Sandman Stories Presents

Sandman Stories Presents

Tired but can't fall asleep? Here I do my best to find interesting stories from the public domain and read them to you until you fall asleep. The stories are mostly folktales from around the world. Best listened to during work, during commutes, when you are trying to fall asleep, or any time that you need a calm friend to read to you. Enjoy! All of my links can be found here~


February 2, 2023 13 min

In this story, Aponibolinayen is courted by Gawigawen. She agrees to marry him, but someone tells her on her wedding day that her husband has three noses. In light of this rumor, Aponibolinayen runs away and becomes the wife of Kadayadawan. What will happen when Gawigawen is invited to the new wedding? Listen and find out. 

Source: Philippine Folk Tales Compiled and Annotated by Mabel Cook Cole (1916)

Narrator: Dustin Steichmann


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In the first story, Hyena marries Jackal, but it turns out not to be that good of a marriage. Lion dies, a cow is stolen, and the ants come for what is theirs.

In the second story, the animals leave their fat inside a corral with one animal guarding it. Time after time the Inkalimeva comes by, eats the fat, and gets the guard killed. Will Hare do any better?

Source: South-African Folk-Tales by James A. Honey 1910

Narrator: Dustin S...

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In the first story, a General is lost in the desert with his army. A bird and an ant have an argument next to the dying general about which is more important to the man. I’m sure he was glad to hear them arguing while he was dying of thirst.

And in the second story, three girls are admitted to a school, but have to dress up as boys. Their beauty makes the other boys want to copy their names, but their courage and sense of morals se...

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In the first story, the king has twins which is not good news. Instead of killing them like the custom dictates, he lets them flee and grow up elsewhere. When they come back to rule, jealousy turns one of them into a murderer.

In the second story, the hunter Akiti (last seen in Episode 87), is hunting the Leopard. But Leopard eats some magic plants and isn't harmed.

In the third story, Leopard is about to eat some a bathing wom...

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Brother Bear just want some help with his work, so he invites brother Hyena (Bouki) and Brother Rabbit. Well, you know having Brother Rabbit around is going to make for some trouble, so Brother Rabbit makes up a whole plan to eat all of the food. When he is caught, more hijinks ensue.

And in the second story, a drunk man thinks he can communicate with the frogs.

Source: Louisiana folk-tales, in French dialect and English translatio...

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In this story, a young girl named Pear Blossom has a new stepmom and half sister. She is forced to do a lot of manual labor and is never allowed to go to the big fairs. But since she is a good person, the animals of the wild like to help her out. After befriending a strange cow and getting the tastiest fruit ever, her sister wants a chance to stay at home. This is good for Pear Blossom because now she can go to the big parade.


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In this story, the Sun wants to marry off his daughter. She is a hard worker and he is very proud. But he chooses a local cow farmer to be her husband. As soon as they are married, she gives up her weaving and instead has a great time with her new husband. Because of this, the Sun splits them up and they can only meet each other once a year.

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Source: Japanese Fai...

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In the first story, the Rajah gets mad that his son is hanging out with another boy, so he gets a woman to come between them. Then the Vizier's son is killed because the Rajah's son got all jealous. But then he needed the Vizier's son to figure out a riddle, so he came back. 

Then in the second part of the story, the Rajah's son gets jealous all over again, and then there is a jail, some hot oil, and some crossdress...

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In the first story, we learn about  how tortoise got his shell. He wasn't always a slow moving shelled animal. He used to be fast and strong and handsome. But because he was late, he got locked out of the party.

In the second story, a hunter finds a beautiful tortoise singing a mesmerizing song. He wanted to take her home, but she would only go with him on one promise: that he would not tell anyone. 

Source: West African folk-t...

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In this story, a peasant family has a son. His mom doesn't want him to waste his life, so they take him out to get educated. Through a bit of chance, the Devil is the one to educate him, but only if the father can recognize his own son. After he does, the Devil is on the look out to get the kid back under his control. Who will win? The answer might be in the title.

