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Rick Fuller Podcast

Learn what's going on in the real estate market. Cut through the noise and find the answers you need for a successful business, investment, and community.


April 25, 2024 38 mins

In the San Francisco Bay Area for the Spring 2024 real estate market, we’re seeing an influx of multiple offers. Demand continues to exceed supply, buyers are adjusting to the current mortgage rate, and home values continue to rise. Listen in as Rick shares with his agents how buyers and sellers can navigate multiple offers. Rick will provide tools to write a successful offer so that you can work in the best interests of your clien...

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Welcome to the Rick Fuller Podcast presented by Rick Fuller, the team leader of the Rick Fuller Team which serves the San Francisco Bay Area and the Greater Sacramento Region. Rick is a community leader, national real estate coach, and real estate investing expert. 

Last week we discussed CHEVYS; the why and how you should be contacting your SOI. Today, listen in as Rick shares with his team the 10 reasons people are moving and the ...

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January 17, 2024 11 mins

2024 is set to be a recovery year for real estate and we need to be ready for it. Now is the time to connect and reconnect with your SOI - your sphere of influence. Listen in as Rick shares the CHEVY method with his team - who you should be contacting and how you should be doing it. 

C   lear opportunities

H   ave done business before

E   vent areas

V   ocal supporters

Y   our data base

S   ocial media

Let’s R.O.A.R. in 24 beyond our pers...

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Do you know your value as a real estate agent? With recent lawsuits in the news pertaining to real estate agent commissions, this topic is one that needs to be addressed. With this in mind, Rick is launching a new series to validate the value of a real estate agent. Today he is sharing with his team the opportunities available in 2024 concerning new build communities and how you should educate your clients that they need a real est...

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December 6, 2023 33 mins

Welcome to the Rick Fuller Podcast presented by Rick Fuller, the team leader of the Rick Fuller Team which serves the San Francisco Bay Area and the Greater Sacramento Region. Rick is a community leader, national real estate coach, and real estate investing expert. 

What’s on your goal list? Maybe you want to lose 10 pounds, increase your business by 25% or read 2 books per month. The easy part is making the goals. The hard par...

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November 28, 2023 14 mins

As we close out the year, we can’t help but reflect on the past and plan for the future. What do you want your 2024 to look like? What goals do you have? Listen in as Rick shares his vision for the New Year with his team and how you can create dreams that have the potential to become reality.

Inspirational video link here.

Rick also refers to work/life balance and references the Wheel of Life linked here


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Today we have an important topic to discuss: how to diversify your real estate portfolio. Of course Rick is our expert in all things related to residential real estate, but we have a special guest today that we're truly excited to introduce to you. Matt Hagar is the President of Intero Commercial East Bay and excels at educating and advising his clients to make the best commercial real estate decisions in a constantly changing...

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As the holidays approach, they give us opportunities to interact with our friends and family. Inevitably, you’re going to hear “I’m waiting to buy until rates come down or home prices drop.” Listen in as Rick shares with his team why now is the right time to buy and why new build communities are a big piece of the market that you shouldn’t neglect. 

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Are your clients frozen in fear and they’re too afraid to enter the real estate market? Maybe they think that home values will drop or they can’t afford a home due to high mortgage interest rates. 

You’re likely hearing the same things that we are! Listen in as Rick addresses 10 reasons your customers are frozen in fear and what you can do about it.

Be sure to join our Facebook Group, Rick Fuller Training, for real estate n...

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August 30, 2023 13 mins

Have you ever had a client on the fence and you didn’t know what to say to move them forward? Listen in to the weekly Rick Fuller Team meeting. This week is  part three of Rick’s series The Right Words at the Right time and learn Rick’s authentic conversation scenarios that help your clients with the decision making process. 

  • When would be a good time to..?
  • I'm guessing you haven't got around to…right?
  • As I see it, you h...
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August 3, 2023 18 mins

One of the most important ways to promote your business is through real estate conversations. The hard part is, what do you say? If you’re like me, the fear of rejection is also a big obstacle towards initiating conversations about real estate. Listen in as Rick shares with his team easy conversation starters to get the discussion going and key words that eliminate the chance of rejection. As Rick says, “

….ask better questions and ...

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July 26, 2023 19 mins

This week our fearless leader Rick and his amazing wife Jennifer achieved one of their big life goals three years in the making: crossing the finish line of the Ironman 70.3 in Salem, Oregon. While they’re traveling home, our Director of Conversion, Joe Seeley, led the weekly RFT team meeting. If you haven’t heard Joe speak, then you’re in for a wonderful surprise. Listen in as Joe shares 5 things that you need to do to cross the f...

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June 28, 2023 17 mins

There are a lot of misconceptions right now concerning the real estate market. Knowing the facts and how to convey them to your clients is a skill that we all need to hone right now. Listen in as Rick shares with the team 3 common market misconceptions and how to address them. While our local market may vary from yours, think about what untruths your clients are believing, what data you need to gather that reveals the truth, and ho...

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How’s your business going? Did you know that one of the greatest ways to grow your business is through referrals? Join the Rick Fuller Team in their weekly team meeting as Rick launches into his new series: By Referral. Learn what to say it, when to say it, and how to create expectations for success. 

5 Steps To Get Referrals From Your Sphere

  1. Always create expectations.
  2. Execute on the expectation created.
  3. Create another expectation...
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May 2023 marks 20 years that Rick has been in the real estate industry. He’s shared Lessons 1-6 with us. Today Rick is concluding this topic with Lessons 7-10.  Want to see first hand what the Rick Fuller Team is like in person? Come visit us in the San Francisco Bay Area! Go to milliondollarvisit.com to learn more.

Lesson 1.  All people are cre...

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May 2023 marks 20 years that Rick has been in the real estate industry and he has some amazing lessons that he shared at the last Rick Fuller Team meeting. If you would like to attend a live virtual team meeting or would like to visit the Rick Fuller Team at our office in the San Francisco Bay Area, contact us at (925) 238-0160. We would love to meet you and share what makes the Rick Fuller Team stand out from the crowd. 

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Have you ever had a challenging client? You’re a real estate agent… of course you have! Were you stumped at what to do? Maybe you had a home buyer who only wanted properties out of their price range. Or perhaps you had a seller who kept changing their mind on if they should sell or not. Or have you ever been ghosted and the client stops returning your calls? One of Rick’s favorite quotes is, “The smartest person in the room is the ...

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April 20, 2023 14 mins

How well do you know your customer? A recent survey was published by the National Association of Realtors and some of their results may surprise you. Use these stats to move your business forward! These findings are also a great way to connect with your clients on why they want to sell their home or when it’s time to reach out again to see if they may be in the market for a new home. Play along in Rick’s game that he made for the t...

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March 30, 2023 18 mins

It’s a Pros Market and some tasks are $1000 an hour tasks and some are worth only $10 an hour, but a $10 an hour task won’t help you reach the success that you dream of.  Pros know the right things to focus on and amateurs toil away on the wrong things. Listen in as Rick shares with his team the tasks that you need to focus on everyday to move your business forward.

Have you ever thought about visiting the Rick Fuller Tea...

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Do you know what the lifecycle of homeownership is? Are you caught in the cycle of clients selling one house to buy one house? Did you know that there’s a better, more profitable way? Are you advising your clients to become not just real estate owners, but real estate investors? Listen in as Rick shares with his team how to build long term wealth and passive income using real estate. And this advice isn’t just for your clients, it’...

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