In season one of Ronderings, Ron talks to his guests about their superpowers, including career advice, diversity, mindset, wellness, and leadership. Ron grew up in New York City, and has been coaching and leading executive searches for the last five years, taking what he has learned from 15 years in corporate, higher education, government, and non-profit contexts. He and his wife are obsessed with reality television, and Ron also moonlights as a men's personal stylist and group fitness instructor. Ron says, "I believe in the power of intuition and deepening one’s self-awareness and impact on others. I believe in the power of connection and transparency. I believe that we must dismantle systems of oppression and racism to recover our fullest humanity. Most of all, I believe our power to change the world starts from changing ourselves first."


November 29, 2023 50 mins

 Collective responsibility resonates strongly in supporting our communities, urging us to recognize the beauty and brilliance present within our own people.

Dr. Nancy B. Gutierrez, President & Lead Executive Officer of The Leadership Academy, and Dr. Roberto Padilla, superintendent of Community School District 7 in the Bronx, share their journeys as educators and advocates for students of color. Together, they chall...

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Building communities is essential for creating opportunity, acceptance and prosperity.

Kwamara Thompson is a leader, community builder and angel investor who pours herself into numerous organizations that foster a culture of unity and positive social change. From a young age, she has been passionate about fighting for equity and empathy-focused growth, and continues to dedicate herself to lifting others up by providing oppo...

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Leading with discernment is a vital part of unlocking the greatness in others.

Shanita Rapatalo is a national consultant and expert on literacy, DEI, and education, and helps to create systemic changes to the education system that promote equity, compassion and acceptance. With 20 years of experience in the education sector, she continues to follow her passion for helping to develop and strengthen leaders and practices ...

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Break free from your scripted role and uncover your authentic self.
Rick Andrews is a highly respected trainer, educator, and improv artist with expertise in team development, creativity, innovation, public speaking, and leadership. He brings a treasure trove of hands-on expertise to these key areas.

Rick shares his journey through the labyrinth of improv, illuminating the trail it blazed toward personal authenticity. Th...

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November 1, 2023 43 mins

Studies have shown that cognition is related to movement. Using dance to transform the STEM experience for girls, has allowed Yamilée to see the progress being made, after finding out that only 5% of people in STEM are women of color.

Having to initially choose between dance and STEM as she was applying for college, Yamilée has made it her mission to integrate the two.

Studying at MIT as one of few women of color in the room...

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 Deciding that your belief system will overflow into every aspect of your life, allows you to focus on what you have decided is important.

Born into a home upheld by justice and faith, Kenan worked towards a career in education. Driven by a passion for restoration and the justice he grew up desiring, Kenan has risen to a position of leadership within education equity.

Being surrounded by and in relationships with people who ...

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October 18, 2023 47 mins

Realizing the power of your connections is the key to success in business and life.

Marcela is the President and CEO of designEDengagement where she co-creates roadmaps to help strengthen the partnership between families, communities and educators. In cities across the country, Marcela passionately oversees projects dedicated to cultivating the power of connections to strengthen communities and create better opportuniti...

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 Being confident in your identity is the key to growth.

Marc Etienne is a Partner at Rethinc where he helps to provide the support and coaching needed to evolve communities and organizations away from inequitable practices. With over 25 years of experience in helping students achieve their potential, regardless of their background, Marc continues to follow his passionate pursuit of the dismantling of systemic racism.

A b...

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What you accomplish is not a measure of your value as a human.

Stephanie Morimoto is the owner and CEO of Asutra where she shares her passion for self-care through her products and business practices. With nearly 20 years of compassionate leadership and serving those in need under her belt, she continues to provide equitable career pathways and opportunities to her employees and her community.

Many people today are s...

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Learning ways to hack the system is the key to living the lives we deserve to live.

Atnre Alleyne is the founder of The Proximity Project, where he advocates for diversity and inclusion and helps organizations build authentic connections with marginalized communities. Founding multiple advocacy organizations, Atnre is an impassioned leader that empowers other leaders with equity-centered values as he fights for racial justi...

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 To fight inequity, we must slow down enough to review and understand the behaviors that contribute to it. 

Alli Myatt is the co-founder of The Equity Practice and helps organizations redesign themselves to embody more equitable practices. Throughout her life and her long career in advising organizations, Alli has followed her passion of advocating for more human connection and liberatory principles in the workplace.


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Self-care is essential in the mission to advance inclusivity and racial equity.

Laura Donald is the founder and CEO of Axis Talent Partners, where she focuses on supporting leaders of color in accessing positions of power. Through a career in teaching and recruiting, Laura has followed her lifelong passion for spreading a culture of liberation and leaving a positive impact with her liberatory values.

Centering the ex...

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In the fight to create more equitable job opportunities, transparency is a must.

Ify Walker is the founder and CEO of Offor, where she leads with her values to ensure equitable opportunities for marginalized groups in the executive search industry. From teaching to attending law school, Ify has followed her passion for identifying and understanding broken systems and designing equitable solutions.

It’s no secret that...

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In order to continue the fight against inequality, we need to create a culture where people are taking care of each other.

Kate Gerson is the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer at Rethnic, where she partners with leaders to create evolved workspaces that promote healthier and happier work cultures through inclusivity. Throughout her journey, Kate has been the architect of numerous successful organizations, where she has...

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Learning who you are and what values you represent is the key to leading and networking with others authentically.

Russ Finkelstein is a career coach and advisor who helps other people become aware of their possibilities. Acting as a conduit and connector of people, Russ’s passion is in his idealist approach, where he combines empathy and structure to help people discover who they truly are.

Making a connection requires trus...

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Using inclusion and innovation to align the interests of all humans is the best strategy to move forward into a more positive future.

Ron J. Williams is a venture builder and corporate innovation leader that focuses on companies that want to build a better future. From making tutoring accessible to underprivileged kids to helping startups make positive impacts in their communities, Ron continues to pursue his passion for he...

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Tony Delarosa is the Author of Teaching the Invisible Race: Embodying a Pro-Asian American Lens in Schools. He is a Filipino American anti-bias and anti-racist educator who studies ethnic policies and practices and fights to instill a pro-Asian lens in the education sector. With his work featured on many prestigious platforms, Tony continues to pursue his passion for Asian American activism and fighting for a more expansiv...

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Discovering your voice and choice is the key to growth and success.

Elsa Marquez is an executive leadership coach who works with individuals and organizations to help them fulfill their full potential and become the best version of themselves. With a long and passionate career in leadership and coaching, Elsa fosters leadership-based culture and values that drive individuals and organizations toward valuable changes and...

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When we help others, the world becomes a better place for everybody.

Delvin Burton is a professional leadership coach who uses his leadership skills to develop leadership programs and help businesses and people become the best versions of themselves. Delvin was raised by and surrounded by leaders and mentors through childhood and naturally grew into the man of diverse leadership talent he is today, where he uses his pas...

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Society needs to re-evaluate its expectations to make room for identity.  

Travonnie Mackey is an associate partner and leader at Edgility, where she fiercely advocates for equitable access and works to close wage and opportunity gaps in the workplace. Through her journey of understanding how her identity and location have impacted her opportunities in life as a child, a teacher, a mother, and a leader, she has followed...

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