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Real Play Games Podcast

An actual-play role-playing game podcast where G.M. John runs his friends through a bunch of tabletop role-playing games, some pretty popular, and some of them obscure! We release episodes every week using a variety of different role-playing systems!


December 1, 2023 94 mins

It's the start of the real Christmas season, and Santana and Martina are gearing up for their first run ever!  Everything they've been through in the last three months still possibly couldn't prepare them for what's ahead!  The elves have been hard at work on a secret project, even as their eggs drip festively from the connective gel holding them across the walls and ceiling, so hop in the sleigh and get ready f...

Mark as Played

It's the holiday season (the holiday season), and
Santa Santana and Martina the Claws
are deliverin' the presents and they're breakin' some jaws
when they're comin' down the chimney, down!

Keep the Old Ones at bay!
Keep the Old Ones at bay!
While the wards of Earth are still standing,
happy last-potential-ever holidayyyyy
to you!

Holiday Havoc: In the St. ...

Mark as Played

With the series at an end (but by no means the story), we sit and chat about what happened, some of the background stuff that wasn't brought up explicitly, our takes on some things (including how weird the season got, seriously, some parts of it feel like a fever dream) and talk a little about where it's headed.  Thanks again for listening, folks, we hope you enjoyed it!
Episode 15/15

Content Warnings: Adult ...

Mark as Played

After stealing a boat from a bunch of seagull fishermen and narrowly evading pursuit by a New Stafford cutter, the group made it back to Salem, just in time to find that Pauly T. ended up vamoosing with Mr. X to the beach.  What the group will find when they're looking for them, though, will change the trajectory of their entire trip!  It's the end of the line, folks, but also a new beginning, don't miss it!

Mark as Played

With the goal of locating Artemisia complete and Winnie reunited with the group, now Liblet, Bly and the others are faced with an even more daunting prospect: just how the Hell do they get out of New Stafford, anyhow?  With the King's Guard hot on their tails and Rod Rodman's car in about a billion little pieces aboveground, they're going to need a whole lot of luck to pull this one off!
Episode 13/15


Mark as Played

It's chaos in the Disputed Lands kingdom of New Stafford!  While the bulk of the group navigates the tunnels in desperate search of Artemisia, and coming under fire from all angles, Winnie Thirteen plays a dangerous game of cat and mouse with dogs, humans, and one particularly determined pigeon!  Get your popcorn buckets ready, folks, because this one's gonna get messy!
Episode 12/15

Content Warnings: Adult C...

Mark as Played

With confirmation as to where Artemisia's location is, the crew heads into the kingdom of New Stafford, where there's an awful lot of opposition between them and their goal!  A split-second decision leads to a split party, and when some go high, others end up going low!  What'll happen in-between?  Tune in and find out!
Episode 11/15

Content Warnings: Adult Content, Adult Language,  Gore (explosion injur...

Mark as Played

After dealing with both stanklopers and the strange metal men of the old raceway, the group finds themselves assailed by more wildlife as they cross into the mysterious Pine Barrens.  Bly and Winnie help perform the impossible, while Liblet shows just what tough stuff she's made of!  What they'll encounter in the deep, dark woods, and what happens because of it, is a surprise to everyone!
Episode 10/15


Mark as Played

Following their experience at the Mantown Rodeo, the gang pushes deeper across the middle portion of the Contested Lands on their way towards New Stafford, but will genetic monstrosities and the dangers that yesteryear left behind prevent our heroes from ever getting there?  Grab a face covering, maybe something minty,  and come find out!
Episode 9/15

Content Warnings: Adult Content, Adult Language, Body Horror (weird ...

Mark as Played

Following a brush with fiendish foliage and a good night's sleep, the crew makes some progress before spotting the weirdest horses they ever did see and then pop into the Mantown Rodeo for a bit.  Liblet finds out about all kinds of new animals, Winnie gets some big gambling done, and Bly makes a fast new friend in the vivacious Velveeda DeFur and her weird little pet.   Maybe a little too fast?  Not Bly, lol!
Episode 8/15...

