Quiet the Noise

Quiet the Noise

Welcome to "Quiet the Noise" with Gary LeBlanc, your guide to life engineering and character development. In this podcast, Gary dives into the essentials of living a balanced life, combining principles from the Character Code with broader life engineering strategies. Each episode offers actionable insights and reflections to help you quiet the noise in all facets of life: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Join Gary as he explores how self-mastery, ethical living, and personal growth can lead to a more fulfilled and purposeful existence. Whether you're looking to refine your character, enhance your life skills, or simply find calm in the chaos, "Quiet the Noise" is your beacon towards a quieter, more meaningful life. Host Bio: Gary LeBlanc, the host of Quiet the Noise and CEO of Zero dB beverages, is a mechanical engineer turned life engineer, who applies engineering principles to life improvement and character development. He is passionate about helping others reduce the 'noise' in their lives through self-awareness and intentional living.


July 8, 2024 58 mins

In this episode, Gary LeBlanc welcomes Freddie Gervasi, co-creator of Soul Expansion, to discuss his experiences with Vipassana meditation and the profound impact it had on his life. They explore Freddie's journey from a professional athlete to an entrepreneur and meditation practitioner, highlighting how silencing the noise in his life led him to find the answers he was seeking.

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00:00 Introduction and Backgr...

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This episode features a profound conversation between Gary LeBlanc and Josh Cassidy, a three-time Paralympian marathon winner. They explore the theme of "limiting beliefs," discussing personal and professional journeys marked by challenges and triumphs, and delve into the importance of mindset in overcoming obstacles and achieving potential.

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June 10, 2024 21 mins

In this solo episode, Gary LeBlanc dives into the concept of resilience, exploring its multifaceted nature and significance in various aspects of life. He discusses how resilience is about bouncing back from life's inevitable hits and emphasizes the importance of building resilience across physical, mental, emotional, and social domains.

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    In this episode titled "Mastering Purpose and Success," Gary LeBlanc and Andrew Part delve into the complexities of transitions, introducing frameworks to aid listeners in understanding and navigating changes in life effectively. They explore the concepts of purpose and success, emphasizing their significance in dealing with life transitions, both anticipated and unexpected.


    00:00 Introduction and Setting the Stage
    08:09 A...

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    In this conversation, Gary LeBlanc and Zach Langlois discuss the importance of conscious consumption and its impact on personal wellbeing. They explore the connection between food, physical health, and emotional wellbeing, emphasizing the need for awareness and intentionality in what we consume. Zach shares his personal journey of healing and transformation through a focus on high-quality, single-ingredient foods. They also discuss...

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    In this conversation, Gary discusses the concept of the Second Mountain, which represents navigating life's challenges and finding meaning. He emphasizes the need for humility and discomfort in the process of transitioning from the first mountain, which is often fueled by ego and materialistic ...

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    In this thought-provoking episode of "Quiet the Noise," host Gary LeBlanc delves into the essence of mindfulness and its transformative power in the digitally saturated age. Gary, life engineer and CEO of Zero dB, dissects the concept of mindfulness, addressing common misconceptions and demonstrating its applicability in daily life. The discussion spans the detrimental effects of our digital age on our well-being and offers a compr...

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    This episode, "Character Unveiled: Mastering Life's Pillars for Unmatched Success and Fulfillment," offers a deep dive into the integral components that forge a robust and impactful character. Hosts Gary LeBlanc and Andrew Parr navigate through a meticulously crafted framework highlighting eight pivotal character pillars: compassion, honesty, integrity, generosity, humility, curiosity, self-mastery, and bravery. The conversation ve...

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    "From Noise to Nudges: Shaping Your Character" is the inaugural episode of "Quiet the Noise," hosted by Gary LeBlanc, CEO of Zero dB and a self-proclaimed life engineer. The episode explores the concept of 'noise'—the unnecessary and often distracting elements in our lives—and its impact on personal and character development. Gary introduces the concept of the 'life graph' and discusses the journey from subconscious, ha...

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