Source: GEORGIAN FOLK TALES translated by Marjory Wardrop


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In the first story, a father tells his son the story of how the small and weak overcame the large and mighty. Lions should always be careful when challenging mosquitoes. 

And in the second story, an elephant is used to determine guilt and innocence. But the elephant is not really magical, everything comes from the people themselves.

Source: Chinese Fables and Folk Stories by Mary Hayes Davis and Chow Leung 1908

Narrator: Dustin Ste...

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In this story Sribatsa and Chintamani are caught in a bad spot. Sani and Lakshmi want to know who is better, so they ask Sribatsa to decide honestly. He picks Lakshmi and Sani is not happy about it. Because of this, Sribatsa and Chintamani go on the adventure of a lifetime.

Source: Folk-Tales of Bengal by Lal Behari Day 1912

Narrator: Dustin Steichmann

Music: Tora Dohalai Chandrajhumpi (ତୋର ଦୋହଲାଇ ଚନ୍ଦ୍ରଝୁମ୍ପି)   Khandapada Dhumpa ...

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In this story, a princess lives in a castle with many rings. Every day she plays with a cute bunny. Eventually, she notices that she is losing rings, but she loves the bunny so. Finally she runs out of rings and is sad. This makes the king and queen call for all of the story tellers in the land. This sets us off on a whole new journey.


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The king needs the apple of life, only thing is, it is stolen every night by giants. First son failed. Second son failed. Can the third son get the job done?
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Source:  The Golden Maiden by A. G. Seklemian 1898

Narrator: Dustin Steichmann

Music: Թավ շվի Զանգեզուրի մեղեդի

Sound Effects: Waemok Village Waves by Dustin Steichmann 

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This is the final story of the Halloween series. I will be finishing this book next year, until then, this is the final story.

Vico, the same young boy that caused trouble before, has grown up to be a bad guy. He drinks, smokes, and tries to steal girlfriends. Unluckily for him, he's no match for the boyfriend and just ends up with a hangover and a busted lip. But a mysterious guy comes along and tells him he can have her and a...

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In this story, two young police officers are patrolling the city, when they see something spooky down the way. There is an eerie drum beat and a procession of ghosts and skeletons followed by the devil. The men run away only to find that the drumming is getting closer. Was it all a dream?

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Source: Ecuadorian Ghost Stories by Mario Conde Copyright Mario Conde (used with permission)

Narrator: Dustin St...

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The is the second part of my halloween series featuring stories recorded by Mario Conde. 

In the first story, a bus driver picks up a woman on a bridge, but she leaves him wanting more.

In the second story, a man gets drunk the night before his wedding and makes some promises that he would rather not keep.

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Source: Ecuadorian Ghost Stories by Mario Conde Copyright Mario Conde (used with permission)


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In the first story, a boy named Vico doesn't listen to his grandma and plays marble games late into the night. One night, he meets another marble player who has some cool marbles. They play and Vico loses, but he is saved by his grandma. He vows to win and aims for a rematch. Can he beat the imp of the valley?

The second story is a bonus. I wasn't going to release it yet, but it goes so well with Day of the Dead that I want...

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In the first story, Kulloo stays with his master after his master's wife is kidnapped. Later he saves the man from being killed and helps him find his kidnapped wife. And even after all of that, Kulloo still has to make the ultimate sacrifice. Poor Kulloo

In the second story, a Rani tells the Rajah that they will become parents. The Rajah is super excited because this is the only wife without a child. The only trouble is that s...

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In this story, the youngest sister marries a horse. Luckily for her, he is a magic horse. Unlucky for her, when she thinks about telling off her two sister because her husband is so cool, he disappears. 

There are tricks, riddles, and some creative hiding on the way home. 

Source: Forty-four Turkish Fairy Tales by Ignazc Kunos 1913 

Narrator: Dustin Steichmann 

Music: Kerimoğlu Zeybeği (söke deve güreşi)  

Sound Effects: Turkey - E...

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