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June 22, 2023 24 mins
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Welcome to the Jonathan and Kelly Show. Jonathan Rush, my Republican colleagues who
introduced this resolution. I thank you. You honor me with your enmity.
You flatter me with this falsehood.Kelly Nash, I wear this partisan vote
as a badge of honor, andthe Jonathan and Kelly Show it's a badge

of honor. Kelly. Well,you know, Adam Schiff is I hate
to say this because this is wherewe're at politically, though, but he
is the basically the Donald Trump nowof the Democrat Party. Donald Trump's you
know, goes up whenever he getsindicted, and Adam Schiff, I'm sure
is going up in California politics nowthat he's always excited about this and this

Senate run. He wants to getthat Senate seat from California now that Feinstein
can't remember where it is. Yep. So this will help him, big
news for him. All right,Now, we have a couple of things
we want to deal with. Wecan get over to some of the things
Schiff said yesterday talking talking to barA Durham. Excuse me, I'm getting

all of our special investigators in ourformer DEO g heads confused. All right.
So we got the Durham conversations yesterdaywith the House Subcommittee Judicial. We
can talk about that coming up lateron as well. First, we had
an opportunity to speak, and Ireally do hope that we've just found out

about a new friend of ours,my first opportunity to speak with him in
a second. His name is Joe. I like Joe from Texas. Joe's
got a message that needs to beheard. Not since I'm trying to think
of the last person that made abig deal out of the fact that our
national debt other than what's his name, William Devane Devene makes a big deal
out of it on television. Butwe don't have enough people talking about our

national debt, which is why Iwant to go to the Double Secret Jonathan
to Kelly's Super Secret Probationary Hotline,Kelly Nash, Welcome on the phone.
A guy I think I'm really goingto enjoy speaking with because he's got a
message that needs to be heard.He likes to be called Joe from Texas,
so we'll call you Joe from Texas. Good morning, Joe, Good
morning, Kelly. How are youdoing. I'm doing great, Joe,
and you recently wrote an op edpiece that was published in Fox News.

And your whole message is that we'reway out of control with government spending,
and you're warning people that we're headingfor a default. What would you say
then to the like the politicians whoare like, we're not going to default,
everything's fine. Well, you're notgoing to default as long as somebody
will loan you money. And that'syou know, we just got through this,
this reason, that crisis that wewere in, and everybody thinks for

al the woods, what we're not. All we did was bared more money,
and sooner or later, if youif you don't pay your debts,
your creditors get worried and they extendyou credit. So I say, we're
a long waist men now the woodsuntil we start paying it down. I
don't think anybody needs to risk thatthis has gone away. You know,
I was really plugged into the newsas a child, and I would watch

it and I have questions for mydad and then, and they were talking
about in a lot of the nightlynews even then, the budget deficit and
the budget debt. And I askedmy dad one day, I said,
what is the difference between the deficitand the debt, and my dad said,
the deficit is my problem. Thedebt is your problem, and then
he just turned and walked off.Well, then I had to go do

more research and understand the difference betweenthe two. And the national debt that
continues to pile up, as wehave seen over the years now to an
unbelievable number, is run by thenational deficit, which we still can't get
under control because we can't balance abudget. Interestingly, enough, with your
stories, it goes back to yourchildhood. I asked my dad recently,

did you ever think you lived tosee the day when the national debt and
the national deficit was your problem?And he laughed and said no, but
it certainly is. We have gottento a point now where it's affecting everybody.
You're black. I mean, there'sthree hundred and forty million people in
this country that our debt that growsevery second is affecting. It's affecting all

of us today that are adults.That's going to affect our children, our
grandchildren in a horrible way. Yourdad and I did not inherit a country
that was that far in debt.You know, it took this country two
hundred and five years to get toone trillion dollars in debt. You think

about that, that took a longlong time, and since then, it
took in the last twenty four years, we went from five treeon a thirty
five treaton. That's totally inconfident.Whoever's running Washington. You gotta hang that
on four different presidents, not one. That's twelve years for Republicans and twelve

