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Exploring the every day Asian Australian culture, experience and what makes us unique. The podcast brings on a variety of guests to get different perspectives and stories. Gradually releasing episodes.


April 2, 2024 63 mins

I remember reading this old reddit thread about someone sleeping in their car for two years to save for a home loan deposit. While interesting I don't think it could be something I would be able to do personally. We discuss the extreme side of bargain hunting that we do and some other ideas if ego was off the table. Some of these are meant to be comedic and we don't expect anyone to actually do them. Haha, unless...?

We disc...

Mark as Played

Big shout out to A Seat at our Table podcast, check out Tracy and Wendy's podcast which covers Asian Australians in the creative industry.

For listening to this episode, our listeners can get 15% off their order from iBlush with the discount code BEENTOJAPANBTW (I don't get any money from this).

Asian flush has been a term that we're all familiar with. Lydia was especially affected by this, (not just her face but all over...

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February 19, 2024 60 mins

Let's face it, the only rules we know of for the Lunar New Year are the ones that our parents told us. We dive in to try and learn some of the must know rules and traditions for the Lunar new year.

We discuss:

  • What we did during Lunar New Year
  • Does a robot vac break the rules for cleaning?
  • Teaching gambling at a young age
  • Will we lose our traditions over time?
  • Using Duolingo to learn our native language
  • What does having the light ...
Mark as Played

If you're an OG listener, this name will look a bit familiar. Hieu returns to talk about what's happened since appearing on the show. From her career as a primary school teacher, to her new business - a mobile paint and sip. I was meant to publish this before I went on my holiday right before Christmas but didn't finish it on time. 😅

Big thank you to Son of a Booth for sponsoring this episode! For all of your photobooth...

Mark as Played

This special episode is also in video: https://youtu.be/fT4eHYrnCJQ

Big thank you to Son of a Booth for sponsoring this episode! For all of your photobooth needs in Sydney, be sure to check them out! Our listeners get 15% off for quoting Rice n Mics in your booking.

Where do you go after graduating with a commerce degree? The big 4 account firms? Maybe a large bank? Well for Peter it went a whole other direction - video editing. Pete...

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September 25, 2023 85 mins

With all of us moved out from our parent's homes, we share our experiences of living on our own.

We cover:

  • How did our parents react to us moving out?
  • What made us want to move out?
  • Budgeting finances
  • Struggling with learning how to do laundry
  • Our strategy with buying furniture
  • Money saving tips
  • What surprised us
  • Controversial living questions

Matt's mic was a bit scuffed in the first 10 minutes but it fixed itself after.


Mark as Played

A well over due episode. Theo has been bugging me for a recording ever since I started this.

We cover:

  • Theo's experience growing up as Greek/Chinese (I could not figure out what his background was when I first met him)
  • What it's like growing up experiencing 3 different cultures
  • How we met in uni (the famous gaming hoodie story)
  • Where we are now in our careers despite studying the same degree and major
  • Theo's upbringing ...
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June 28, 2023 66 mins

It's finally time to find out... Nathan and I did a DNA test and in true clickbait fashion, the results will SHOCK you. As mentioned several times, this is not a sponsored episode! :^)

We cover:

  • Which test did we get?
  • What does the report cover exactly?
  • We question how the test even finds out on weird traits based on our DNA? (e.g. Are you a thrill seeker?)
  • Are my parents my real parents?
  • Is Nathan part Japanese?
  • Are our partners ...
Mark as Played

Yeah, we vote every two-ish years, but I figured it was time to finally figure out how it all works, behind all the ballot papers and 'vote for me' cards.

We cover:

  • Dai's origin story of leaving a war-torn country, which a lot of families would resonate with
  • How Cabramatta was back in the early 80's, 90's
  • The accumulation of events that eventually led to her career within politics
  • What are the basics of politics?
  • ...
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Junior and Norman are back from episode 5 with updates on their lives and how much has changed. The dynamic duo are now working together at Saigon Hustle with plans to further expand.

We cover:

  • Controversial food questions
  • Their experience with foodie influencers
  • Their favourite restaurants
  • How accurate is the show 'The Bear' when working in the kitchen?
  • Knife recommendations

Guests: Junior Trinh, Norman Tu, Matthew Ky


Mark as Played

Our itinerary: Wanderlog - I don't endorse the paid version, the free one had enough features for us to get by.

