Roar with Shari. . . All Things Justice for Women & Survivors

Roar with Shari. . . All Things Justice for Women & Survivors

ROAR With Shari™ is a weekly show hosted by rape and incest survivor, Attorney Shari Karney. “Pain put me into hiding, purpose called me out,” says Karney. Shari offers up straight talk about fighting for justice for victims of sexual abuse. Trauma. Resilience. Healing. For child sexual abuse survivors and all victims of sexual assault. Each week Roar with Shari talks with inspiring guests, rape and child sex abuse survivors, sexual violence victims, experts, nonprofit leaders, public office holders, change-makers, rainmakers, and justice warriors. The podcast offers insight into the law, the need for accountability and healing, justice, heart-rendering soul inspiring stories of victims, survivors, thrivers, and straight talkers about action, and life-changing transformation. It’s a podcast that shares the stories of child and adult victims of sexual assault who have turned their pain into purpose. We are here to learn together, to educate, empower, women supporting women, women empowerment, victim empowerment, and inspire others to speak up, speak out, and let their voices be heard. The podcast asks trauma-informed questions: What happened to you? What have you lived through, what have you survived?” How has it affected you?” Conversations on how do we help get justice so that lives can be transformed? We talk with change-makers, rainmakers, and more than a few troublemakers who courageously, bravely, and fearlessly Roar as One, with Shari. . . All Things Justice for Women & Survivors. Shari Karney’s story as a child sexual abuse survivor was made into a top-rated NBC-TV movie “Shattered Trust: The Shari Karney Story,” Karney has been a victims’ rights attorney who represents victims of child sexual abuse, clergy abuse, coach-teacher sex abuse, sports-athletics sexual abuse, and celebrity sex abuse for over 25 years. Currently, ROAR As One™ Inc. a non-profit 501(c)(3) educates courts and legislators on how specific decisions and laws can impact victims and survivors of child sexual abuse, to educate Congress to eliminate all statutes of limitations "SOL"--(the civil SOL backward and forward, the criminal SOL, forward) for survivors of child sexual abuse. Children so preyed on, exploited, and cruelly harmed should have human and civil rights.


May 22, 2024 65 mins

In this episode, I’m talking to attorney David Angeloff, Esq., whom I call, the Workplace Justice Warrior, an experienced attorney for anyone who is being sexually harassed or sexually assaulted in the workplace. He is an outstanding trial lawyer.  A Man with a good heart, a brilliant mind, and the soul of a shaman.  Spiritual, deeply empathetic, yet warrior-like for survivors. I’ve gotten to know David; firsthand and you’re going ...

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In this episode, I’m talking to Palm Beach's  State Attorney  Dave Aronberg who says "Matt's in a whole lot of trouble. Child sex trafficking is punishable by up to life in prison," says Palm Beach Co. state attorney Dave Aronberg of the accusations facing GOP lawmaker Matt Gaetz.

"Even if they can't make a case of child sex trafficking, if you've proven to have sex with an underage girl, that&apos...

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Teresa Lancaster, Esq. Teresa Lancaster is an Attorney and Advocate for victims of childhood sexual abuse who was featured in The Keepers, a seven-part award winning documentary on Netflix. You may know Teresa from the Doe/Roe against Father A. Joseph Maskell case where she sought to expose the sexual abuse which occurred at Archbishop Keough High School while she was a student there. Teresa went on to join SNAP (Survivors Network ...

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In this episode, I’m talking to Fraidy Reiss, a victim of "Unorthodox". 
As a Orthodox Jewish woman, Fraidy was forced into a violent marriage arranged by her family using a matchmaker.  A true Handmaiden's Tale of Horror.  She was trained and pressured by the Orthodox Jewish Community to be raped, forced into a violence marriage, and treated as a second-class citizen in every way possible. She wasn’t allowed to ...

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In this episode, I’m talking with rape victim, Rosebud Ireland, the last rape victim of The East Side Rapist before he turned into The Golden State Killer (raping and then killing his victims). 

Rosebud Ireland was only 22 years old when she was awakened suddenly at 3 AM feeling suffocated by a leather glove and a pillow over her head. The gloved man raped her and disappeared. 

For the next 39 years, Rose tried her best to go on with...

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In this episode, I’m talking to child-on-child sexual abuse survivor, Adrianne Simeone, the founder of the non-profit, The Mama Bear Effect.

She calls our unwillingness to confront this issue head-on as “ Willful Blindness.” 

Child sexual abuse is not necessarily an epidemic because abusers are so effective at perpetrating, but because the taboo, and consequent discomfort and fear, hold protective adults back from being aware, effec...

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In this episode, I’m talking with Nicole-Earnest-Payte raped at gunpoint by a man who threatened to kill her. She knew at that point; she wasn’t getting out of this.
Here is how Nicole told us her story.

On June 22, 1991, 21-year-old Nicole Earnest-Payte was awakened on her couch by a man in a ski mask carrying a handgun about 8:30 at night after falling asleep on a couch in her home. He put his arm around her neck and throat to...

