Real Relationship Talk: Conversations About Communication, Intimacy, & Rebuilding Trust

Real Relationship Talk: Conversations About Communication, Intimacy, & Rebuilding Trust

Real Relationship Talk is the go-to marriage podcast for candid conversations about intimacy, communication, and rebuilding trust. From singles looking to be married to premarital couples, solo spouses, or married couples, we keep it real with a fresh perspective for all who are looking for a committed relationship. Each episode is packed with practical marriage advice, relationship tips, and relatable stories from all walks of life — from strong relationships to struggling ones. It’s time to uncomplicate relationships. Dana Che and her guests deliver practical, inspirational, and real marriage and relationship advice from a fresh faith-based perspective. Whether working to rebuild trust after infidelity or preparing for a healthy marriage, it’s all here. Real Relationship Talk goes beyond the surface and into the core issues of what makes a marriage work. We're not just a podcast – we're your partner and guide in the ups and downs of marriage. Subscribe now and strengthen the foundation of your relationship with every episode. To learn more about Dana Che, including her online relationship courses and coaching programs, visit SUBSCRIBE to the podcast! New episodes drop every Tuesday & Friday.


February 23, 2024 11 mins


There is a beautiful Hebrew word Ezer Kenegdo that describes the concept of being a "Helpmeet" in the Bible. This characteristic reaches far beyond gender boundaries. Understanding its proper meaning helps us to discover the strength and purpose of women. Join me as I challenge common ideas and help you foster an understanding of the woman’s vital role, contributing to a balan...

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It’s common in marriage to face issues that lead to apathy and eventually detachment. In this episode, I share helpful insights and practical steps to help couples overcome connection crises and rediscover their connection when the love has grown cold. 

There are warning signs that exist when a person or couple is becoming apathetic. We'll discuss what apathy looks like in a relationship, its causes, and how to overcome it and get...

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The Christian life can be hard at times. Can I get an amen? This episode will help you to hold fast to your faith during times of uncertainty. We must walk by faith in this journey filled with unpredictable twists and turns that test the very essence of what we believe. It’s easy to become despondent and get off course. It's during these difficult times that the concept of walking in faith becomes not just a spiritual ideology, but...

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We're getting real about the struggles many couples face on Valentine's Day. I've been married for almost 25 years, so I know firsthand the challenges this holiday can bring, especially if your relationship is on shaky ground. I'm sharing five down-to-earth tips to help you navigate this tough time, from injecting some laughter into your day to confronting issues head-on and shaking things up a bit. So, jo...

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What happens when suffering comes? Often, we feel that God is against us or that we’ve done something wrong. In this episode, we explore conventional perspectives on suffering from the principles in the Book of Job in the Bible and other relevant scriptures. Understanding the purpose behind suffering and how faith can be a guiding light in our darkest times will help us to endure the suffering seasons when they come. 

I offer a co...

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Working on your marriage where your husband appears disinterested in investing effort can be a frustrating and disheartening experience. In this episode, my hubby, Shaun, and I discuss practical strategies to address this common concern among wives and how both spouses can work together to alleviate their marriage problems by putting in the necessary energy and effort. 

Before delving into solutions, it's crucial to understand the...

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February 2, 2024 8 mins

Most women crave the prayers of their husbands. Most Christian wives strongly desire their husbands to lead spiritually, but at the very least, as a husband, you can pray for your wife. Inspired by my previous episode where the wives were given five prayers to pray for their husbands, I am now highlighting the five essential prayers that husbands can pray for their wives. These prayers delve into the core aspects of a woman’s life—...

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Married couples often find themselves in the midst of conversations with friends that touch upon intimate topics such as sex. Learn to have authentic not awkward conversations with the one you love. While sharing experiences and seeking advice from friends can be beneficial, it's crucial to navigate these discussions with sensitivity and respect. In this episode  Dan and Emily Purcell of the Get Your Marriage On! Podcast join me an...

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Prayer is essential to a healthy, Christian marriage. It fortifies the bond between husband and wife like nothing else. As a loving wife, lifting your husband up in prayer can be very impactful on his life and your marriage. Knowing what to pray for, however, can sometimes be challenging, especially if your husband doesn’t readily share his innermost thoughts and struggles.  In this episode we share five heartfelt prayers you can i...

