Scaling Uncensored with Next Level Ambitions

Scaling Uncensored with Next Level Ambitions

Are you ready to scale your eCommerce brand, but you’re unclear on the path to take to get there? If you’re looking for the real game on what it takes to grow your eCommerce brand, then scroll no further because Scaling Uncensored delivers just that. Your hosts, Kai Ravariere, Tieron Spear and Tommie Powers are sharing raw and uncut insights from eCommerce operators, founders, marketers, and investors alike to give DTC eCommerce brands, like you, the best kept secrets to optimizing every aspect of your business. Whether you’re bootstrapping or backed by investor and venture capital, Scaling Uncensored is here every Wednesday to provide detailed insight into the best way to think about and approach hiring teams, building out stronger marketing programs, attaining improved profitability, cutting operational and acquisition costs, establishing stronger advertising that's scalable in today’s privacy-first world, and so much more. Tune in each week for guest expert interviews, valuetainment, and opinion segments that will allow you to eavesdrop on real conversations with some of the savviest marketers in the industry and hear their personal experiences in building, scaling, and growing eCommerce brands. From marketing to fulfillment to manufacturing and operations - they’re covering it all in an effort to help you identify the chinks in your business armor and begin building stronger foundations so that you can scale faster, smarter, more predictably and, of course, more profitably. Find out more at


October 25, 2023 25 mins

Want to build an empire with products customers love? This episode unpacks the behind-the-scenes strategy of how Betty Crocker cracked the code to sell cake mix. You’ll learn about emotional resonance in marketing, maximizing what you already have, and figuring out why customers buy in order to take your brand to the next level and increase your conversions. Tune in as Tommie and Tieron dig into psychographics, growth strategies, p...

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Tommie and Tieron reveal their battle-tested secrets to 4X your eCommerce revenue — without spending more on ads! Tieron explains his journey from selling products on Amazon to building his own eCommerce brand and what he focused on to continually optimize conversions and scale. They discuss leveraging what you have, to get to the next level in business. They also announce an upcoming 5-day challenge to help brands install conversi...

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Have you heard that more traffic automatically means more sales? Kai, Tommie and Tieron are here to debunk that myth in this gem-filled episode. They cover several key topics that can boost conversions and sales, including improving your website design and functionality, diversifying messaging to reach more audiences, and driving traffic directly to social media platform shops. They also answer if your product really needs a specia...

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Ecom founders, do not sleep on this episode! Tommie, Tieron and Kai unpack TikTok's game-changing 50% discount subsidy for this coming Black Friday and Cyber Monday holiday season. You'll hear insider tips on how to capitalize, including revisiting your media plans and getting your TikTok Shop ready for live streaming sales. With social platforms battling for your ad spend, this is huge for increasing conversions. Tune in...

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Tommie, Tie and Kai discuss Actively Black, an apparel company known for its high quality athleisure wear, and analyze what makes the brand successful - from its premium materials and inclusive sizing to strategic influencer marketing. This episode is full of gems and lessons for eCommerce founders with an emphasis on strong purpose, top-notch branding, quality fulfillment, and designing products with marketing and influencer colla...

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Get ready for a masterclass of an episode! Tommie and Tieron discuss strategies to optimize your brands performance through small tweaks, like two-step registration to reduce friction, adding geo-targeting, and understanding your maximum cost per conversion. They share stories of huge revenue lifts from minor changes, and emphasize why you should always be testing to find the tweaks that will yield big results when applied under th...

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How should brands respond to negative reviews and manage their reputation? Tommie, Tie and Kai cover tips for crisis management and lay out the details on how savvy brands use customer advocates, SEO and affiliate marketing to shape their reputation. They also discuss the importance of having a process, empowering fans, and using charm and accountability to turn negativity around. Tune in to hear valuable secrets that will help you...

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In this episode of Scaling Uncensored, Tieron and Kai tackle the rapid changes in the world of e-commerce and marketing, including but not limited to the newest iOs privacy updates that can cripple your brand’s email marketing if you remain unprepared. They uncover the importance of intelligence gathering and agility, and explain how to find knowledgeable partners that are aware of coming changes. Plus, don't miss their straig...