We're back from our first post-covid international flight and we (mainly Tung) had to find an excuse to tell you all about it.

We cover:

  • How is Sydney airport now?
  • What is there to do in New Zealand?
  • What's it like driving around in an RV?
  • What does Nathan do on every trip?
  • Is New Zealand a good place to propose...
Mark as Played

There are a lot of things people don't tell you about uni.

We cover:

  • What we loved
  • What we hated
  • How to take advantage of your time in uni
  • The stories that came out of it
  • Our regrets and what we wished we did

Guests: Matthew Ky, Nathan Phu

Want to get in touch? Send us an email at ricenmicspodcast@gmail.com

Follow us on our socials: https://linktr.ee/ricenmicspodcast

Music: aKu - The Final Blow

Mark as Played
August 31, 2022 53 mins

Like a kid meeting their superhero, we actually got the founder of Ozbargain for an interview(the website Nathan and I are constantly refreshing)!

Scott Yang or also better known on the website as, 'scotty', comes on to chat about:

  • The origin story of Ozbargain
  • What was Scott working on before Ozbargain?
  • What kind of work is required behind the scenes for Ozbargain?
  • His favourite bargains
  • Top tips for bargain hunting
  • We try t...
Mark as Played

A preview I was meant to make a while ago. This one's a preview of an episode we collabed with Two Besties One Braincell Podcast when we did a "business trip" to Melbourne. Join in with Cara, Nathan and I on this completely derailed and alcoholic episode. Full episode is on their feed.

Full Episode: https://spoti.fi/3QZHjei

Two Besties One Braincell Podcast is based in Melbourne posting a wide variety of content ranging f...

Mark as Played

Salutations fellow listeners. This is a quick preview of the collab I did with the lovely hosts Hang and Helen of Highkey Asian Podcast a few weeks ago. I had a great time collabing with them and the topic was just so fun to record. Let me know if you want to hear more from them.

Full episode (Spotify): https://spoti.fi/399yY6X

Highkey Asian Podcast is based in Melbourne and posts similarly oriented topics of growing up Asian-Austral...

Mark as Played
May 15, 2022 67 mins

It was finally time to cover a nice, thick and juicy topic. We put a bit of a spin on this by adding some Asian themed flags and also a flag positioning system. Some of these are kind of more oriented as "icks" rather than flags, so this positioning systems helps to alleviate from going straight to red flag for some things. Don't take us too seriously.😂 Listen along and see if your flags are positioned similarly to our...

Mark as Played

Recorded in October 2021.

This episode is a prime example of how easy it is to get side tracked during a recording. Join Heeji and I as we chat a little about her experiences being raised in Australia and then delve into some juicy South Korea travel tips. There will be things to eat, see, do and some sneaky hidden gems that you can use for your next trip. Take a shot for every time I reference Japan. 💀😂

A slower rollout of episode...

Mark as Played
December 21, 2021 55 mins

READ THIS BEFORE LISTENING: This special episode is available with VIDEO on YouTube if you're interested in seeing our beautiful faces. Link: https://bit.ly/3H5cSO6

Huge thank you to The Snack Emporium for sponsoring this episode. Our listeners get FREE SHIPPING with the code: "FREERICE".

TSE Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thesnackemporium/

We go over what we've accomplished this year, what's to come in the f...

Mark as Played
November 24, 2021 55 mins

This episode was recorded in January 2021.

It’s a bit of a big commitment to move in together with your significant other. But is starting a business on that same level, if not bigger? Justin and Sandy discuss their origin stories of how their business started and grew, the lessons they’ve learned and what it takes to run a business as a couple.

Today their business has grown exponentially, being featured on numerous outlets such as ...

Mark as Played
November 4, 2021 58 mins

Kevin or "Sydney Food Boy" (SFB) runs a food blog recently exploding in popularity for his in depth reviews and videos. His content adds a personal touch by going behind the scenes to see the origins of the recipes and how they are made. Join us on this episode to see a behind the scenes on SFB instead, covering how he started the blog, his favourite places to eat in Sydney and what's to come in the future for his platf...

Mark as Played

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