Salty Stories: The Ship's Log

Salty Stories: The Ship's Log

Salty Crew Radio Presents - Salty Stories: The Ship’s Log - Stories about the hard workers. The searchers. The risk taking, mistake making, watermen who have nothing to prove. For the seafaring, the wax sharing, the grommets, young and old. For the tried and true, who’ve paid their dues, for those who chose to Find Refuge in the Sea.


March 4, 2021 47 mins

Levi Slawson is one of a handful of young rippers who are expected to take over the professional surfing world. But he is not content to limit himself to being one of the best surfers in the world. He is putting time in on the boat and taking every chance he gets to hold his own when the fish are biting too. CJ and Levi go back and recount all the radical trips that Levi and the Salty Crew have been on. From Alaska to Fiji, from Ca...

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John Dornellas is an avid spearfisherman and underwater thrill seeker. In this episode John recounts the epic battle between him and the world record halibut he speared in Alaska. John and Cj also discuss the apnea based program that John helped develop for addiction recovery and the Free-diver Instructors International program John teaches. The breath hold is a very powerful thing and John is an expert. We hope you enjoy listening...

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December 29, 2020 13 mins

Something a little different. Salty Crew presents Salty Snacks, bite size pieces of stoke to inspire the modern thrill seeker and risk taker. In these shorter episodes, we'll be talking historical pieces, life lessons, and radical stories from those who find refuge in the sea.

This episode features a short story titled Two Tuna, it is written by Hayden Lane and based off of a story that his father, Ron, loves to tell about work ethi...

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In this episode CJ Hobgood and Justin Lee pick up where they left off, this time Justin gets into some wild stories from hunting Marlin, Ono, and Mahi Mahi off the coast of the Big Island in Hawaii. These stories are almost too wild to believe, but Justin lives that kind of life. His two hour underwater fight with a Blue Marlin stands out. We hope you enjoy this episode and are able to pick your jaw up off the ground after it’s thr...

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Justin Lee is a spearfisherman and a bow hunter from the Big Island of Hawaii. He is a master storyteller, and he lives a life that produces tons of stories worth telling. From hunting Ono and Blue Marlin with his spear gun to tracking down Bull Elk in New Mexico. In this episode CJ flips through Justin’s instagram feed and asks him to tell the backstory of his most interesting posts. There was so much to talk about we got enough f...

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Brett tells CJ the story of when a shark attempted to take his legs off. They also talk about traveling the world in search of waves and fish versus scoring at home. Brett recounts a very special session he had at his home break, and also talks about how he has dedicated the last few years to rebuilding his boat so he can dive and explore the Great Barrier Reef. This episode was a blast to make, hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

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Quentin Turko is only 22, but he has collected more than his share of epic surfing, fishing, and diving stories from living in Outer Banks, North Carolina. From shooting giant Cobia or world record Sheepshead on shore dives, to giant "Wicked Tuna" style Bluefin caught offshore, to packing perfect uncrowded barrels at home on the Outer Banks. Quentins younger brother/dive partner/fellow tube hound joins CJ and Quentin and tell stori...

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August 4, 2020 61 mins

You probably own a shirt that features artwork by @abachar already. But you may not know how awesome of a guy he is, or the full extent of his talent as an artist. In this episode CJ Hobgood checks in with Amadeo Bachar at his Studio near Santa Cruz, CA. They talk about the similarities on how they both got involved with Salty Crew in the formative stage of the brand. They also recollect on the surfing and fishing community, how lu...

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Brock Crouch is one of the most interesting and stoked people you will ever meet. In this episode Brock recounts his near death experience falling 1500+ feet down a mountain, in an avalanche, over rocks, then being completely buried for over 5 minutes. Breaking his back, lacerating his spleen, losing most his teeth. etc. He explains how that experience has taught him to live each day like the blessing it is. From relearning to walk...

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June 30, 2020 74 mins

CJ Hobgood checks in with Jared Lane, the Founder of Salty Crew. Jared recounts the early days of Salty Crew. From figuring out how to design t-shirt graphics and packing boxes in a shipping container in the yard, to all the crew that have been instrumental along the way. Jared and CJ talk about the importance of family, recount fishing stories, and talk about past adventures, and ones they are planning. Nobody has put more blood, ...

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June 12, 2020 56 mins

Surfing World champion CJ Hobgood chats with Lucas “The Pocket Knife” Dirkse. Like a pocket knife, you want Lucas with you wherever you go, hard working, utilitarian, and always comes though in a pinch. He has proven himself to be a necessity on Salty Crew Trips like the ones while filming "Find Refuge in the Sea," "Sink or Swim" "and "Thrill Seekers and Risk Takers" Lucas believes in doing things the hard way, the right way. From ...

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Salty Crew Presents: Salty Stories - CJ Hobgood checks in with Matt Meola at his home in Maui. These two frothed out surf turkeys reminisce on their travels while filming for the Salty Crew movie "Thrill Seekers and Risk Takers." (WATCH HERE) They cover everything from coma inducing spicy chili peppers in Baja to cold water slabs in Canada. They also touch on Matt's life at home in Maui, from losing sleep over air sections to his f...

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