Mark as Played

With Liblet fresh-off of laying a clutch of eggs and Mr. X in rough shape, the gang settles down outside of Salem in the Contested Lands to recuperate and make plans for their trip yet to come.  Bugs are plentiful, but Bly is out of catnip and Winston hungers for more exotic game, something that ends up having unforeseen consequences later on.
Episode 7/15

Content Warnings: Adult Content, Adult Language, Fertility Stuf...

Mark as Played

A new and incredibly well-armed friend joins Bly and Liblet's crusade, even if they wish maybe they hadn't.  The aftermath of their shopping escapades become something bigger than any of them could have anticipated, and will change not only their lives, but potentially, the course of history itself!  And even as all that is happening, Liblet's starting to feel the call of nature!
Episode 6/15

Content War...

Mark as Played

Bly and Liblet go with Pierro and Pauly T to Market Street, the greatest shopping Mecca in the genetic post-apocalypse!  Liblet looks for something just right to carry her eggs, while Bly searches for something with a little extra bang to it!  After a nice lunch and a brief scrape with mortal peril, the group heads to The Trade and Whallop, the wasteland's greatest drag bar, to deliver something to Lord Ken Ahgetit-Fromthebach...

Mark as Played

Even as Pierro takes Bly out to go find his contact in West Philly with explosive results, Liblet is left to sort through the  myriad memories that were unwittingly shared with her by Nonna Transportatore.  All of them will find answers of some sort, but will their searches explode in their faces?
Episode 4/15

Content Warnings: Adult Content, Adult Language, Profanity, Trauma Processing

Bly Moons is Ru

Mark as Played

After the previous night's excitement, a good sleep-in is what's needed for Bly and Liblet, but a meeting with Nonna Transportatore is what they get instead.  Things start off amicably enough, but go off of the rails and leave Liblet forced to contemplate so many things that her frackrat mind wasn't made for.
Episode 3/15

Content Warnings: Adult Content, Adult Language, Attempted Mental Abuse, Profanity,...

Mark as Played

The Banchiere inspection point proves to be exciting in at least one way for Bly, who continues making friends wherever he goes; Liblet gets to see shiny things and lick them and marvels at personal space before most of the whole crew goes for something everyone must eat in Filly... cheesesteaks!
Episode 2/15

Content Warnings: Adult Content, Adult Language, Profanity

Bly Moons is Ru
Liblet Thumblejump is H...

Mark as Played

The one that started it all is back with another zany season!  Bly Moons and Liblet Thumblejump are accompanying Pauly Transportatore back to Filly on a Rodent Cartel caravan with their pals Rod Rodman and Pierro the Opossum.  With friends like these, what's the worst that can happen?  Right?  RIGHT?!?
Episode 1/15

Content Warnings: Adult Content, Adult Language, Drug Use, Profanity, Violence

Bly Moons is...

Mark as Played

It might have been quite a while since we've heard about what Liblet Thumblejump and Bly Moons are doing, but the wait is over!  The second series of our ongoing After the Bomb ®  campaign begins next week as Liblet and Bly head with Rod Rodman, Pauly T, Mr. X and Pierro the Opossum towards Filly, home of the Rodent Cartel and trading hub for the northeast!  What's going to happen?  Something crazy, surely!


Mark as Played

In 1931, a nosy old veteran of the Spanish-American war, a young man with a lot of secrets, and a woman with ambitions of book-selling grandeur gather to unwittingly fight against dark forces coalescing in Ma Shanks' Boarding House in Providence, RI.  They will discover things beyond mortal ken while investigating the death of one of their neighbors in some sort of strange, occult ritual.  Will they survive?

Content W...

Mark as Played

Fresh with the revelation of betrayal within the Vault, Lionel and Christine bring James with them to figure out their next steps, even as Precious LeRoy and Handy Sandy wait for the group to come back to Dr. Mary Cherry Jerry's so they can accompany the merchants back to Rivet City.  It's a slug-fest to the finish! (Episode 5 of 5)

Content Warnings: Adult Language, Adult Situations, Drug Use, Gore, Profanity, Vi...

Mark as Played

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