ROW: Workplace Wellbeing Podcast

ROW: Workplace Wellbeing Podcast

Learn how to improve workplace wellbeing from the experts on the ROW workplace wellbeing podcast series. Guests join ROW Founder and CEO Sarah McGuinness to explore topics we can’t afford to ignore.


March 25, 2024 35 mins

Humans have been sharing stories since the dawn of time to help us make sense of the world around us and to influence our thinking. Storytelling is one of the most powerful tools in a wellbeing leader’s toolkit. With it, you can normalise conversations about mental health and wellbeing, you can destigmatise, you can challenge and change beliefs and you can foster psychological safety.

In this episode, we’re delighted to be joined b...

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Wellbeing starts at the top of an organisation, which means we need senior leaders to be committed and engaged. So how can you influence leaders in your workplace? In this episode, we talk to a leader who is more than walking the talk. Hugh Goddard, Managing Director at Pipeline & Civil, is a role model for embracing and leading a people-first culture. We’ll talk about the role of senior leaders in being a champion for wellbein...

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While financial wellbeing has always been important, the current economic climate and cost of living crisis are causing stress and pressure for people across the board.

We explore some of the key financial wellbeing issues people face, shedding light on the various challenges people encounter when it comes to managing their finances effectively. We also examine how societal conditioning influences our relationship with money, impac...

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Auckland Transport (AT) is a large, complex, public organisation with a wide range of physical and psychosocial risks to manage. This interview was recorded in mid-2023 when we were joined by AT’s then-People Experience Lead Jessica Hayes to take a look at their wellbeing strategy and some of the award-winning initiatives that they had rolled out over the last two years. We’ll also look at the process of developing an effective wel...

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Bullying behaviours and attitudes can very extremely damaging.

But if you do have a bully at work? And what can you do to proactively change their behaviours and the culture they create? What assistance and support can you give to the target of those behaviours?

In this episode, we’re joined by workplace bullying specialist Michael Plowright, founder of Working Well Together. We discuss all things bullying, prevention and remediati...

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In this episode, we’re joined by Natalee Scripps-Hawkins, author, coach and Head of Health, Safety and Wellbeing at Auckland Airport to explore a key issue, and that’s this: as wellbeing leaders and champions, we’re passionate about driving the organisation’s wellbeing agenda. But what does that look like in reality?

We know we need to be influential and drive of change. But how?

Together, we discuss what it means to create a peopl...

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In this episode, we chat with Nick Jenkins. Nick is a health & safety professional who suffered a traumatic brain injury after a mountain biking accident in 2020.

He shares the story of his injury, and his considerable rehab and recovery journey. We also talk about returning to work after a significant injury and adjusting to a new normal. Plus, we explore what workplaces can do to support those on a similar recovery journey.


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In this episode, we chat to an expert on ADHD, and explore how workplaces can better support neurodiversity.

It’s estimated that over 280,000 Kiwis have ADHD. People from all walks of life, in all professions, live and work with ADHD.

But we don’t really talk about how businesses can lead for and accommodate different neurotypes.

We're joined by ADHD advocate, coach and facilitator Callum McKirdy. Together, we discuss how we can cr...

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With half of people experiencing menopause in their life, this is an important topic with significant impacts on work. But where do we start the menopause conversation?

Learning about this life stage is the first step. In this episode, we’re delighted to be joined by Niki Bezzant, writer and author of the bestselling menopause book, This Changes Everything: the honest guide to menopause and perimenopause.

In the episode, we’ll hel...

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In this episode, we chat with Dr Georgi Toma, Founder and CEO of Heart & Brain Works. We talk about how many of the drivers of the current ‘Great Resignation’ have their origins traced back to poor management of psychosocial hazards.

This could stem from a lack of psychological safety, poor culture, or leaders that lack the capabilities and skills to lead for wellbeing.

We also look at the neurobiological responses to workplace...

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In this episode, we’re joined by Liam Scopes, Air New Zealand’s Strategic Wellbeing Manager.

Few industries were as impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic as air travel. International borders closed and the ability to move people and freight was significantly affected by the crisis.

Air New Zealand has been through a period of significant changes to its operations, headcount, and structure over the past few years. First, there was a rap...

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In this episode, we take a deep-dive on long Covid, hidden disabilities and chronic illnesses, and how workplaces can rethink work and be more supportive.

Invisible or hidden disabilities are disabilities that are not immediately apparent. They are typically chronic illnesses that impact day-to-day living. As many as one in 10 of us could have one.

They range from learning differences, deafness, autism, traumatic brain injury, bipo...

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In this episode, we’re delighted to be joined by Melissa Doman, US-based Organisational Psychologist, Former Clinical Mental Health Therapist, & Author of Yes, You Can Talk About Mental Health at Work (Here’s Why And How To Do It Really Well). Melissa has presented and consulted for organizations and Fortune 500 companies across industries and around the world, including clients such as Google, Dow Jones, Microsoft, and more. W...

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In this episode, we are delighted to be joined by Chris Jones, Chief Safety and Wellbeing Officer at Ara Poutama, New Zealand’s Department of Corrections.

Prior to his role in Corrections, Chris held roles at WorkSafe New Zealand (where he led the Strategy, Guidance and Standards, and Occupational Health teams), Network Rail (as Head of Occupational Health and Wellbeing Strategy) and Nuffield Health (as Head of Physiology).


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We’re delighted to be joined by Adele Saunders, Manager of Psychological Health and Wellbeing at St John. In this episode, we talk through the massive influence that managers and peers have in providing first-level mental health and psychosocial support, and insights from a workplace where things like psychological trauma and PTSD are real risks that need to be actively managed.

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Over the next little while, we’ll be exploring diversity and inclusion as part of our podcast series. This episode explores inclusive wellbeing from a Māori worldview.

When it comes to workplace wellbeing, inclusivity is important. An inclusive, diverse workplace culture fosters a sense of belonging, safety, and purpose for employees, which in turn helps to increase wellbeing and productivity. It improves social connectedness and b...

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Over the next little while, we’ll be exploring diversity and inclusion as part of our podcast series. This episode explores inclusive wellbeing from a sexual and gender identity perspective.

When it comes to workplace wellbeing, inclusivity is important. An inclusive, diverse workplace culture fosters a sense of belonging, ...

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Addressing psychosocial risk factors is an important part of creating a robust wellbeing strategy.  It can be the difference between a wellbeing program that takes a bandaid approach and a wellbeing strategy that gets to the heart of workplace wellbeing issues.


So has the pandemic changed psychosocial risk factors, and what can organisations to do identify and mitigate these risks?


Joining us to explore this important topic is ...

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In this episode, we're joined by mental health advocate Jimi Hunt to explore the concept of 'mental health literacy' and why language matters.

While mental health awareness has improved over the years - there is still a gap between knowing about mental health and taking actions towards better mental health.

We discuss how to obtain and maintain positive mental wellness, how to understand mental health problems and seek support, and...

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In this interview, we take a look at a workplace wellbeing case study.  Our guest is Nicky Primrose, Health, Safety & Wellbeing Business Partner at Mitre 10.

Mitre 10 has been a part of New Zealand's home improvement culture since 1974. It is New Zealand-owned and operated, and is New Zealand's largest home improvement and garden retailer.

As a co-operative spread from Kaitaia to Invercargill, Mitre 10 is committed to the wellb...

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