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May 29, 2024 39 mins

This week we're talking about something  that seems so universal that we're actually really surprised we haven't covered it yet -- what to do when you hate seeing photos of yourself! 

While we might never love photos of ourselves, we can work toward feeling neutral about them, so that we can enjoy those reminders of joy, fun, celebration, love, and community.

In this episode we're talking about...

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Often when we talk about Intuitive Eating with new people or on social media, we hear variations of "I'd love to eat intuitively, but I can't because..." The end of that sentence is sometimes about weight loss, sometimes about health concerns, or sometimes about something completely different. So this week, we're talking about who gets to practice Intuitive Eating! We're digging into all the nuances of...

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Can you work toward a performance goal while still practicing joyful movement & intuitive eating?  This week, we're answering this question, and talking all about:

  • how to know if you're ready for goal-oriented movement
  • what to do if you find that uncomfortable feelings about your body pop up
  • why restriction is not the answer to improving our performance
  • how some specific intuitive eating principles can support perform...
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This week we’re covering a topic that is often full of harmful diet culture advice - perimenopause & menopause! In this episode we're talking about how we can apply the Intuitive Eating principles to this experience instead. 

Since we are not registered dietitians, we’re not giving specific nutrition recommendations, but instead, we’ll be discussing:

  • what perimenopause & menopause are
  • why it's important...
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April 3, 2024 75 mins

This week, we're coming in hot with a breakdown of Oprah, Ozempic, and ob*sity.... oh my! 

A couple of weeks ago, Oprah did a TV special called “Shame, Blame & the Weight Loss Revolution," which was basically an hour-long infomercial for weight loss drugs. In this episode, we talk about:

  • Oprah's history with diet culture & moral panic
  • The difference between Oprah exercising her own body autonomy vs...
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This week, we’re talking to Chelsea Levy all about PCOS!

Chelsea is a Certified Intuitive eating counselor, Registered dietitian nutritionist, and diabetes educator candidate. She is the founder of Chelsea Levy Nutrition – a private practice in NYC serving individuals worldwide.

She earned her Master of Science degree from Hunter College and completed her dietetic internship at the City of New York School of Public Health i...

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This week, we’re talking to Kirsten Morrisson all about weight loss surgery.

Kirsten Morrisson is an Anti-Diet Registered Dietitian and Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor. She is the Host of Intuitive Bites Podcast and runs her own virtual private practice helping women heal their relationships to food and body.

We had an awesome conversation with Kirsten about...

  • how her experiences working in a bariatric surgery depa...
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This week we’re deconstructing 5 more diet culture phrases! We really enjoy this series, and we hope you do too! This week’s phrases have a bit of a theme - the way that diet culture loves to pathologize totally normal things, add stigma to them, create fear around them, and generally just make them so much worse and more complicated than they need to be.

The phrases/terms we're covering in this installment are:

  • Skinny Fat
  • Fo...
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This week, we’re talking to Nicola Salmon about all things fat positive fertility!

Nicola is the leading voice for fat folks seeking fertility support, bringing a unique fat-positive perspective to her work as a fertility coach and author of the groundbreaking book "Fat and Fertile”.

She is a prominent figure in the world of fat activism, using her platform and expertise to challenge the weight bias and stigmas that ex...

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This week we’re talking about some super practical and sometimes unexpected benefits of intuitive eating! We all know intuitive eating can transform your relationship with food and your body, but what might that look like on a practical level? How does that show up in our lives, from the day-to-day stuff to the big stuff? It can be hard to wrap our heads around why it's worth doing all the work it takes to practice intuitive e...

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We're so happy to be back this week with a brand new episode all about how to set non-diet New Year's resolutions! We've noticed a lot of people setting resolutions or intentions this year - way more than we have in quite some time - and we wanted to support that choice with a conversation about how we can make sure that diet culture isn't creeping into this practice.

In this episode we're chatting...

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December 27, 2023 54 mins

We're taking our first ever Satisfaction Factor holiday break this year! We’ll be back with a new episode on January 10th, but until then, we hope you enjoy this replay!

Get ready for a fun & candid New Year's episode! It’s officially 2022, and Naomi is still rebelling against structure & rigidity, and Sadie is still loving a schedule and a well-established plan. Even though we both function from two pret...

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We're taking our first ever Satisfaction Factor holiday break this year! We’ll be back with a new episode on January 10th, but until then, we hope you enjoy this replay!

If you're dreading the diet & body talk at your holiday family gatherings, you're not alone! Even if we are really good at having these conversations with friends, acquaintances, professionals, or co workers, having these conversations w...

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This week, we’re talking to Esther Tambe, MS, RDN, CDN, CDCES (she/her) about the mainstream myths about diabetes & what a weight inclusive approach to diabetes looks like!

Esther Tambe is a New York-based weight-inclusive Registered Dietitian passionate about helping women recover from eating disorders and disordered eating. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Nutrition from Long Island University and another in Health Sci...

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While the context is different, we thought this would be a good time to revisit these self-care practices and conversations about caring for ourselves. And, in an effort to practice what we preach, we took a week off from recording to allow ourselves to rest & regulate. We'll be back with a new episode on November 29th, and we hope this replay will be supportive for you in the meantime.

To say that he past few wee...

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This week, we're answering the question, “What if weight loss could actually help my situation?” And if you've ever found yourself wondering about that, you’re not alone. Maybe you understand that health is more complicated than just our personal behaviors, and you've realized that the “thin ideal” isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. But some things still feel more complicated. Because wouldn’t weight loss actually help...

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This week, we’re talking to Katie Kurtz, MSW LISW-S (she/her), a subject-matter expert and trainer who specializes in integrative and inclusive trauma-informed care. As a licensed social worker & certified coach, she has spent the last 15 years specializing in trauma-informed training and consultation across multiple disciplines and industries.  She reimagines trauma-informed care as inclusive and accessible for all people and ...

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This week, we’re talking to Lael Atkinson (they/them), a certified professional recovery coach who works at the intersection of drinking and dieting. During their experience of parting ways with alcohol and then tackling a lifetime of dieting, disordered eating, and body shame, they found resources that addressed quitting drinking OR that addressed food and body image issues, yet could not find any sources that spoke to the interse...

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Next week will mark two years since we published the first episode of Satisfaction Factor! 

In that first episode, we introduced ourselves, told you our origin stories, and generally gave you the low down on who we are, what we do, and what we believe in. So in this week's episode, we're celebrating our podcast-iversary by reintroducing ourselves! We're chatting all about what's changed for us in the pa...

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This week, we’re talking to Jessi Kneeland about body neutrality & their new book, Body Neutral: A Revolutionary Guide to Overcoming Body Image Issues!

Jessi Kneeland (they/them) is a coach, writer, and speaker dedicated to helping people overcome the suffering associated with body anxiety, insecurity, and negativity, and to improve their relationship with their bodies. After working as a personal trainer for a decade ...

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