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In this episode, I’m talking to a grandmother who experienced first-hand the devastating impact of child sexual abuse in her family. The financial, emotional,  psychological and legal devastation.  

It all began when Carol D’Attoma’s six-year-old granddaughter was sexually abused by her father.  He was arrested, and Carol’s daughter’s main source of income was gone. The mother of the child (Carol’s daughter) had to sell he...

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In this episode, I’m talking with former Jehovah’s Witness, Mark O'Donnell who rips the lid off the Jehovah’s Witness Secret DATA BASE OF CHILD ABUSE

“It’s like a cult.” says, Mark O’Donnell in the documentary made about the child sexual abuse occurring in the JW, called “Crusaders.” JW makes people fear for their lives and puts them in a box they cannot escape.

Mark is now a heroic whistleblower about the secret child sexual ab...

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In this episode I’m talking with AUDREY MORRISSEY, a sex trafficked BIPOC child now adult survivor who says she was sold 10-20 times a day. “I’ve  been beaten, tortured, and left for dead.” 

"I thought I was going to die in the combat zone of sex traffickers.

Her traffickers would use words like “Young. Fresh."

It’s not like the blockbuster movie, “Taken”, where a pair of unwitting girls travel to Paris, and make every paren...

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In this episode, I’m talking with true crime amateur sleuth who uncovered the dark secrets of the Catholic Church that included murder, sexual assault, and rape. Abbie Fitzgerald Schaub, one of the two women who uncovered decades-long and terrifying secrets about her Catholic high school that was covered in the hit Netflix’s docuseries.  

I speak with Abbie about the case and story of Sister Cathy Cesnik, a 26-year-old nun...

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In this episode, I’m talking with actor, survivor, activist, Rosanna Arquette who speaks truth to power. With the courage of a lioness, Rosanna Arquette faces the behemoth Harvey Weinstein when she breaks her silence with reporter Ronan Farrow in the New Yorker and in the New York Times (with Jodi Cantor, 2017) about how Harvey Weinstein sexually abused her at the Beverly Hills Hotel. 

Ronan Farrow broke the Weinstein story and beli...

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In this episode, I’m talking with Melissa Gilbert, actor, (former child star, "Little House on the Prairie"), former Congressional Candidate, NY Times Best Selling Author, activists, survivor and Sheroe  She needs no introduction for most of you, but I will do so, for those of you who may have been whisked away to another planet, or been otherwise, indisposed for the last 40 years.

Melissa is talented, beautiful, outspoken...

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#Sexual Assault Awareness Month

I’m talking to Mary Reigel an experienced  Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT). and Trauma  Recovery Specialist who has been working in the field of death, grief, and trauma about how to recover from trauma. 

Can you ever fully recover from trauma? What does recovery look like? 

We talk about the fear that so many trauma survivors carry of going to therapy and having to re-experience...

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I’m talking to social activist and rainmaker, Cherie Benjoseph, LCSW.  She has a passion for empowering children in order to keep our kids safe.  As co-founder of the KidSafe Foundation, she works with community leaders, kids, parents, guardians, foster care, and child-serving professionals to improve defining the ever-changing issues around protecting children.  Because, in order to keep kids safe we need to educate adults, parent...

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In this episode, I’m talking with Jennifer Carole, the daughter of a successful attorney, on his way to becoming a judge, who was murdered and his wife raped and bludgeoned to death, while the killer remained free to rape and kill some more,  and the victims and their families were deprived of justice for 40 years! 

 Today Jennifer Carole is here with us to share her horrifying experience learning of her father Lynman Smith and step...

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In this episode, Kim Rhodenbaugh Lewallen’s life revolved around swimming, and she loved it.

Kim made the US Olympic Swim Team and was thrilled to represent her country. Like many young athletes, her world revolved around the sport she loved and felt safe being surrounded by other like minded athletes. However, that sense of safety was soon shattered by some of the very same people she trusted. While napping in her room, she was awa...

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In today’s episode, I’m talking with Sacramento District Attorney, Anne Marie Schubert, the first openly lesbian woman running for Attorney General of California. The job was formerly held by Vice President, Kamala Harris. 

Her platform: Justice for Victims

She describes herself as a ‘tough-on-crime candidate’ who, in recent years, has helped put the Golden State Killer behind bars, and has been a leading force in...

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In this episode, I’m talking to Dr. Tragil Wade-Johnson, Founder of America's Big Sister Foundation, and Sister of NBA’s Miami Heat #3, Dwyane Wade

Tragil Wade grew up on the South Side of Chicago with her younger brother Dwyane Wade and tells her heroic story of protecting her younger brother, Dwyane from hunger, gangs, and crime.  Saving Dwayne's life took a turn for the better when, at 8 years old, he was tr...

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In this episode, I’m talking with Tabitha’s Mpamira who shares her incredible story which begins when her own African grandmother was sold as a child into a forced marriage with an older man in exchange for a cow. Tabitha’s mother was also forced into child marriage in exchange for a goat, but fought back and escaped. So began the journey of freedom that was passed on from mother to daughter.

Tabitha's heroic story an...

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