing up with me every week to say that the work we are doing for the lgbtq+ community matters and I share why.
THANK YOU to everyone who continues to not only listen but to also show up in your own lives and advocate for the community- you are so appreciated. 

The intro and all...

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This is an age old question... one that people have been trying to figure out for forever. So, here with me today are the amazing humans, Kat and Diana who share their own proposal stories and how they navigated that time of their life as a lgbtq+ couple.

The intro and all instrumentals were written, sung and recorded by @JaynaDavisMusic

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This week I chat with Amber of Glacier Weddings and Events who is passionate about running a business that is both eco-conscious AND inclusive to ALL people.  We discuss everything from how sustainability and diversity intersect to her tips for any  couples listening thinking about planning an elopement or wedding! Enjoy!

The intro and all instrumentals were written, sung and recorded by @JaynaDavisMusic

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If you're recently engaged, the last thing you want is for a homophobic vendor to rain on your parade, so here are some tips on navigating the world of wedding vendors as a queer couple.

Here are some of the directories I mentioned in the show and HIGHLY recommend:
Equally Wed
Dancing With Her
Dancing with Them
Everywhere is Queer Map
And also try finding locally made directories or even facebook g...

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This episode covers ways to modify wedding traditions that are either harmful or only reflect straight couples to be more inclusive to lgbtq+ couples. Everything from how to walk down the aisle, to what you wear and more! This is a super fun and informative episode so I hope it will give you ideas for your own wedding day!

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The intro and all instrumentals were written, sung and re...

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Get to know me a little bit better!!!!

This week I share about my origins (aka my coming out story) and how that's related to why I started Wildly Connected Photography. I also share on why having representation and equality are super important in the wedding world.

Please consider donating to the following in response to all of the anti- trans and anti-lgbtq+ bills circulating our country.

The Trevo...

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March 29, 2023 36 mins

This week, I interview my partner, Angie, and we share our experiences from childhood until now on what it's like for us to be a part of the lgbtq+ community.

The intro and all instrumentals were written, sung and recorded by @JaynaDavisMusic

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If you’re worried about the stress and pressure of planning a big, traditional wedding and want your special day to be more intimate and meaningful, elopement might be the perfect choice for you. Contrary to popular belief, this doesn’t mean sacrificing the day's romance, magic, and beauty. As a queer wedding and elopement photographer with over ten years in this industry, I’ve compiled a growing list of benefits of eloping, w...

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Jenni (she/they) of Jenni Chapman Photography is a queer, non-binary photographer and creative who started her career ten years ago in the actor headshot and theatre space. This unique experience paved the way for her specialty in wedding photography and creative portraits in the San Francisco Bay area. She’s a fierce advocate for the LGBTQ+ community and believes in the importance of diverse, intersectional representation, which s...

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March 14, 2023 1 min

This is THE podcast for all things lgbtq+ wedding and elopements- for couples and vendors alike!

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