Secrets of Successful Business Podcast

Secrets of Successful Business Podcast

The Secrets of Successful Business Podcast is brought to you by business coach and content creator Justine McLean from Flossi Creative. It's a go-to source for business tips, tricks, and proven strategies that will help you create a streamlined and profitable business. We chat to the best minds in business about their journey - how they started, what they learned along the way and of course, we’ll ask them for their secret sauce for creating a successful business.Join us as we take a sneak-peek behind the curtain; talk solutions for those business pain-points, working smarter, not harder, mindset and the challenges of fitting it all in with the demands of today’s busy lifestyle. If you’re a business owner, side-hustler or just starting your business journey, this podcast is for you.


February 27, 2024 28 mins

The idea of financial success has changed over the years and if you've been listening for a while, you'll know that for me, that success destination should be as unique as you are. 

But, if there's been a hiccup on your journey, particularly with the finances, it's often hard to get the motivation to continue. So, in this episode, no matter where you are on the path to financial success, I'm sharin...

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Whether you love it, hate it or you're still on the fence about social media, this week's episode might get you thinking about social media and the way forward. 

While I absolutely understand all the pluses, I find social media and the constant need to create content a little overwhelming.  And after a conversation with my son, who has the social following to be considered an 'influencer', I'm wond...

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When I decided to sell part of my business back in 2023, I had no clue what was ahead. 

From the strategic decisions to the emotional ones, twelve months on I want to share my journey with you, from my exit strategy to burnout and how I've transformed my business narrative. 

As I reflect on the evolution of my business philosophy, I maintain that quality, authenticity, and choosing the right clients—my "...

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Have you ever found yourself glued to your office chair, counting down the hours until you can move again?

In this episode we chat with the vibrant Lizzie Williamson what turns that idea on its head!  Lizzie, creator of the game-changing 'Two Minute Moves' and author of  "The Active Workday Advantage," is sharing how we can all stay fit, revitalise and feel better in just a few micro-movements a day. <...

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Struggling to reignite that entrepreneurial spark after the holiday?

You're not alone, and that's why I'm sharing my top ten strategies to help you get back to business as we kick off 2024.

From creating your master to-do list to learning how to save time, money and stress, I'll put you firmly on the path to profit.

So, forget the back to school hustle and bustle, it's time to d...

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Ever felt trapped by your own pricing models, or found yourself second-guessing the value you provide to your clients? It might be your ego talking!

In today's episode, we're diving into profitable pricing and I'm spilling the tea.

I've seen too many talented entrepreneurs get stuck in a cycle of undercharging and over-delivering, so we're cracking open the playbook on how to beat 'p...

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Is it time to unlock your extraordinary power and elevate your life?

Powerhouse duo, Colleen Callander and Shannah Kennedy think so and in their new book Elevate and in this week's episode, they're sharing exactly how each of us can elevate our lives to have greater impact.

I loved this conversation with Colleen and Shannah because not only do we explore holistic methods of achieving personal and profes...

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January 9, 2024 36 mins

Hello 2024!

The start of a brand new year full of ALL the possibilities!

As we enter 2024 I thought it would be fun to think about 24 things I'd like to take into 2024 and while I was making my list I also thought it would be a good idea to share them on the podcast. So, in this episode I'm sharing the 24 things that are most important to me this year.

Do you make a new year's wish list? Le...

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Imagine you're navigating a treacherous mountain road, full of twists, turns, and sudden drops. Managing a business with lumpy, unpredictable income can sometimes feel just like that. But what if there were strategies and systems to help you navigate this rocky terrain with grace and ease? Together we will tackle the roadblocks of lumpy income, unearthing the reasons behind it and the effects on your confidence and financial s...

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Are you ready to seize control of your financial future? Ladies, this is your call to action. Take a journey with us, alongside our dynamic guest, Molly Benjamin, founder of the Ladies Finance Club. With Molly as our guide, we probe the world of personal finance, unearthing how it profoundly impacts women across various sectors. Molly's inspiring personal journey and the inception of her book "Girls Just Want to Have Fund...

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Ever wondered how you can turn the chaos of parenting into a successful venture? We're excited to have Kate Toon, an award-winning entrepreneur, author, and a pro at juggling business and parenthood, shedding light on this very subject. Kate’s latest book, "Six Figures in School Hours," is a riveting chronicle of her journey to entrepreneurial triumph while still fulfilling her responsibilities as a parent. She'...

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Running a thriving business and making strides in your industry is busy work. Being tired and stressed comes with the territory. But when you're always tired, stressed, and often on the verge of exhaustion, something has to give and unless you recognise the symptoms and make changes, burnout might be on the agenda. 

I didn't read the signs and earlier this year hit the proverbial business brick wall.  I had no ch...

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Ever wondered how to sell your business? Not just make a sale, but a successful one? 

In this episode I'm unlocking the secrets of building a business with a successful exit strategy in mind. We'll discuss the thinking that needs to go into your entrepreneurial journey, right from the outset. It's not just about when it's the right time to sell, but also about the financial goals you should be aiming fo...

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Ever wondered how a clear purpose can lay the foundation for a thriving business? This week on the podcast Tara Solberg  from Few & Far and Indigo Love shares her business story,  from graphic designer to successful retail store and wholesale business owner. Absorbing inspiration from her global travels, Tara and her husband Danny have successfully weathered the retail landscape's changes and even found time to nurture oth...

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Imagine a future where you have a crystal ball to predict market trends, and a strong financial foundation to help your business thrive in changing landscapes. Well, in today's episode, business growth advisor, Venessa Almond, brings her rich experience from the trading floor to decoding market trends, and shares how your businesses can adapt and grow in this every changing market. 

Venessa and I also chat about the ...

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Have you heard of affiliate marketing? 

It's an income stream embraced by business owners big and small and gaining popularity around the world. Plus, it can be an easy and effective way to make some extra cash without a lot of extra work. 

So, if you want to harness the power of affiliate marketing and supercharge your income, I've got you covered! 

As someone who has successfully implemented t...

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What happens when you intertwine creativity with business acumen? You get an individual like Rhiannon Lee, the brain behind Oleander and Finch Interiors. Rhiannon's journey is a testament to how she built a successful design business whilst balancing her family's needs.  And in this episode Rhiannon shares how she's helping other designers do the same with her program The Framework. It's designed to equip interi...

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October 31, 2023 15 mins

Ready to rethink the way you approach your expenses? Join us as we unravel the popular TikTok trend 'Girl Math', a strategy that revolutionizes how we rationalise our spending. From the cost per wear of a new outfit to the cost per use of a business tool, Girl Math encourages us to consider the true value of our purchases. We dissect its potential for fostering thoughtful spending habits, not just in our personal lives bu...

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Ever juggled the demands of a newborn while diving head-first into a new business venture? That's exactly what our guest, Jo Violeta, founder and operations and marketing manager from Violeta Finance, did. In this highly practical episode, she gives us a peek into her journey from maternity leave to building an award-winning brokerage firm with her husband. Their goal? Making home loans more accessible.

Have you hear...

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Want to unlock the secrets of successful storytelling in business? In this episode, guest, Rebecca Gross, shares the insider tips you need to know to grow your business with impactful storytelling.

Rebecca is an acclaimed design writer of over 500 stories and interviews with more than 300 architects and designers. Rebecca's remarkable journey into the world of architecture and design will not only fascinate you, but h...

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