Random Ish w Sonja

Random Ish w Sonja

Just like it sounds! This podcast is random-ish inspired by life. Chatting alone or w guests about Life, Love, Trending topics, Conspiracies, Ish we dream about, Ish we complain about. We also talk about energy, Randomly. Truth with a laugh. Available on Most podcast platforms. A Manifest Beauty Entertainment production.


December 29, 2022 32 mins

After a much-needed rest, back with a new episode of Random Ish! Chatting up the changes in the past year with myself and my family, hot topics, The Nerd in Me, and The Random Question. Look Who's Talking! Hit us up! @RandomIshWithSonja @ManifestBeautyTV @SonjaDenyse

Mark as Played

The ish I found out about and shared for this episode of @randomishwithsonja is cra cra!!!!

Talking my experience with these new car parts from … is this a possible way of retaliation???

Quiet Quitting??? How about Quiet Firing??? Is it they are trying to get you to quit rather than getting fired???? I have a solution!

The Nerd In Me, gurl they have created an embryo without using sperm or an egg. Here we go. Also, is it possible t...

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July 30, 2022 31 mins
F The Ride or Die chick, Long Hair We Do Care, The Nerd in Me and The Random Question. Chopping up the attack on women, from Roe vs Wade to what we are doing to ourselves with this ride or die nonsense. Natural hair. While I love it, I seem to be having a problem, am I the only one? The Nerd in Me: Voyager is powering down, a new space program is in the works, and my thoughts on some of the conspiracy theories of what are we a...
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June 28, 2022 34 mins
Today we are choppin up rules to becoming a millionaire according to this financial article, Black self expression and the wonderful change it is undergoing. The Nerd In Me: Benjamin Button is real! Plus, The Random Question.
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May 31, 2022 32 mins

Sooooo much to cover in this episode!

TMI. Been an ambassador. Thanks for watching & listening! Listen on Major Podcast platforms and Channel MBE on Roku and Firestick also ManifestBeauty.TV

Soooooo I came across some news that I needed to share. We all know about the Wally World incident, if not let me tell you…. #tonedeaf

One more No, they didn’t!!! Those Biggie MTA cards, well. We knew this was gonna happen.

Choppin' up some...

Mark as Played

Random news, Declassified UFO information, Skin Rejuvenation, and The Random Question. Well, the title does say it all but there’s a lot more to this episode!   

Lots of fun glad to finally have my energy back started a new gig, and back on full-time radio. Loving this new station, but definitely taking time to get used to it! 

So much to talk about. New declassified information on UFOs, a real-life The Nanny story, ...

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April 13, 2022 28 mins
Getting used to this new schedule, I realized I wanted to record but didn’t get the chance to publish this one. In this episode we’re talking our blood stream and what they just found, the 7 levels of financial freedom, the nerd in me and the random question.
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March 19, 2022 28 mins
Hey Hey Hey! Today we are talking about some dope news for folks in CT. Yea man it’s about time. The Nerd in Me and our Random Question!
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February 25, 2022 33 mins

What's Going On?? I have some a story to share, some thangs to talk about, The Nerd In Me and We have New Random Questions! 

Let's get into it! First Off happy Black History month. There are so many intelligent, strong, resilient, men and women I need to thank who paved the way for me an so many others. I just want to send some love to a few off the top of my head who influenced me. Janet, Michael, Mc Lyte, Queen Latifiah, Bev...

Mark as Played
January 31, 2022 31 mins

Hey there!

So for this episode I decided to do something special, in our last episode, I read you a part of chapter four. Inbetween then and now I landed my first narration of another authors book. Yay! I also found out my audio wasnt as clean as I thought it was. So I had to do a crash course in audio. I hope you can hear the difference, I already can.  

So, I've decided to give you the full chapter. It really is breaking dow...

Mark as Played

Hey! So we are episode 92!!!

So excited, I wasn’t sure how this was going to play out doing long form entertainment but as we can see I'm starting to get used to doing the podcasting thing!