years for Democrats. So when youlook at that, I'd say Washington's completely
off space right now. They're lost. They don't have a clue. We're
talking with Joe now. If you'relooking for Joe on social media, I'm
looking at your Twitter account, it'sJoe he from Texas. But your website
I believe is Joe from Texas dotcom. Correct, That is correct,
Joe from Texas dot com. Yep. And in your op ed piece,

you mentioned that you were going tospend a million of your own dollars on
nationwide awareness campaign. So I meanit would seem like people should be aware
of the national debt. They mighthear the number. I remember being a
kid in the seventies and going intoNew York City and seeing the national debt
clock just kind of rolling out ofcontrol even then. But if if everybody

is aware, if all three hundredmillion or so people that can do stuff
in America are aware that they're,you know, approaching thirty five trillion dollars
in debt, what happens next?Okay, well, that's probably one of
the best questions I've had in thelast five or six months. What happens
next is we don't know the nexttime we get ready to borrow money,

if the world is still going toloan this money. You know, people
that have debt in a corporation,a company, they have a line of
credit, they need money, theygo down, they get it deposit in
their account, they pay their payrolland buy their goods, and they run
a small little country. Everybody hasthat in their company. If you pick
up the phone and you call thebank and you say, I'm going to

need X amount of money because I'mwaiting on funds to come into whatever,
your banker says, okay, putsit in account. You're fine. But
one day sometimes if you don't showa profit after so many quarters or so
many years, then the bank says, no, I'm not going to extend
you any more credit, And I'mthat's my affair today as I think America

is pushing the envelope and countries aregetting worried about our credibility. You know,
I'm watching cable news. A lotof people are seeing the same commercials
over and over again about investing ingold. And one of the points was
brought out recently that there have beentwo times in American history when the national
debt was credit in the GDP,War two and now, well, we
knew that to World War two,we went into an incredible industrialized, in
particular growth era. Well, Idon't know what's going to be there to

help be the impetus for us togrow our nation's GDP to overcome this debt
this time, and with the amountof debt we currently have, can you
imagine how big of an influx ineconomic development that would have to be?
Well, you know, when youcome out of World War two and Truman
was president, then Eisenhower took over. He'd done a brilliant job for eight

years. He has one of thelowest percentages of missing his budget in eight
years, a four point seven percent. He balanced it and paid it down
a couple of times and This wasa man that was a five star general.
You know that he really knew thewar and he knew how to manage
people and how to manage dollars andmove things around to make it work.

We don't have that anymore. Youdon't have any more Eisenhower. You don't
have any brilliant people like that.Kennedy followed him and we lost him way
too early. Times have changed now. Now what we have is people that
are just politicians. Now. AlistonHoward was a general. It wasn't a
politician. We got people now thatgo to school to be a politician.

That's not how you lead the freeworld. You have to lead it because
you're seven, your heart to doso, and you have the ability built
in. You don't learn that outthe book. We're talking with Joe from
Texas. You can follow him onTwitter at Joe P from Texas or go
to his website Joe from Texas dotcom. People here in Colombia that are

listening to this, they're now aware. If they weren't, I'm pretty sure
that they would have been because they'reconservative leaning talk show listeners. But they're
aware that the debt is legit.They're aware that the debt is dangerous.
We vote for whoever we vote forat the federal level, and is there
anything else that we can be doingwell. You need to really take most

attention to the candidates once these debatesstart, and make sure that the candidate
that you look at that you're lookingto vote for, that you think,
don't worry about whether it's a manor a woman, or he or she's
black or white. Don't let thatinfluence you. Make sure that that candidate
is laser focused on the economic situationthis country is in. We've got a

lot of problems in this country,from the border to you can just name
them. They're out there. There'slots of them, and they affect individual
people more than what the debt affectsthe whole three hundred and forty million people.
But if that candidate is not focusedon getting a handle on our spending,
then the rest of these things arenot going to matter, because if
you run out of money, everythingelse is going to overcome you anyway.