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What does it take to create a record-breaking product? 

In this episode of Scaling Uncensored, Tommie and Tieron walk you through, step-by-step, what it takes to ensure your product is both exclusive and irresistible.

They cover the importance of finding a unique ingredient, formulation and multiple utilities to stand out in a saturated market. They also share real examples of how to improve margins and lower ship...

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Whether your eCommerce brand is just getting started or you’re generating 10s of millions of dollars, if you're trying to stand out and get more from your ad budget, then this episode is for you.

Tommie and Tieron dive into powerful video ad strategies that will help you shift your mindset from "grab attention and sell" to connecting and actually compelling people to take action, even in a crowded digital la...

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Think you’ve already heard all the tips for success when it comes to marketing your eCommerce brand? Think again. 

In this gem-filled episode, Tommie, Tie and Kai uncover the secret tactics of dropshipping pros that will help you as an eCom founder ramp up your sales. 

They pull back the curtain on how dropshippers obsessively test and optimize to crush customer acquisition costs and explain how you can use AI too...

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Buckle up and get ready because Tommie, Tie and Kai are pulling back the curtain to give you a peek at their most recent Virtual Intensive.

This Virtual Intensive was hosted and recorded live by Next Level Ambitions in an effort to provide clear, personalized and actionable advice in a concise way that will move the needle for eCommerce brands that are ready to scale. Needless to say, the feedback from this event made it c...

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What type of eCommerce CEO are you?

In this episode of Scaling Uncensored, Tommie, Tie and Kai delve into the three different types of CEOs (including Fake Flossy CEOs) and how to identify which one you are. They also clarify the difference between being a CEO and being a Founder.

With an emphasis on the importance of being a real CEO who cares about the experience and product quality, they break down the signific...

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“Better done than perfect”. It’s a saying most have used or at least heard, but is it helping or hurting your business?

Join Tommie, Tie and Kai in this episode of Scaling Uncensored as they dissect the meaning behind “Better done than perfect” and share their insights on how to avoid the pitfalls of this all too common phrase. 

They get to the root of this motto and break down how to start thinking like the big p...

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How much money are you leaving on the table by limiting yourself to using only basic business strategies?

Even if you’ve seen 6 or 7 figure success, you’ve more than likely been running your business with blinders on. How is that possible? Find out in this episode, as Tommie and Tie explore the untapped opportunities that are still on the table - especially when it comes to breaking down, dissecting, and properly using you...

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Data is king in the world of advertising! Join Tommie, Tie and Kai as they tackle the controversial topic of how brands are adapting (or not) to the data and advertising changes brought on by iOS 14.5. 

They also shed light on a significant opportunity you may have overlooked that could be costing you millions of dollars.

If you're an eCommerce brand founder looking to scale your business with ads, it's ...

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Are you tracking and evaluating your analytics from a holistic point of view?

If you’re not, you should be.

In this episode of Scaling Uncensored, Tommie, Tie and Kai are covering the importance of tracking and evaluating the customer journey from ad, to purchase, and beyond.

They break down the non-linear nature of the customer journey and how you can optimize your tracking process in an effort to help y...

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Should you still be using the same advertising techniques you used last year?

And how does data privacy affect your brand's advertising in 2023?

Tune into this episode of Scaling Uncensored as Tommie, Tie and Kai dive into the ever-evolving landscape of advertising and privacy concerns. Join them as they unravel the significance of iOS 14 and its profound impact on privacy, particularly in the realm of intern...

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Join Tommie, Tie and Kai in this episode of Scaling Uncensored as they dive deep into the world of profit maximization. From analyzing data to fine-tuning your front-end and back-end strategies, they leave no stone unturned. 

You’ll learn how to leverage platforms like Facebook and Google to skyrocket your profits. But it doesn't stop there. They also explore the power of surveys, email campaigns, focus groups, and ev...

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If you’re looking for the ultimate formula to maximize scalability and growth opportunities, look no further.

Join hosts Tommie, Tie, and Kai as they dish out insane insights and actionable strategies that will revolutionize your approach to business growth, regardless of your funding status. 

They also share secrets to unlocking cheap capital, subscription models, entering new channels, how you can gain a competi...

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