Science is Gray

Science is Gray

Science isn’t as black and white as the media often portrays it. Join former science teacher and vegan educator Sarina Farb for nuanced, honest, and holistic conversations exploring the gray areas of science and ethics in society. If you care about making the world a better place, like doing your own critical thinking, and are tired of censorship, corporate bias, and politicized science, this is the podcast for you! The Science is Gray podcast takes a critical look at the intersection of science, ethics, and public policy. Take a deep dive with us to hear uncensored conversations on controversial scientific topics, see past corporate propaganda masquerading as science, and to learn how our morals/ethics can and should shape science and how it's applied in society.


January 18, 2022 47 min

If you are curious about how our healthcare system operates with regards to nutrition and preventive medicine, or are confused by all the different diet trends like keto, paleo, and plant based, and want some clarity on how to navigate nutrition and the healthcare system as a patient, then this is the episode for you!

Today Detroit native and 4th year medical student Lackshman (Lucky) Mulpuri and I discuss our skewed healthcare sys...

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We really GO THERE in this conversation! Animal testing. Veganism and vaccines. Pharma corporations. Trusting the science. Individual choices and ethical decision making. All of it! This is a multilayered open and honest conversation exploring the nuances in veganism, published science, modern medicine, and the ethics of using animals for scientific research and testing.

This episode is a friendly conversation with Lebanese animal ...

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Does veganism inherently rely on a corporate globalized food system? Is it wrong to advocate just for animals without also advocating for exploited human farm workers? Are animal liberation and indigenous rights/food sovereignty at odds with each other?

There may not be a single easy answer to any of these questions, but I really loved discussing and hearing activist Nassim Nobari’s nuanced perspective on these issues and what she ...

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What is really the biggest cause of green house gas emissions? How much does animal agriculture actually contribute to climate change? What can we do to successfully  solve the environmental crisis ASAP?

All these questions and more are discussed in today’s episode with Sailesh Rao of Climate Healers where we cover:
- How climate science is politicized
- UN IPCC Conventions and bias
- The killing machine vs. the burning machine
- H...

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You've probably heard of the Effective Altruism (AE) movement before, and the effort to apply effective altruism to animal advocacy work and reducing suffering of animals. But do you know what it actually is? And is effective altruism all it's really cracked up to be??

I have seen countless debates within the animal advocacy movement about what the "best" type of activism is, with many people pushing everyone to do ...

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Do you have questions about lab-grown meat? Wondering if it's really as sustainable and great for animals as great as many proponents claim?  Will it solve the ethical and environmental problems with our current food system and factory farming?

Today Dr. Vasile Stanescu joins me to take a holistic deep dive into the benefits and downside of lab-grown meat (AKA in vitro meat, cell-based meat, cultured meat, or clean meat)  and w...

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In this episode I speak with award-winning author and investigative journalist Carey Gillam about the story of Monsanto's notorious weedkiller Roundup, and the ongoing litigation around it's cancer-causing potential.

We discuss:
- Carey's latest book The Monsanto Papers
- The importance of lawsuits against Monsanto
- The lengths Monsanto went to to cover up evidence of cancer risk
- What internal documents showed about cor...

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Is progress and technological innovation always good? Is technology inherently unsustainable and incompatible with nature and human life on earth?

In today's episode I speak with Semih Oguzcan and environmental engineer and advocate trying to stop our 6th mass extinction on this planet. We take a deep dive in this episode into the nuance around technological innovation, evolution, science, and the unintended consequences are ac...

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In this episode I speak with my friend Robert Schooler about his personal experience as a student at Cornell University observing first-hand how corporations like Monsanto seek to push propaganda on students and bias science curriculum in favor of corporate profits and agendas.

"The GMO Debate course, which ran in the fall of 2015, was a blatant display of unscientific propaganda in an academic setting" - Robert Schooler


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In this episode I speak with author and social change advocate Laila Kassam (PhD) about reductionist vs. holistic paradigms of food, agriculture, and international development, including:

- reductionism in the global development industry
- agricultural and development myths
- what does "feeding the world" really mean
- is organic food based on a "naturalistic fallacy"?
- Can veganic/sustainable/organic agriculture real...

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In this episode I speak with virologist Jonathan Latham about the origins of the COVID19 Pandemic and whether it originated from a wet market or was really a lab-release! 

This includes answering the following: 

  • Is there a precedent for lab-releases? 
  • What is the evidence for a lab leak?
  • What is the evidence for a natural zoonotic origin? 
  • Why doesn’t the wet market theory hold up?  
  • Why has mainstream media censored discussions of a lab...
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    In this episode I speak with Dr. Milton Mills, a critical care physician in the Washington DC area, and a long time plant-based nutrition advocate and expert.

    We discuss the history, impact, and biases of the federal dietary and nutrition guidelines and how they might not be as objective as many assume.

    This episode includes:
    - what the USDA federal dietary guideline are
    - the history of the dietary guidelines
    - Who/what influences ...

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    In this episode I speak with my longtime hero Dr. T Colin Campbell about the current state of nutrition science, what a holistic vs. reductionist approach to nutrition and scientific research looks like, and how reductionist thinking is harming public health.

    This includes:
    - What is reductionist science and why it's harmful
    - how reductionist science and thinking is hindering our public health approach to the COVID19 Pandemic
    - ...

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    Science isn’t as black and white as the media and memes often portrays it. Join science educator and justice advocate Sarina Farb for nuanced, open, and holistic conversations exploring the intricacies and gray areas of science in society. If you like doing your own critical thinking and are tired of censorship, corporate bias, and politicized science, this is the podcast for you. 

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