If you have enough money, youcan secure the country. If you have
enough money, you can put morepolicemen in the streets in these in these
bad neighborhoods. If you have enoughmoney, you can guard the schools.
If you have enough money, cantake care of the elderly, or without
it. If we had enough money, we could do the Green New Deal.

Wow wow moment. Let me getback in my chair. That knocked
me. COMPETI I'm trying to encourageDemocrats to help save some money here.
You know, here the state ofSouth Carolina. You might have heard a
guy that used to serve here inthe House and also was the governor and
even a run for president, knowinghe wouldn't win. But his message was

our biggest problem as our national debt. His name was Mark Sanford. Wherever
he is, he's still preaching it, just like Joe from Texas, and
we got other people that are preachingit. But I think it's a lot
of the Democrats in particular, andKelly pointed out we have a right lending
audience probably for this podcast unless they'relistening for media matters, so they can
continue to build their cases to whythe FCC should take us off the air.

So, but here's my question toyou, if what do you say
to the people that go, youknow something, it's just money. I
mean, we printed all the time. The Chinese are always going to need
us. They're not going to beour enemy. They have to have us
as a market. We're going tobuy their goods and services. And what
comes around goes around, when maybecosts us a little more through inflation.
But now quit to its alarmist stuff. Chicken little from Texas. It's just

money. It's going to be okay. When to print more, well,
print and more. You know thatAlan Greenspan said that in two thousand and
one, that in two thousand andeleven again that we could will never default
on our debt because we can continueto print money. And when you do,
the inflation gets higher and higher andhigher. So you know, we've
got an eight point six percent increaseon social security to build everybody out the

costs inflation, but for the twoyears inflations over twelve percent, so it
falls short. So when you dothat, you shoot yourself in the foot.
And it is only money. Whenyou talk about born money from from
from China, who is probably ournumber one first a country to watch,
and that's pretty that's pretty desperate.When you're boring money from who you may

be your enemy. If we don'twatch what's going on, they're they're getting
their self allowed with some very badcountries right now. So you take that
in consideration and maybe that's not whoyou are to bore you money from.
Yeah, well we're at the pointwhere they could win a war possibly without
even firing a shot. Just cutus off. And when people hear these

trillion dollars types of figures, itkind of just glosses over. I was
looking at the national debt clock andjust since Tuesday, and we're recording this
Thursday morning. So since Tuesday itwas thirty two trillion, forty four billion,
and then the rest of the numbers. Now it's at one hundred and

five billion. In other words,we've gone up sixty one. We've went
further in debt, sixty one billiondollars in two days. We absolutely look
at it this way. Every thethree hundred and forty million people in this
country all of a million dollars,Isn't that's something I mean to leave your
children with a debt. You know, when I was born, we had

a little bit of a debt becausewe were living in rough time and my
father died very early, so putme a while to pay the funeral law.
So I had a debt, butit wasn't because somebody wasted and then
we didn't give it to some otherorganization in some country that we heard was
in trouble. We were always taughtto take care of home first, and

I believe that today. I thinkAmerica, all Americans today and hopefully there's
a bunch of listening, but Americantoday needs to needs to look at America
first. I know I'm a godfearing man, and I know I know
that we need to look at theworld, all the humans also. But
you know, we have got totake care of our business here. If
we don't, then we can't helpthe world. Because I can tell you

the world is just about that upwith the way we run our business and
they're laughing at us, and that'sthat to me, that's a disgrace.
Joe from Texas, keep preaching it, brother. We're glad to be a
part of helping you reach more listenersto your web page and hopefully we'll be
in a position where you'll be ableto educate so we can try to get
the right representatives in the House andthe Senate, because we're going to have
a major problem. Thank you somuch for letting me put it out there.