I got some stories to share with you and a random not so much question but kind of question from a story I just heard and the nerd of me all coming up!

So, if you like the ocean as much as I do there's now a way for you to have a residence on an...

Mark as Played
December 27, 2021 47 mins

Hey welcome back! I have a great show for you today, I have a crazy story that could be a movie, some nerd in me and a special musical guest.

Let’s get into it. So there is a crazy I swear I thought this was a made up story, this mom stole her daughters identity and went to school for two years, two years y’all. She got loans, boyfriends and all that. Really you gotta listen or watch to get my whole break down. Gurl.

What about the...

Mark as Played

Hey welcome to another episode of Random Ish. 

Happy to finally have my old mic working again! Turns out, needing a new mixing board for karaoke, great for recording. 

 So, chopping up a few topics that came to my attention, You and your friends have had the discussion on whether Facebook, Google, or Alexa is listening to you right? 

 The Eiffel tower size asteroid that is heading towards Earth, there may b...

Mark as Played
November 16, 2021 28 mins

Hey there! Thank you to everyone who has been watching and telling folks to tune in or watch. Appreciate you, feel like speaking some things into existence right now.

This week has been just…one of those life changing moments. I saw some interesting stories, wanna hear about em? Here we go.

The medical industry is finding that negative thinking is having negative effects and may be linked to dementia!! Well, we already know this ri...

Mark as Played
November 1, 2021 21 mins
Any excuse to wear a costume! Happy Halloween! It's one of my favorite holidays because you get to dress up and have fun letting your inner whatever out and it's my dear friend's birthday. I like to continue the celebration we would have for her day. So I'm wearing my costume...red riding hood.  I love the treat and not the trick about Halloween. So let's keep this short and sweet and get into it! Choppin up the ish that caught my ...
Mark as Played
October 13, 2021 33 mins

Hey! Pardon The delay, lots of parties!! Got to do my first Bat Mitzvah, it was fun! I also have some new inspiration visuals up on the channel. 

Gotta share some stories that caught my eye: da robots, random shots at Earth, and Jay-Z gives us another reason to admire him, I’m sure he’s now more of an equality type dude in his relationship. I wonder this because watching marriage boot camp hip hop edition put a battery in my b...

Mark as Played
September 15, 2021 34 mins

This episode is for all people who want something more in life! A chat with Emmy award-winning director Oz Rodriguez about his journey, lessons learned over the years, and he gave some advice for those starting out or over. 

I asked about his first break, inspiration vices, and of course, we talk about his first feature film for Netflix Vampires vs The Bronx. If you haven't seen it yet check it out, smart, funny and so New Yor...

Mark as Played
August 28, 2021 32 mins

Hey there! Hope all is well with you, So happy and “happy” to say my ceiling finally got fixed. My eyes are telling you a deeper story without words. Today will be fun as the guy who fixed the ceiling also is here to fix a fan in a garage. Of course, he is using a saw so he is a part of the show too. I even have his battery charger charging in the house as I am recording this. I tell ya people think I just sit in my house. No man, ...

Mark as Played
August 16, 2021 26 mins
Hey Folks! So, I have been productive and just had a great weekend tour, I was blessed to play in VT and NY. So fun. Uh had a lil scare, got to have the driving while black in the middle of cornfields moment. Well, I don’t know they were cornfields, but I was in the woods and my taillight went out. I had taken a puff before I hit the road, I just worked hella hard and I had the roach in the ashtray. Yea homie smelled it, I admitted...
Mark as Played
July 27, 2021 27 mins

Hey!!! I am becoming so empowered!
So, my car was messing up, I had someone work on it and I ended up having to change my fuel pump myself. Whoa! Hey now! I’m super happy things are turning around, now if I can get these trumped-up charges off my back. Oh, have you not been caught up on the BS I am dealing with? Yea so during the pandemic, I thought someone was stealing my car because I left it running in the middle of the stre...

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