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Reproductive Rebel

Shooting straight and true, Adrienne Irizarry, HWH takes aim at women's health issues. This podcast puts you in the driver's seat of your health providing period solutions for a symptom free life.


February 20, 2024 44 mins

Health is so much more than just solving the physical symptoms picture. True health is the balance and wellbeing of the emotional body, the physical body and the spiritual body.

Our emotional wellbeing can be drastically sabotaged by our inner monologue. This is the voice we are trapped inside with and hear the most often. This voice can build us up or tear us down - and its affects can easily be seen in the physical body....

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How do we measure our worth?

Is it by how productive we are? How clean our house is? How we dress?

What has become incredibly clear to me as a practitioner over the years is that women don't feel they are "worthy" of rest. They believe they are defined by how much they do, appearances (both physical and in the home) and if they pause for a moment they become riddled with guilt.

I am not th...

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How often do you drop into your body and truly listen to what lies there? Many of us are disconnected from our body wisdom and it is one of the big reasons we struggle with our health, decision making and more.

Our body is so much wiser than our ego mind wants you to believe.

Join me this week as I welcome the beautiful Katie Ama Rose of Spirit Remembered on the show and we talk about how important our connectio...

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January 31, 2024 45 mins

This year is a turning of a chapter for me. I enter my 4th decade of life and it has made me very introspective. 

In TCM 42 is the next 7 year cycle, but for many of us (myself included) the changes heralded in at this next turning point start to show themselves a couple of years on either side of this transition. I am already seeing drier skin and increase in thirst. How I need to move my body has started to shift. The sh...

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January 23, 2024 35 mins

You survived the holidays! Phew! Just as you begin to think things are going to get back to "business as usual" your January period arrives.

January periods tend to be some of the most symptomatic of the whole year - why is that?

Join me this week as I unpack why this happens and provide helpful advice on what you can do about it.

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Period solutions for a symptom free life.

Our cata...

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January 16, 2024 28 mins

There is so much buzz at the start of a new year about making changes and establishing new habits and patterns.

Just writing that I am feeling pressure to create action - how do you feel reading it?

What if, you start 2024 differently? Let this truly be a new year and new beginning - of a slower more mindful you.

We are in winter in the Northern Hemisphere. That is a slower, more introspective energy to h...

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January 9, 2024 32 mins

As is customary in the start of the new year - it's a time to get to know me all over again. 

For those who are new, let this be an introduction into who I am and what I do. For those who have been with me (thank you!) this is a vulnerable share about my life, the birth of my practice Moon Essence and the soul led drive I have for the work I do and this show - a true extension of my heart.

Join me this week a...

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January 2, 2024 37 mins

Welcome to Season 3 Episode 1! I'm so grateful you are listening!

We are kicking off 2024 with a reboot of one of your favorite episodes - Holistic Wellness Isn't An Amazon Prime Kind Of Fix!

All too often in our culture we are looking for a quick solution to solve problems. When it comes to our health, if you truly want a natural or holistic approach to care, the results come as part of a journey - not ...

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December 26, 2023 20 mins

We are celebrating your favorite episodes from Reproductive Rebel this season and back by popular demand is our talk about Seed Cycling.

What is seed cycling? This is a question I often receive from clients in my practice. It’s a phrase that more and more women are hearing, but without a clear idea of what it is or how to effectively harness its gifts.

In this week’s episode we talk about what seed cycling is and how you ca...

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We are celebrating the end of the year here on Reproductive Rebel with some of your favorite episode replays! This episode was one of the most popular listens of 2023.

Originally this aired as Ep 21 - I promised when I had Leah Shirton on the show last season that she would be back. Now is the time!  

I'm so excited to have Leah back this week to talk more specifically about using yoga in alignment with the p...

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Welcome to the season of lights, festivities...and for some emotional turmoil. 

Join me this week as we navigate the emotional landscape of this festive season exploring the challenges faced by those on the fertility journey. 

Whether you are on the journey yourself or seeking to empathize with others, the episodes offers a compassionate look at the holiday season and it's impact on the path to parenthood.

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December 5, 2023 26 mins

I remember my grandmother always telling me to "put something on my feet" when I was a kid but I never realized just how wise this request was until I was older.

Keeping our feet warm is important for reproductive health - whether conceiving is your goal or not. 

Join me this week as I talk about why keeping your feet warm is important and how it decreases period problems.

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Period solutions...

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November 28, 2023 37 mins

We hold so much shame and guilt in our culture about the act of slowing down and resting.

The truth is - nature doesn't live in spring and summer energy all year long and neither do we.

Just like the seasons outside our window change, our energy is designed to as well. We are not organic machines. We need balance to perform at our best.

Join me this week as we unpack this dense topic of "feeling...

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You've just gotten married and the cake hasn't even been cut before the first family members begin asking - "so when are you having kids?!"

Why is there so much pressure to procreate? Why do we lose sight of the joy in the moment right now asking questions about what is coming next?

Join me this week as I explore the collective expectation for women to have children and how that is an outdated ...

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November 14, 2023 29 mins

My teens make me laugh. They talk about "old" and when they make these references they are talking about people MY age. From my seat, 40s aren't old at all.

Bleeding is similar. What is heavy to one is an improvement to another. It all depends on where you are sitting in relationship to what you are trying to describe.

Join me this week as we unpack just what heavy bleeding looks like and how to kno...

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One of the reasons that Amazon is so wildly successful is a result of instant gratification - or as close as you can get in a shipping world.

People want their solutions yesterday - and their health is no different.

By the time people are dealing with symptoms that make them uncomfortable enough to create change, it takes a while to heal and get back to harmony.

Holistic wellness has become such a buzz wo...

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I am back with another amazing episode with integrative health practitioner Taylor Sappington of @tayloredwelllbeing! 

This episode is a juicy one! We are often asked for tips on how to achieve true wellness and this episode covers one of the big ones - your authentic truth. 

Tune in this week as Taylor and I unpack what authentic truth is and how it is critical to your overall health.

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Period soluti...

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October 24, 2023 31 mins

In this episode we dive into the heart of decision-making around birth control and the proposed narrative that birth control can be taken continuously with no potential health problems.

Offering thought provoking education, this episode invites you into critical thinking around the practices we accept as normal around the use of birth control and potential long term health issues if we accept the current rhetoric as truth....

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Do you find that the drive to work hard is literally driving you into the ground? You want to put your best foot forward but maybe you feel like you can only do that a few days out of the month?

Join me this week as I take a look at that success and hard work paradox and we pull apart and debunk the myths around what working hard really looks like and how you can thrive as a cyclical being.

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Period solutions ...

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October 10, 2023 58 secs

We can trust our bodies. Our culture has been taught that we cannot trust that wisdom that lies in the fabric of our being.

Join Kim and I as we talk about sacred sexuality, the power of turn on and embodied knowing and how that light inside of you powers everything in your life.

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Period solutions for a symptom free life.

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