Question of Faith

Question of Faith

A weekly question of faith answered by Cleveland Catholics. Fr. Damian Ference, Vicar of Evangelization and Mike Hayes Director of Young Adult Ministry in the Diocese of Cleveland co-host with frequent guests from the Diocesan Office who join in the conversation.


February 27, 2024 22 mins

Lisa Leondarides, who is Bishop Malesic's personal assistant joins us.

2:00:  Lisa's small group experience.

2:30:  The USCCB's Video Series on the Eucharistic Revival.

3:50:  How did Lisa start getting involved with these groups?

4:50:  Small groups are important to be involved in so we can hear about the spirit working in people's lives.

5:40:  Mike was part of a sm...

Mark as Played

0:23:  What is Spiritual Direction?

0:48:  Where did Mike get his training for Spiritual Direction?

1:48:  How is Spiritual Direction different from Counseling, Pastoral Counseling and Pastoral Care?

3:29:  How is this different from a life coach?

4:29:  Who's really directing in Spiritual Direction?

6:10:   Does God have a secret plan?  Or is this in our day to day?

7:33: ...

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February 13, 2024 22 mins

0:30:   Welcome back Fr. Damian, who was out sick this past week.

2:35:  Valentine's Day or Ash Wednesday?  Mike is clearly making adjustments to celebrate Valentine's Day?

3:15:   FD notes Ss. Cyril and Methodius Day as well.

5:20:  Notes on the Super Bowl and Taylor Swift.  Reference to Cain Park in Cleveland Heights.

6:20:  Usher got married?

7:05:  People are rooting for pe...

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Dr. Megan Lowes-Bolin joins Mike for this episode.

Dr Lowes-Bolin's new book: Ignite! The Secret to Engaing Young Adults in the Church.

Fr. Damian is under the weather!  Pray for him!

(0:45)  Megan teaches at her alma mater, John Carroll University.

(1:12)   So what is the secret?

(1:30)   Megan also worked in a number of parishes.

(1:55)  Who are the people young adults li...

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January 30, 2024 21 mins

Maria Wancata, Lindsay Fullerman, and Desi Gould all join us from the Behold Retreat.

1:00  An Aside on Spiders!

3:15:  How did they all join together to collaborate on this retreat and what parts are they playing?

4:00:  Desi talks about her passion for Theology of the Body and talks about how we relate to each other as mothers and daughters.

4:55:  FD introduced Maria and Lindsay.   And Lindsay...

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January 23, 2024 21 mins

It's coming up on Catholic Schools Week so this is an entire podcast on Catholic Schools week.

Michael Suso, Director of Marketing for Cleveland Catholic Schools.
Fred Roberts, Director of Development for Catholic Education for the Catholic Community Foundation.

0:45:   Michael is only 6 months into the job.

1:14:  How do we help schools tell their story?

Catholic Schools Week is January...

Mark as Played

(0:40) Sr. Jane Nesmith, Director of the Office of Black Catholics joins us.

(1:00)  Sr. Jane reviews the past few days of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. celebrations in the Diocese of Cleveland.

(1:52)  Fr. John Judie, from the Archdiocese of Louisville, preached at the Cathedral yesterday.

(4:25)   We talk about the Diocesan Gospel Choir.

(6:14)  We debrief the event at St. Dominic's Parish a...

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January 9, 2024 25 mins

Maria Wancata joins us to talk about The Barbie Movie winning the Golden Globe Award and her and FD did a workshop on the movie at CLE 21:6.

1:35:  We recap the movie a bit.  And the tension between men and women and who should run the world?

2:40:  The unresolved dilemma is that neither work well.

3:25:  Review of the creation story and provide some teaching on complimenting each other as men and women.<...

Mark as Played


0:00:  We review FD's NPR voice.

1:25:   Mike talks about his experience of doing Sports on NPR.

2:22:   We talk about 2024 and our looking forward to this for many years.

3:00:  We talk about Generations among ourselves.

3:30:   The Catholic Project at Catholic U is the subject today .

4:20:   Priests and the Orthodoxy range in the study.


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December 26, 2023 16 mins

Fr. Eric Garris joins us for the year ender podcast.

Fr. Damian does this episode in an NPR voice.

1:07:  Fr. Garris talks about his highlight at the Seminary with the new seminarians.

