Security Insights - Cybersecurity for Real-World Workplaces

Security Insights - Cybersecurity for Real-World Workplaces

Welcome to Security Insights: where best-practice cybersecurity meets the real-world risks, workplaces and roadblocks you face every day. Join Chris Goettl, head of Endpoint Security Product Management, and Ashley Stryker, your cybersecurity "rubber duck", as they review the security strategies and tactics that truly matter to the information security teams protecting organizations, agencies and businesses like yours.


May 25, 2023 21 mins

Chris and Ashley use the current overemployment media trend as an example case study on evaluating security risks versus potential organizational impact. 

They cover: 

  • How overemployment existed before remote work
  • Weighing the various security implications of overemployment — including shadow IT and insider threats
  • How far an organization should go to remediate security risks due to unknown overemployed employees... and t...
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Chris (finally!) adds his insights to the 2023 Press Reset cybersecurity research report, especially how its findings impact vulnerability and patch prioritization processes — do you shoot for mission critical systems, active exploits, or something else first? — and why asset visibility lies at the core of every security framework on the planet.

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JR Robinson, Head of Platform at generative AI startup Writer, joins VP of Endpoint Security Product Management Chris Goettl and Ashley Stryker to discuss current generative AI use cases for security teams that go beyond just chat bots.

(Please. For everyone’s sanity… go beyond chat bots.)

They’ll also preview a deeper webinar discussion with Chief Security Officer Daniel Spicer on the risks and rewards generative...

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Daniel and Ashley review the latest research report from Ivanti -- Press Reset: A 2023 Cybersecurity Status Report -- including prioritizing phishing and DDoS attacks, security ROI challenges, and why organizations should never increase their cybersecurity budget by sacrificing their IT allocations.

Download the full report at  

  • Next episode going live May 25, 2023!
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It's vendor risk versus reward!

Chris and Amanda educate Ashley on the core considerations, processes and requirements for robust vendor risk management programs... including when to be afraid of your IoT devices, especially those pesky Roomba vacuums and oh-so-convenient self-cleaning litter boxes.

Remember to address these three components, no matter if your vendor is a major IT software provider or just yo...

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IT Director Tony Miller goes toe-to-toe with Chief Security Officer Daniel Spicer to justify – or condemn! – IT and cybersecurity posts found on Reddit, featuring a legendary story about hackers that patched endpoints faster than the company itself. #PatchHacks

Plus, Ashley frets about the impact of a new security policy on her personal devices, creating an impromptu case study on the importance of explaining (or just read...

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Daniel, Chris, Amanda and Ashley revisit the coordinated disclosure conversation from Episode 25 and apply the prisoner’s dilemma thought experiment to create a (more?) perfect vendor disclosure policy.

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    • New episodes publish around the second and fourth Thursdays each month.
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Amanda and Ashley talk about their experiences as women in the cybersecurity and technology industries. (Spoiler alert: it’s on the up-and-up!)

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    • New episodes publish around the second and fourth Thursdays each month.
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Amanda and Chris share stories proving why your data really is more secure in the cloud than the average on-premises server closet – and what organizations should worry more about when it comes to data security.

  • Next episode going live May 25, 2023!
    • New episodes publish around the second and fourth Thursdays each month.
  • For all sh...
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Do you want to work in cybersecurity, but not sure how to start? Ashley and Chris talk to three current cybersecurity experts on how they entered the industry – including Ivanti deputy CSO Amanda Wittern. (Also, bonus update on how Ashley pulled off her social engineering assignment from last episode!)

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In this episode, Chris tries to convince Ashley that marketers naturally make excellent hackers, based on modern phishing attacks and techniques… And Ashley confirms his guess by revealing the lengths to which marketers will go to “spoof” natural conversation and drive their target audience to take action.

Referenced materials:

The DarkNet Diaries Podcast, Episode 69: Human Hacker -


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Security Insights welcomes its new host, Ashley Stryker, into the mix! In today's episode, Chris Goettl and Daniel Spicer break down some backlash from Microsoft customers on their failure to disclose a “ninja patch” on a vulnerability researchers found months before the fix. Listen in as the trio discuss security transparency and best practices for vendor coordinated disclosures of vulnerabilities for cloud versus on-prem pro...

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Hello and welcome back to this week’s episode of Ivanti’s Security Insights! Today Chris Goettl and Daniel Spicer go over their takeaways from the recent Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit.

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    • New episodes publish around the second and fourth Thursdays each month.
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  • Join the conversation onl...
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We’re back and ready to roll with this week’s episode where our host Chris Goettl interviews Chad Holmes and Daniel Brody from Cynario. Today they discuss healthcare and security through EMT devices and much more.

Watch to learn more about how cyber security is assisting healthcare innovation! For more information, check out Cynario’s website or their social media @cynerio. Be sure to follow us on our socials @goivan...

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In our first episode of 2022, Chris Goettl and Daniel Spicer unpack one of last year's biggest vulnerabilities: Apache Log4j. The conversation includes:

  • What is Log4j?
  • The difficulty of detecting Log4j and developing guidance for organizations
  • Why security teams and IT teams are stuck in a Catch 22 of patching
  • The latest guidance you can use for your organization

Check out and Ivanti's article on Log4j<...

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December 15, 2021 14 mins

Host Adrian Vernon sits down with Daniel Spicer to bust some cybersecurity myths! The list of myths include:

  • Passwords should be changed every 30 days
  • You shouldn't write down your password
  • Multi-factor Authentication is not secure
  • You don't need antivirus
  • VPNs keep my devices safe and secure
  • IT is responsible for all of the cybersecurity at an organization

"Stay safe, be secure, and keep smiling!"

  • Next...
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Host Adrian Vernon is joined by Ivanti's Senior Vice President of Security Products Sri Mukkamala, CEO of Cyber Security Works (CSW) Aaron Sandeen, and Senior Intelligence Analyst at Cyware Neil Dennis. They break down the recent collaborative Ransomware Index Spotlight Report to make sure you are up to date on today's cybersecurity landscape. The conversation includes:

  • How the report was put together
  • What you can expec...
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November 2, 2021 21 mins

Adrian gets some insight from Chris and Daniel on some recent supply chain attack events.

The conversation includes:

  • The unique agenda of nation state attacks
  • The numbers game associated with cloud services attacks
  • There are way more attacks than what get covered in the news
  • What makes an attack a "Supply Chain Attack"
  • Microsoft's recommendations for providers and customers
  • Proactive steps you can take


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October 19, 2021 20 mins

Host Adrian Vernon is joined by the usual cast, Daniel Spicer and Chris Goettl, to talk about Cyber Security Awareness Month and some of the best security practices from experts that have seen it all! The conversation includes:

  • When to rotate your credit cards and more!
  • Why going paperless when you can is so important, and if you can't, get a shredder!
  • Best travel cyber hygiene practices for your personal devices
  • Wifi security...
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October 5, 2021 21 mins

Host Adrian Vernon and VP of Product Management Chris Goettl break down some of the biggest headlines in the world of cybersecurity right now! The conversation includes:

  • The recent critical security flaw of Apple devices
  • How threat actors use remote code execution to mine cryptocurrency
  • Lessons learned from the SolarWinds breach
  • Actions to take as cybersecurity threats increase
  • October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month!

  • N...
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