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Rogue Retirement Lounge with Matt Franklin: Entrepreneur, Investor, Real Estate Enthusiast

If you're self-employed and you want to learn about retirement planning and investing, this podcast is for you. **THIS IS NOT YOUR AVERAGE, BORING RETIREMENT PODCAST** The Rogue Retirement Lounge covers investing basics, real estate, self-directed IRAs, retiring abroad, and much more. We talk about how to find cash-flowing assets that can beat stock market returns with less risk. We also cover tax-reduction strategies, asset protection, macroeconomics and other financial goodness, along with other info you need to know as you approach retirement, including social security, medicare, travel, health, longevity and more. Learn more at


May 19, 2023 8 mins

According to docket #923 in the Blockfi Bankruptcy case, the judge has ruled in favor of the wallet holders. Full story in today's episode of the Rogue Retirement Lounge retirement planning podcast...

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So just for giggles, earlier this week I popped into my local credit union and requested a withdrawal of $25K from my account. I did this with a mic on so I could share it with you...

If you have a question you’d like me to answer on the podcast, email me at

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Today's a quick note about a letter that just got filed in the Blockfi bankruptcy proceedings.

So why would a company facilitating 1031 exchanges even HAVE a Blockfi interest account? Weird, huh?


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Hey kids, it's me! I'm back!

Today's topic isn't particularly pleasant. We're talking about Blockfi. Do you have assets stuck there? Well, listen up and maybe there's a bit of good news for you.

By the way, I took somewhat of a break from this podcast while I enjoyed a kickass NFL season and kind of enjoyed being very busy with work. But I'm back and I appreciate YOUR patience. Things should be back to about an episode a week from no...

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Whether you're 40 years away from retirement and you've just started doing your planning, or if you're already retired, there's some serious money wisdom in this episode.

Diania Merriam is the host of the Optimal Finance Daily Podcast:

She also started the EconoME Conference:

I really enjoyed this conversation -- we covered a lot more than...

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Sometimes you're looking at your retirement account. You're thinking to yourself, "Self? I'm gonna need this money to live on for, like, 30 years. If I'm gonna make an investment, what are some indicators that could help me make that decision?"

We've all had this chat with ourselves thousands of times, right? Well, maybe not, but either way, sometimes, before you do something that you might regret, like smoking crack, hiring ...

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Is this your favorite retirement planning podcast? It sure is mine! Now, if you have a moment, please give me a five-star review. It'll help me get found by other smart folks and it'll make you feel good!

So our president claimed zero inflation for July.

Here's where you can see the clip:

Here's the dumb Slate article defending the old man:

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We're living in interesting times, am I right? Venture capital firms are investing BOAT-LOADS of dough into the crypto/Web 3 space. Are we having a repeat of the dotcom bubble? Maybe...

Speaking of VC, here's a link to Andreeson Horowitz's "Team" page, as I mentioned in today's episode:

As promised, here's the EXCELLENT paper from Fidelity about Bitcoin:

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Hey y'all. It's me! I'm back for the ATTACK, JACK!

Today is just about catching up, a brief account of my San Francisco trip, some Bitcoin news and a little reading about the career of Shinzo Abe.

Here's a link to the Guardian article about Abe:

And remember: Bitcoin, in 2022, priced under $50K, is a GIFT FROM GOD.

Remember, go to to s...

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I'm BACK, for the ATTACK.

If you weren't watching the California primary results, I've got a little update for you. And hey, who cares anyway, 'cause California POLICY is cummin' your way, LIKE IT OR NOT.

Here's Michael Shellenberger on the Adam Corolla podcast. It's good:

Here's the New York Times article that claims "overall crime in San Fr...

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Quick Memorial Day episode for you...

First up, a quick reminder to check and make sure you've got correct and up-to-date beneficiaries designated for all of your retirement accounts. It's the right thing to do on, say, Memorial Day, when the markets are closed.

And the story of the VFW "Buddy" Poppy. Here's the poem:

In Flanders Fields


In Flanders fields the poppies blow

Between the cr...

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Did you read San Fransicko yet? If not, please buy it here:

What kind of city do you want to retire in? Is your current town getting better or worse? Why do I harp on the homeless issue? Because it affects the livability (safety/walkability/etc.) of your town.

Reading San Fransicko by Michael Shellenberger is a great way to improve your understanding of how policy drives reality. And policy drives homelessness...

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What can you proactively do to keep your brain healthy when you retire? What to eat? What not to eat?

When you retire, will you be a vegetable or will you be sharp?

Dr. Krystal L. Culler knows what she's talking about.

Learn more about her work here:

***Wanna join me and learn how to program using Python?

Here's a link where you can learn more about the class:


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If you haven't heard, they took Tesla off the S&P ESG index. If you're unaware, Tesla makes ELECTRIC CARS.

Oh, and if you want to learn more about ESG and what it means, check out the Rogue Retirement Lounge ESG special edition!

Here's that article about the "Childfree" lifestyle movement:

Mark as Played

The Rogue Retirement Lounge book club is back. This time we're reading "San Fransicko" by Michael Shellenberger.

Find it on Amazon here:

Remember, go to to sign up for your own Blockfi account. You'll get up to a $250 crypto bonus and you'll be on the best exchange out there. AND you'll be able to earn interest on your crypto. And, you'll be supporting this show, as I'm a Bl...

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Thanks for listening! Could I ask you a huge favor? If you would be willing to give this podcast a positive review on whatever site or player you listen to it on, it'll help more people find the show. And because I'll really appreciate it...

Today I talk to listener "J," who just retired at 53. Congrats, J!!! A beard and a six pack and you just retired? AWESOME!

Also, here's the Portland car theft article:

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Today I've got a quick episode discussing a couple interesting investing and retirement-related articles I found on and the Washington Post.

I don't really have a poignant takeaway; just always do your research, dig a little deeper, and find out what kind of motives the writer might have.

Be sure to check out these previous episodes:

Why I don’t trust financial advisors

How to buy gold (with ...

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Hey all -- today we're veering off the retirement planning path yet again, but it's important, because, in the name of saving the planet, legislators and activists are logjamming LNG pipelines, thereby cutting off supply, thereby causing the use of coal.

What's worse for the climate? Natural gas or coal?

Anyway, this is a little editorial in the Wall Street Journal I found this weekend and I thought you'd find it interesting...

And he...

Mark as Played

Hopefully this will be the last episode where I whine about inflation. But I think there are a couple points you need to keep in mind as you do your retirement planning. Your money might be losing value faster than you think and that's what today is all about.

Oh, and idiocy delivered to your screen via Twitter from intellectual-giant-Karen Elizabeth Warren.

Remember, go to to sign up for your own...

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Hey hey hey!!

I'm back with a quick reply to listener email regarding my lack of compassion for Portland's ever-growing population of homeless folks.

FOR YOUR REVIEW - Here's a link to that Atlantic article about the crazy state of meth these days:

And I PROOOOOOOOMISE I'll be getting back to talking about the economy, about retirement planning and investing, and...

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