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Marriage comes with its fair share of ups and downs. And finding a support system . . . a tribe, like Thrive Wives, is essential. I believe every wife needs a tribe. Mine is called Thrive Wives. In this episode, I talk about the profound impact of wife tribes – a network of supportive women who share their experiences, insights, and encouragement. We uncover the transformative power of wife tribes, including the importance of embra...

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January 19, 2024 22 mins

In the healthiest of families, disagreements surface, and the church, as a spiritual family, is no exception. Join us in this edition of Faith Friday as we draw inspiration from the word of God to help us navigate the path toward healing church hurt.

Is It Church Hurt or Offense?

Church hurt involves intentional or unintentional actions that cause pain, such as abuse, slander, or betrayal within the church community. On the other...

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January 16, 2024 26 mins

Getting your heart broken hurts like heck and they can be hard to heal from. Though heartbreaks are a painful part of the human experience, you can heal a broken heart and come out stronger and more resilient because of it. Whether it's the end of a romantic relationship, the loss of a loved one, or the shattering of a deep friendship, the emotional toll can be overwhelming.

As painful as it may be, heartbreak offers an opportunit...

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January 12, 2024 13 mins

Are you in search of a new church? Starting the process of finding the right church where you belong spiritually can be daunting. It's like discovering a home for your spirit, where you can contribute, grow, and connect. The local church not only shapes our sense of belonging but also our sense of believing. In this episode, we'll look into four practical questions to ask when looking for a new church. These questions are aligned w...

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How would you describe the landscape of your marriage? Most married couples aren’t so intentional about designing the marriage they actually want but rather they respond to the marriage they seem to have. Today, our guests Gary and Tamra Andress vulnerably share their story of rehabilitating their sexually broken marriage. They shed light on the intricate challenges and intentional growth they experienced in their marriage as they ...

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January 5, 2024 10 mins

In the wake of a new year, resolutions often include a commitment to attend church services. Yet the question for many lingers, "Do I really need to go to church?" In this episode of Faith Fridays on Real Relationship Talk,  we address this question, grounding our discussion in the scripture Hebrews 10:24-25.

The Purpose of Church

Attending church is not merely a religious obligation. It goes beyond rituals and traditions, the ea...

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January 2, 2024 26 mins

If there’s one thing that pushes my buttons, it’s the objectification of women. Women have been indoctrinated to believe their worth is in their bodies alone. But there is so much more to the worth and value of a woman! In the sea of opinions, philosophies, and societal pressures, it's easy to get lost in the noise and lose sight of what truly matters – our self-worth. Whether you're a Christian woman, a non-Christian, young, old, ...

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In today's world, with all its uncertainties, we need to reflect more on the legacy we are leaving for the next generation. As Christians, we have a responsibility to pass on not only material wealth but also spiritual guidance and values. Our legacy should be one of purpose, integrity, and faith, inspiring those who come after us to serve, honor, and fear the Lord. In this episode, we will explore the importance of leaving a rich ...

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On today’s episode, we’re talking about the specific work required to make a marriage work. The truth about relationships is if you work it, it will work. There’s so much that goes into a successful marriage. I recently heard someone say the way you spell love is E-F-F-O-R-T. We have to put in the effort to make our marriages work—ultimately strengthening the marriage bond.

This is a sweet repeat (re-run) of episode 79 but the mes...

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Fear is a natural response to danger. But it can also paralyze your progress. In this  Faith Friday episode, we're drawing parallels between fear and faith. Listen as we share insights from scripture and offer practical encouragement for dealing with fear and choosing faith over fear.

Key Points:

- How to turn your fear into faith

- The role of trust in shaping future outcomes

- Examples from scripture...

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As a relationship coach, I've witnessed and experienced the struggle that can come with effectively communicating feelings, especially during conflicts. So, I'm here to offer you some valuable insights and practical tips that can transform your approach to expressing feelings and navigating conversations with more confidence and clarity. This episode will help you to express your feelings without causing misunderstandings in your r...

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