Scaling With Intent

Scaling With Intent

"Scaling with Intent" is a thought-provoking podcast that delves into the nitty gritty of purposeful growth in business and life. Join Quantum Scaling’s owner Peggy Niles every other week for a 20-minute or less episode to explore strategies and insights for everything business and scaling with clear intent and vision. From practical tips on leveraging resources and challenging the status quo to deep dives into leadership and culture, this podcast provides a roadmap for overwhelmed, seasoned entrepreneurs seeking sustainable growth while positioning themselves for a Profitable Exit. In addition to solo episodes every other week, we will surprise you with inspiring interviews and real-world examples from special guests (and even hope to occasionally bring our listeners to the mic to discuss their specific challenges and encourage you along the way). "Scaling with Intent" empowers listeners to navigate the complexities of scaling up while staying true to their purpose and living life on their terms. Our goal is to be no bs, but a whole lot of substance; more importantly we want you to experience Profitable Growth Now AND a Profitable Exit Later!!!


June 20, 2024 13 mins

Did you know that 72% of entrepreneurs struggle with mental health issues?

We often feel alone in the challenges of running our businesses, pressured to manage cash flow, and overwhelmed with responsibilities. 

So who do we talk to?

How do relieve some of the pressure?

What can we do in our business to lessen the overwhelm?

To hop on a no-pressure call and identify a few gaps in your co...

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If you had an early warning system of operational deficiencies and a continuous process for identifying positive improvements, would you use it?

As business owners, you might already have such a system at your fingertips, but you're not using the right data or you don't know how to interpret it for the best use in your company.

Dive in and listen to this episode.

Book your hassle-free connectio...

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There are four stages of exit based on both your financial readiness and mental readiness to exit your business.

Most fall in the "stay and grow" phase and unfortunately most get to the "get me out at the highest price" phase.  The latter is the desperate phase when you have to get out even when you're not financially ready.  This is the phase you want to avoid!

We want to move you from th...

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April 19, 2024 16 mins

The unsettling uncertainty or the anxious anticipation...which do you feel when you ask yourself or are asked, "What If"?

Your response can determine whether or not you play small or go big...and how that may affect your bottom-line profits.

Discover key takeaways to make "What If" work for you and your business!

Book your hassle-free connection call here and we'll help you get clear on th...

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April 4, 2024 14 mins

Leader OR BossZilla - which are you?

Did you know how your employees characterize you can have a definite impact on your bottom line profits?

Think about the best boss you ever had AND the worst boss you ever had....before starting your own company?

Did you vow to never be like that awful boss?

You may be a great leader!  You may have the best of intentions to be a good leader, but also it's...

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In this episode, we're exploring the concept of being "ALL IN" in your business.  What does it mean to truly commit?  How do business owners who have reached seven figures continue to approach this level of dedication?

It's all about the risk.  When we're starting out we jump right in and take the gamble, but as we grow the stakes are higher and we become more risk-averse.

It's about:...

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Lost profits? Cash Flow Problems? Employee Turnover?

The chances of this happening to you can be reduced when you take a holistic approach to running your business.

Too many businesses operate in silos, with team members off doing their own thing, and lack of coordination, but look at it from the perspective of putting pieces of a puzzle together.

An IT Consulting company was great with their technical ex...

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February 29, 2024 10 mins

We're not talking about rule breakers or law offenders, but creating a rebel in disguise mentality within your company can help you get out of the day-to-day funk you might be in from dealing with "all of your business and responsibility" for so long.

It can also motivate your team and increase creativity, build a solutions-based internal environment and boost your company profits. 

Book your hassle-free con...

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February 22, 2024 14 mins

As you continue to grow your company it's vital to not only manage your cash flow and increase profits, but it's vital to create the overall company value.

No matter if you intend to sell, merge or leave your legacy to a family member, value becomes a key factor.

A company of great value is profitable, scalable and sustainable.  During this episode, we discuss the 3 P's that will get you there.

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February 8, 2024 12 mins

What a hot topic! I hear this so often when I'm attending networking or mastermind events.

I'll admit it's not ALL about the money, but if you have a business, it is about the money; if you don't think so, I call B.S.

In this episode, we tell you why it IS about the money!

We also share three aspects, and real-life examples, surrounding the "it's not about the money" men...

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The longest part of a buy/sell transaction, and often the killer of the deal....Due Diligence.

When should due diligence be done:

  • When you want to purchase another company to expand your current business;
  • When you want to exit your business; and
  • When you're looking to create new offers, enter new markets, or making major changes to your company.

The most common part of due diligence is the financial aspect, but y...

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January 11, 2024 18 mins

I have witnessed so many business owners run themselves to the ground over the years.  We all know running a business is hard work and takes a lot of your energy and time, even when you have a team.  We often struggle to get by now and enjoy life, so we don’t necessarily put much away for that rainy day.  You give a lot; you miss a lot.  And when it comes to the end of the day, we either have little to show for it or what we think ...

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December 27, 2023 4 mins

Are you looking to grow and scale your company so you can increase your profits and live life on your terms now while positioning yourself for a Profitable Exit?  Then you're in the right place!

Welcome to Quantum Scaling's "Scaling With Intent (Profitable Growth Now to Profitable Exit Later)", the podcast hosted by Peggy Niles - Scaling & Profits Strategist, Fractional CFO, and Certified Business E...

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