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October 13, 2022 19 mins

In this episode, we are meeting another manufacturer: Parker Hannifin. 
Mike Cipicchio,  Parker’s Drives Territory Manager for the Eastern USA,  is joining us for this episode to give us a behind the scenes look at Parker Hannifin

Guest: Mike Cipicchio, Parker Hannifin https://www.parker.com/

This podcast is produced by Radwell International http://www.radwell.com

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Welcome to Ep 26 of Radwell Automation Nation. 

In this episode, we speak to Sud Bhatija, co-founder of Spot AI. Spot AI is a groundbreaking video intelligence company committed to being the easy button for video footage.

Animated by the question “Why wouldn’t business owners who are used to looking at a $10 Amazon package on their front porch, also want to monitor the expensive equipment in their business?” Sud and his two co-founde...

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Welcome to Ep 25 of Radwell Automation Nation. 

In this episode, we are going to get a bit more personal. I want to share with you a bit about Radwell International. 

We provide a lot of products, services and resources to many companies in just about any industry there is. For those who don’t know much about us or what we do, it can get confusing. 

Normally this podcast isn’t a platform we use as an advertising tool because that is n...

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Welcome to Ep 24 of Radwell Automation Nation. 

In the previous 23 episodes of this podcast, we have shared a lot of information and had a variety of guests join us. We’ve introduced you to manufacturers. We’ve discussed topics relevant to the manufacturing industry with internal and external subject matter experts. We’ve discussed ways to solve operational problems. 

In this episode, we are going a little off the normal path. Not t...

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Welcome to Ep 23 of Radwell Automation Nation. 

If you’re familiar with Radwell International, then you know that we provide industrial automation products and services for Manufacturers in just about any industry you can think of. We thought it might be interesting to record some episodes introducing our listeners to actual manufacturers. We’re calling these episodes Meet the Manufacturer and we’ll have an assortment of manufacture...

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With The Great Resignation and an ever-changing work landscape, it has become more and more challenging for manufacturers to attract the best people to their respective organizations. The challenges of filling job roles are numerous, and the struggle is real. 

Marketing can be a valuable tool in attracting top talent to a manufacturing business. In this episode, we speak with an expert about a topic on everyone’s radar rig...

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 Welcome to Ep 21 of Radwell Automation Nation. 

In this episode, we are going to talk about something that recently came across my radar as an interesting topic. I spoke to Rob about it and we figured out listeners might find the topic interesting as well. So here we are. 

Our guest in this episode is Michael Bonto and our topic is aviation opportunities for engineers. Let’s give Mike a proper introduction. 

Ever since he can remembe...

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January 2, 2022 14 mins

 Rob and I were talking recently about the variety of products and service Radwell offers and it got me thinking. The basis of everything we do is to keep our customers operations running. We offer a ton of products and services with that one purpose in mind. One of those offerings is field service engineering. Field Service Engineering is when Radwell engineers and repair technicians go onsite at a customer’s manufacturing facilit...

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Welcome to Ep 19 of Radwell Automation Nation.

In this episode we have a special guest connecting with us all the way from Poland. Our guest is Marcin Krzączkowski, founder of Automa.Net. He will introduce us to some market insights and supply chain insights gained from his platform. 

Automa.Net was started at the same time when many companies started to face global supply chain problems and ever-increasing lead...

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Today’s topic is definitely important in the business world and especially in the manufacturing world. All those PLCs that are in use in an industrial automation environment may, at some point, need to be disposed of. Do you know the proper way to manage your manufacturing IT assets when it’s time to dispose of them?

Joining us for today’s episode is Chris Regan, President and Founder of CLR Solutions. CLR Solutions is a s...

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Today’s topic is definitely important in the business world and especially in the manufacturing world. We all use technology so frequently that it is now embedded in our work and home lives. But is it all too much sometimes? What’s the right balance between utilizing technology and actual human interaction? And how much technology is too much technology?

Joining us in this episode is Kirsten Austin. For over twenty-five y...

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In today’s episode we speak to an industry expert about the digital struggles manufacturers may face and how to work through those struggles in order to make the internet work for a manufacturing operation. 

Our expert guest for this episode is Nigel T. Packer of PelaTis Online Ltd. 

Nigel is a Digital Customer Experience Trainer and Consultant.  He is also an author and digital business speaker. For over twenty-five years he has use...

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In this bonus podcast episode, we are taking a little detour from our normal format. 

Instead of discussing an industry relevant topic with one or two guest, I am going to be speaking to two special guests: 2021 Summer Marketing Interns, Keegan Teschko and Shannon Feeley. We’re going to get a behind the scenes look at their experiences working at Radwell International this summer. 

To learn more about Radwell International...

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After graduation from high school, It’s time for real life decisions to be made. Many think that college is the inevitable path but trade school also offers career options. Though both college and trade school have their merits and their drawbacks, the real food for thought is whether a career in manufacturing might be the right move. 

The goal of both college and trade school is the same: to receive an education that leads to a car...

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In this episode co-hosts Rob and Julie discuss what you need to know about Vendor Managed Inventory or VMI for short. 

What Is Vendor Managed Inventory?

Vendor Managed Inventory is a supply chain agreement where vendors or suppliers manage, maintain, and optimize their inventory while it’s in the possession of a buyer.

In other words, it’s an inventory management system where inventory is replaced for the buyer or retailer without the...

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Are you just starting out with welding? Would you benefit from a few welding tips for beginners? If you answered yes to these questions, this episode is for you. Our guest is Jason Larsen. Jason is Director of Technical Business Development at Radwell International and works at our global headquarters in Willingboro, NJ. He is also a skilled technician and knows plenty. In this episode he walks us through tips for beginner welders....

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We’ve all been there. You like your job and you work hard every day. But there are just some things that are so frustrating and you don’t quite know how to make them better. Maybe you speak to your manager or maybe you keep your mouth shut but either way, if the frustrations don’t get fixed, they will eventually take over. Instead of focusing on the good parts of your job, you end up fixating on the frustrating parts until it reall...

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March 8, 2021 17 mins

In this episode Julie and Rob discuss different leadership styles and how they can impact people in the work place. Whether you are a plant manager or an office manager, understanding different leadership styles and how they affect other people is an important part of supervising. Let us help you navigate the world of leadership styles. 

Leadership styles discussed in this episode: 

Transformational Leadership

Participatory Leadership


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Radwell International is an industrial automation company servicing manufacturing operations globally. The company stocks and sells new and surplus industrial automation, MRO, pneumatic, motion, electronic, hydraulic, HVAC and electrical control equipment for plant floor and facilities maintenance machinery. Radwell also has full component level repair capabilities for all industrial electronic and electrical equipment, with over 2...

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Radwell International offers onsite field engineering services as part of our extensive list of service offerings. During some of our onsite visits to manufacturing facilities, we are able to accomplish some big wins for our customers. In this episode, take a behind the scenes look at two field engineering service situations and how Radwell technicians were able to create wins for our customers. Expertise is important and being abl...

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