2:15:  Mike tries to do his highlight in a sportscaster voice (for a bit).

3:42:  The old guy still got it.

4:07:  FD recaps the Eucharistoc Revival.

Tune in to our You Tube Channel


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Christy Cabaniss, Director of Missionary Discipleship is our guest.

0:30:   Mike and Christy are new to Cleveland (sorta)...

1:40:   FD has almost never missed Christmas.

2:20:  FD's going back to Rome during the Christmas season.

2:50:  Marion's (Mike's wife) family Christmas Party.

3:25:  Christy celebrates Christmas "day" differently.

4:00:  On Signin...

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Calla Gill is Our Guest

0:40:  Check out our Billboards on our YouTube Channel?

1:00:  Mary isn't alone!

1:20:   Anthony Van Ardsdale is the artist.

1:50:   A bit on the Black Catholic Conference and how this all started.

3:50:  Where are these billboards?

4:50:   We had to get permission  to use this image.

6:10:  We're invited to kneel at Christmas ...

Mark as Played

Christy Cabaniss , Director of Missionary Discipleship joins us.

You can watch this podcast on our You Tube Channel now:

Editor's Note:  We likely will only publish select video clips in the future as opposed to the whole show---but chime in on our poll and let us know what you'd like us to do. 

0:30:  How Can We Live A Eucharistic Life Outside of Going...

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November 28, 2023 20 mins

It's Podcast #100

FD and Mike look back on a number of Episodes from the past 100 (or so) shows.

What have been our favorite episodes?

(1:50)   On Death and Dying with Tom Pussell from St. Rafael Parish.

(3:30)   The hysterical Halloween episode with Maria Wancata.

(5:20)   We became Swifties with Emily Ahlin and talked about religious experiences and the church's authenticty....

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November 21, 2023 26 mins

Fr Eric Garris joins us.

0:00   We talk a bunch of Thanksgiving...

3:30:  Our the way...Why do we bless objects?

4:15:  We make distinctions...what happens when we bless something?

5:00:  Sacraments vs. Sacramentals

6:10:  The strangest thing FD ever blessed is....

7:10:  We're participating in God's work...

7:35:   Fr Eric and hotel rooms....

Mark as Played

Tom Pussel, Director of Outreach and Evangelization at St. Raphael Parish in Bay Village, OH joins us.

(0:30)  Tom has a lot of experience with accompanying the dying and their loved ones.

 (0:40)  Tom is also a convert to Catholicism.

 (2:00)  We refer to this news story about Boston Red Sox Pitcher Tim Wakefield and Curt Schilling. 

(3:30)  Tom gives us his experience in how people choose to s...

Mark as Played

Francine Costantini and Cari Reagan from the Youth Ministry Office joins us.

1:50  What is Cleveland Public Auditorium?

2:25:  Cari Regan talks about Bishop Malesic and the musicians he mentioned that had played at Cleveland Public Auditorium and more of her thoughts.

4:20:   When you're part of something bigger....

5:20:  What was the first big Mass that we were part of....

7:05:  ...

Mark as Played

Mary Von Carlowicz from the Office of Human Life joins us.

0:45:  Mary's office walks people through their entire life's journey?

1:00:   Do you vote early?  Mike Does!  But he's in the minority apparently.

2:50:  Fr. Damian is moving from the seminary residence to the chancery.

3:00:  Violence is violence in the womb and on the streets.

5:00  Look at Maine this week

Mark as Played

(0:30) Maria Wancata takes up this question with us as we look at dressing up for Halloween?

(1:10)  FD's story about a young woman who Flannery O'Connor wrote an essay on.

(1:55):  FD never "played priest" but what did he dress for Halloween as?

(2:35)  Mike's parents had creative halloween ideas.

(3:20)  FD's politically incorrect costumes and Maria's costumes...

Mark as Played

(0:00)  Mike and FD discuss Cardinal Pierbattista Pizzaballa's statement on the situation after the Hamas attack on Israel and the subsequent response.

(0:10) Cardinal Pierbattista Pizzaballa's has asked for us to unite with those suffering in the Middle East.

(1:05) Article on Cardinal Pizzabolla's offer to exchange places with the hostages.

(1:50)  Today's Mass on Ignatius of Antioch...

Mark as Played

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