It's just one of those things thatseemingly and I'm glad he's out there
preaching it that Americans just want togo tone deaf on that conversation about and
it's so ugly you don't want tolook at it. Everybody knows that the
check is coming. But I mean, even if you go and read Joe's
op ed piece that Fox News carried, I guess about a week and a
half ago, now you'll see thatwhen he was a kid, when he

was born, or when his dadwas born, his dad was born in
nineteen oh two, we had adebt. So the nation is just always
carried a debt. And if you'rejust somebody who wants to push it off,
you can keep asking yourself, well, it hasn't been due for one
hundred and twenty years, why ishe going to come due now? All

right, So hopefully we'll get morepeople interested in that. It will be
nice to hear them where people talkingabout it as we get closer to the
presidential run in twenty twenty four,because this is going to be the biggest
probably it's getting it's getting demonstrat reallyworse in part because of the border.
In other situations, and China andother and inflation. So and every time
we got the feeds is going tomeet again. They didn't raise the interest

rate last time they met, butthey're talking about raising it coming up in
July. Yeah, and you sawstocks started falling after that meeting yesterday because
you know, even though inflation seemsto be down or like a little of
a four percent, I think rightnow, they're trying to get it back
to where it was, which wastwo percent, and so in order to
do that, they're probably going toraise interest rates again when we've already got

a huge problem in housing because peoplewho are locked in at three percent mortgage
rates don't want to sell their houseand go buy another house at seven percent
mortgage things. And we don't haveenough homes built or a matter of fact,
I think I heard on the newsthis morning, we're about three and
a half million what they call livingarrangements below so condos, apartments, houses.

We need about three and a halfmillion more in America right now.
Yeah, and that points again tothe problems we have at the border.
We got more people put piling across, we got nowhere to put them.
We don't even have housing available,all right, so I know that these
are things we'll be discussing more aswe talk about twenty twenty four. But
as the reminder, because Sally wantedto look at the calendar again together day,

Yeah, you're still eighteen months away. Eighteen months away and eighteen months
what happens you have the next election? Oh, you got eighteen more months
of Joe Biden. Well, Iwas gonna say, because it's more than
that, because it doesn't matter who'selected. What matters is when they can
take power, which is June nine, June to twenty twenty five months,

I mean January of twenty twenty five. Yeah, so you got eighteen more
months before you can do before youcan cast a vote to do something about
it. Then you got to waitanother two and a half months before they
actually take off. All right,So anyway, now let's talk about some
of the things going on in SouthCarolina. We've got something to rant and
rave about. R. J.May from the Freedom Caucus inside of the
South Carolina House. Republican side ofthe House obviously is very excited about a

court battle yesterday. We're CRT wasshut down. Well, put it this
way, the effort that continues afterCRT being shut down was shut down again.
Kind of well, I mean,if you're just trying to present both
sides of the argument, what thefolks in Lexington one are saying and what

the folks at EL Education are sayingis that there was never any CRT lessons
being taught in Lexington One, thatEL Education is against all of that,
and that they were just settling thislawsuit to kind of just get it over,
get it behind us, rather thanwaste taxpayers money. And that's the

way a lot of I think evenmainstream Republicans are going to position it that
the Freedom Caucus is out of control, the Freedom Caucuses lawsuit happy, and
that they're always trying to find aheadline and so they or find a boogeyman
behind every door, and that theysaw CRT, which is already outlawed in
South Carolina, and so they decidedto sue Lexington one over it, and

that lawsuit was settled yesterday with theremoval of EL education. I would think,
because I understand that maybe the folksof Lexington One didn't want to pay
for a lawsuit to fight back andsay we're not teaching this, But I
would think that EL Education would benot only willing to pay for a battle,

but they would want to pay fora battle because if you're really are
against CRT critical race theory, thenyou want that established so that you can
be opened up to all the schooldistricts. But they didn't. They caved.
And one of the things that wasmost damning was what we always knew,
because we've always been told even beforeCRT legislation out audience South Carolina put
it more garboils was having to dowith teaching. We always have been told

there's no CRT curriculum, nobody's teachingCRT. CRT is not a class We
get that. We just know thatthere are always opportunities inside each classroom and
how many teachers do you actually haveworking with you to make sure that we
take the opportunity for the indoctrination tocontinue and we as a matter of fact,
somebody let the cat out of thebag. I've forgotten the girl's name

was on the videotape talking and braggingnearly Yeah. I don't know if they've
got her on a video or audio, but she was talking about the fact
that they have allies in South Carolinathat will not only willing but they want
to teach their co conspirators. Shesaid, yeah, the co conspirators.

