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Sara A. Carter is an award-winning investigative reporter who is taking back the story. Each week, Carter shares her unique perspective as a mom, a wife to a wounded war hero, and a reporter who’s told stories from the darkest corners of the world. Join her as she takes you on a journey taking listeners inside exclusive stories and interviews you won’t hear anywhere else. This is where the story begins.


May 17, 2024 48 secs
The Todd Herman Show covers many areas across our political and cultural landscape including: the anti-scientific, ruinous COVID policies, big pharma, gender ideology, big tech censorship, climate change and other major issues that impact our daily lives.
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Do you put your family first?

Do you sacrifice and do things you would rather not do for the people you love?

Here’s a crazy concept: What if our leaders did the same thing? What if they didn’t listen to foreign special interests or corrupt lobbyists but instead put American Citizens and their needs first?

This is the “America First” idea that President Trump popularized on his way to the White House in 2016.

This simple phrase has pro...
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Could Republicans scoop up seats in a Blue State near you? Based on the unpopularity of the Democrat/Biden plan, polls are showing voters want change and want it badly.

Further, they don't just want wimpy Republicans who will go along with the swamp. Voters are DEMANDING America First, patriotic leaders who aren't in it for the special interests, but to serve the American people.

One of those patriots is Tiffany Smiley, currently run...
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May 10, 2024 44 secs
Mock & Daisy’s Common Sense Cast:

COTR is a healthy dose of common sense each day Monday – Friday with no bull. Chicks on the Right is hosted by Miriam Weaver (Mock) and Amy Jo Clark (Daisy) of the top-rated Chicks on the Right radio show on WIBC-FM in Indianapolis. Each day on their blended Facebook LIVE, YouTube and podcast, the duo delivers a funny, engaging and informative commentary alternative to the traditional news outle...
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What do you expect from a president and other politicians, regardless of which party they are from?

Even if we didn't vote for them or don't agree with them, we deserve leaders who obey the Constitution and tell us the truth. We want figures who will protect our God-given liberties and our private property and be good stewards of our tax dollars.

But none of that is happening. As a result, many of us have grown cynical about politics...
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What if we could grow organs tailored for a specific person's body or develop energy far more abundant, reliable, and inexpensive than anything we've ever had before?
Could we create technology that boosts national security and possibly makes world peace more likely?

Those goals may seem like science fiction but they are very real and much
closer to reality than many of us realize. And they're happening in outer space.

Today, Sara welc...
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When you think of the 2024 election, do you immediately think of Donald Trump and Joe Biden? Most people do. Some might also pay attention to House and Senate races.

But some of the most significant elections every year don't even involve candidates. They are statewide ballot initiatives on issues ranging from abortion to crime and much more.

And while we're not paying attention, a Swiss billionaire is pouring hundreds of millions of...
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The left is not only trying to police your speech, it wants to silence you. And it's willing to make you a criminal to do it.

What started as annoying political correctness decades ago is now a full-blown movement to muzzle anyone who dares to confront the left's narrative and declare them a criminal.

Scotland is currently reeling from new "hate speech" laws on issues ranging from disability to age to sexual orientation and gender id...
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Anti-Semitic protests at Columbia University are dominating the headlines. But Sara knows you can't rely on the media to get the story right. So she went to Columbia to see this madness for herself.

Today, Sara shares the shocking truth of what she found there. Not only were the demonstrators uttering the most despicable and hateful insults at Jewish students and their supporters, but it turns out these fanatics really don't underst...
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Are you a good friend? What do you look for in a friend? Sure, you like to have common interests and do fun things together, but the real mark of a friend is someone who is honest with you and will stick with you in good times and bad.

Is the United States a good friend? It sure seems like we were when we liberated Europe from Hitler's grasp, stopped Japanese imperialism, and shoved the communists out of South Korea.

But are we still...
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America's open border is great for business - if your business is trafficking drugs or subjecting women and children to sexual slavery. International sex trafficking rings are more profitable than ever, and countless kids are being abused in unspeakable ways, over and over again, every single day.

But it's not just happening near the border or in our big cities. Chances are that child sex trafficking is happening in your hometown to...
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Have you ever had a neighbor shout out that they want you to die? Do they teach their children that their greatest possible accomplishment would be to kill you and people like you?

That's how it is for Israelis. Most of their neighbors in Gaza and the West Bank want Jews dead. In fact, many parents in those areas see killing Jews as the highest possible goal for their kids.

Israeli Knesset Member Ohad Tal joins Sara today to share wh...
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Do you want high school boys playing sports against your daughter? What do you think about your daughter having to play against grown men if she plays sports in college?

It's just reality that male athletes are usually bigger, stronger, and faster than women. It's basic biology. Forcing women to compete in those situations often places them at much greater risk for injuries. And allowing men on women's teams also robs some women of ...
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If the Biden administration were deliberately trying to encourage more terrorism and trying to discourage freedom-loving allies, would it act much differently than it is right now?

After the October 7 Hamas invasion of Israel, Biden vowed to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with Israel, but as the media started parroting Hamas talking points and memory-holing the terrorist attacks, Biden has become increasingly adversarial towards Israel.

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Do you still believe the justice system in America works the way our founders intended? Do you still trust courts to make decisions based on the facts in evidence or do you expect politically motivated verdicts?

The idea of Lady Justice blindfolded and weighing the evidence on her scales is eroding before our eyes. In city after city, violent criminals are allowed back on the streets to terrorize, assault, and rob innocent neighbors...
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There is a war on the truth. It's happening every day in our media, from our politicians, and even in your local schools. Where do you go when you need to know the truth?

We can't trust the government. It's been lying to us for a long time, but in just the past few years it has actively worked to suppress free speech. The FBI and the Department of Homeland Security colluded with social media to remove some posts and reduce visibilit...
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Why is President Biden abandoning our most faithful ally in the Middle East?  

It's been less than six months since Hamas invaded Israel, killed approximately 1,200 people, injured many others, and committed unspeakable sexual crimes against women and girls. Hundreds of hostages were taken, and far too many of them remain in the clutches of evil. Immediately after the atrocities, President Biden said the right things.

He condemned Ha...
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When did the government start siding with the bad guys? And how is the coddling of criminals in blue cities and states impacting life in your neighborhood?

The purpose of government is to protect our God-given liberties and to keep law and order. But in so many parts of the country, the political left now openly sides with criminals.
Police are demonized, lawmakers are passing legislation ending cash bail, and George Soros-backed pro...
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Are you tired of politicians labeling you in an effort to win you to their side or paint you as an enemy? Wouldn't it be nice to restore some unity to the United States of America?
Democrats and their leftist allies in the media are constantly trying to divide us. They use race, sex, economic class, and more to drive wedges in every corner of our society. To them you are either an oppressor or you are among the oppressed.

That's not ...
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Have you ever been attacked in your own home? Have you ever been powerless to stop people you love from being killed in front of you?

And if you led the nation where this happened, how strong would your resolve be to destroy those responsible for those atrocities?

Last week, Sara was in Israel with a group of Christian pastors and other leaders to meet with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The goal was to show their steadfa...
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