I'm not sure I want to bein that category of a co conspirator.
Yeah. You don't use that typeof language if you think you're doing something
correctly. There's Neffer a co conspiratoraward. They hand out that Sullivan is
the professional development specialist for EL Education, who said that, um now there
they EL Education said anti racism isat the core of our curriculum. Now,

according to the Freedom Caucus Chairman AdamMorgan, that is not the case.
And they point specifically to a bookcalled this book is Anti Racist.
Now. That seems like a goodbook. This book is its cover,
Yes, that will be a goodone. It's written by somebody named Tiffany

Jewel and it and in it,I'm just reading what they wrote. Here
teaches children that if you are white, one automatically has internalized racial superiority.
And the black friend on being abetter white person states, we have a
white people problem in this country.That's why you don't judge a book by
its Now. It says that theschool district denied that allegation in court,

and yet they still settled. Soand I don't where would the Freedom Caucus
come up with the idea that thatbook. You would think that somebody,
I mean r J. May isthe vice chair of the Freedom Caucus in
South Carolina. RJ. May representsLexington. Yes, you would think that
somebody had came to him and saidthis is in my kids curriculum. And

that's why, I mean, youdon't just pick out Lexington one out of
thin air and say this is adistrict. We're gonna sue. They had
something and you settled, which makesme think something's going on there. And
because you're so quick to settle,it also makes me think you're really gonna
do it a little better with maybemaking sure that we keep the audio or

the video or wherever this girl wascaptured on tape actually talking about what we're
doing here. You got to keepher behind the curtain. As a matter
of fact, she probably lost herjob with the organization. You think.
I think that Terico was probably There'sa five minute recording they say of Terka
Sullivan, who works for l Education, saying that the education nonprofit has allies

and co conspirators who are willing toteach outlawed CRT concepts even if they get
in trouble. That's what she says. I would think that she is talking
to potential donors to EL education andplainly and so keep preaching, sister,
keep preaching, and it'd be likeone of those things where what's his name

the guy who used to do theundercover videos and they got fired from his
own company or whatever. Project.Yeah, it's a Project Veritas type of
thing. I would imagine if it'sa sting operation where I pose as somebody
who's like, I'm concerned there's toomuch white supremacy in the school. How
can we help Yeah, And she'slike, trust me, even yea,
even down in the dirty South's right, we've outlawed it. We still have

people who can do and who knowswhat kind of pushback that r j AM's
help plant get, because I understandat the Tar store in Lexington, they
didn't take down the Tucket swim suit. They left it in its prominent position
right there at the front of thestore. But I just went to Terka
Sullivan's LinkedIn page. Yeah, andshe has for her the thing that's behind

your photo. Yeah. It's like, I don't know, it might be
it's like it's almost like the PrideRainbow, but not quite. It's a
little bit different. And it justsays be an ally. When you talk
about being an ally, that meansthat to me, that is plane speak
for I am CRT. Yes,all right, So we got that going

on in the state of South Carolina, and I think we're pretty much out
of time, although we will,we'll have to go back and review some
of the things that happened yesterday withthe House Senate or the House Judicial Oversight.
By the way, she is stilllisted on her thing as working there
as well as she's the chief executiveofficer of Black Girl Magic Tours, which

is Atlanta's luxury mural crawl exclusively forbrown girls. So you got that going
for you. You and I neednot apply to get on that bus.
M We can't know. You can'tknow. Damn it, You're not gonna
be able to You're not a browngirl. You don't get to take the tour.
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