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April 24, 2024 34 mins

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“Indigenous Peoples, who want their territory demarcated for the protection of their own lives, automatically protect the life of humanity.” – Dinamam Tuxá (Tuxá People, Brazil) 

Brazil is home to an outsized portion of the world’s biodiversity. It is also one of the most dangerous places in the world for environmental defenders – but also a place guarded by hundreds...

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“Os povos indígenas que querem o seu território demarcado para a proteção da sua própria vida automaticamente protegem a vida da humanidade.” Dinamam Tuxá (Povo Tuxá, Brasil) 


O Brasil abriga uma enorme parte da biodiversidade global. É, também, um dos lugares mais perigosos do mundo para os defensores ambientais — mas também está sob a guarda de centenas de poderosas nações indígenas.  


Esta s...

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March 13, 2024 21 mins

Close your eyes. Imagine standing on land that your family has held for generations. The waters that trickle nearby sing your family name, and your ancestors are there with you, buried deep in the earth. Now, imagine a stranger coming along and violating this land with no regard to the lineage it carries. 

This is the story at the heart of our latest Sonic Journey. We’re sharing the story of the Fukumitsu family who is protecting th...

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February 28, 2024 13 mins

In our latest Sonic Journey, join us on the lands of the Shinnecock Nation, which have been cared for by the Shinnecock People for over 10,000 years. Here, photographer and artist Jeremy Dennis has restored his family’s home in order to create a place for creativity, care, and community for a new generation of BIPOC artists. This unique space is called Ma’s House, and Jeremy documented the building’s restoration in a short film of ...

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Who’s ready for a little Indigenous joy, knowledge, and inspiration? We’re starting Seedcast Season Four with deep listening, as a powerful way to witness one another.  

Welcome to the rich desert landscape of the Wayuu People on the Guajira Peninsula in northern Colombia and northwestern Venezuela. You hear more from birds, goats, and cacti in this story than you do people, and when you do hear human voices, they’re speaking Wayuun...

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We can’t believe that we are kicking off Season 4 of Seedcast on February 14! With so much chaos and noise around us, we’re going to start off this season by getting grounded and listening to Indigenous song and language. So here’s an invitation: Close your eyes, and get quiet: What do you hear from the world around you, from the lands you’re on? And what does that stir inside of you? 

Season Four of Seedcast starts with a series of...

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December 20, 2023 39 mins

Here in the northern hemisphere, as the winter solstice approaches, the light is changing quickly, and the sun sits lower on the horizon with each passing day. By now, all the harvest celebrations have come to an end, but the practice of gratitude and acknowledgement for the rewards of summer’s hard work continues.  

As we wrap up Season 3 of Seedcast, this very special final episode is dedicated to the hard work that has ...

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December 6, 2023 48 mins

“Our way of life is a collective. All Blackfoot people are one.” - Johnathon Red Gun (Siksika) 

In Blackfoot Territory, a powerful people is in relationship with a powerful place. At the Continental Divide, the snow-capped Rocky Mountains leap out from prairies that stretch out flat for what feels like forever. Rivers from Blackfoot Territory flow across much of North America, and the Blackfoot see their territory as the source of w...

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“If you want to talk about the Indigenous Food Warrior, that's what we all are.  We're here to protect. We're here to give. We're here to heal.” - Chef Crystal Wahpepah (Kickapoo) 

How Indigenous people show up in the kitchen is how they will show up for community, so the responsibility and care in creating food for others is taken very seriously, from the recipes created to the sourcing of ingredients. 

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“I'm sacred, the next person is sacred, and all life is sacred. That connection we have to each other and to all forms of life is sacred and must be cherished. In the same way, the relationship we have with land and the relationship the land has with us should be honored.” - Agaiotupu Viena (Samoan) 

Colonization has disrupted the identities of queer Indigenous Peoples, and because of this, they practice deep forms of care, oft...

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For this episode of Seedcast, let’s meet in the Mojave Desert in a spot where we can gaze upon Mamápukaiv, also known as the Old Woman Mountains. We’re surrounded by boulders, mesquite, deer, bighorn sheep, and even eagles. The air smells of creosote, and when it rains, you can smell tar. Water is an extremely precious resource here, and the survival of every living thing - humans, animals, and plants - depends on it.  

Almost thirt...

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“Our language is a land acknowledgment, you know, when we use that language, it automatically imbues our world with life force. We're not going to cut down that tree. And if we do, we're going to offer something, you know, because it's a being just like us.” ~Jeremy Dutcher, Member of the Wolastoqiyik People of the Neqotkuk 


Today we’re listening to music that is an act of language revitalization and a crafted respon...

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[In Passamaquoddy] “And all of a sudden the sun begins to rise until everyone could see the sun. And the sun felt so nice and was very bright. The Knowledge Keeper says, ‘The People of the First Light know that the sun loves us.’” ~ Roger Paul, Passamaquoddy Language Keeper and Storyteller 

In Seedcast's second Sonic Journey, join the circle as we bear witness to a Wabanaki ceremony singing up the sun. We’ll listen to spoken wo...

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Imagine learning a language that is spoken by only a few hundred people—an Indigenous language that belongs to a people and a land that have been in relationship with each other for countless generations. This is the heart of our episode about Gwich’in language revitalization in the Boreal. 

Princess Daazhraii Johnson (Neets'aii Gwich'in) is an Indigenous TV and film producer on a patient journey of learning, rec...

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“I’ll always remember my grandfather’s stories... about what it means to be a Gwich'in person. We want our children to live like our Ancestors.” - Alisha Carlson, translation from Gwich’in 

We hope you’re ready for something different. In this episode of Seedcast, we’re going on a Sonic Journey, immersing ourselves in the words and sounds from a story told entirely in the Gwich’in language. “Diiyeghan naii Taii Tr’eedaa (We Wil...

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“It’s a radical act of solidarity in itself to take care of the Earth that we are all living on. We can’t be here without the nurturing that we get from the Earth.” ~Korina Emmerich 

Indigenous cultures have contributed to some of the most exquisite and incredible fashion designs that people wear today, and it’s no surprise that Indigenous fashion designers are thinking about their impact and how it affects climate change.  

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August 2, 2023 23 mins

Sometimes it’s important to go back to your roots. 

Seedcast is proud to re-release our third episode ever, an interview with filmmaker Brit Hensel (Cherokee Nation). When first released in December of 2020, our team was just beginning to learn how to produce a podcast. We still love the rawness and honesty of this conversation between Brit and host Jessica Ramirez. 

In this episode, Brit talks about the meaning of reciproc...

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“Pregnancy is a natural time to think about, ‘what is it that I'm going to pass down?’ For most of us, that is culture... our spirituality, our language, our food, and our connection to land.”    

Parenting is a cultural practice that has the power to heal historical trauma, according to Camie J. Goldhammer (mixed race heritage, Sisseton Wahpeton Oyate). She is a birth worker and lactation consultant who is devoted to supportin...

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Who are you? Where are you from? And who’s your mob? 

This new Seedcast Spotlight is coming from friends in Australia, and we love this opening question offered by Lore of the Land, because for Indigenous peoples, where you’re from and who your people are is at the center of stewarding the land we are connected to. 

Lore of the Land is a podcast produced by the Aboriginal Carbon Foundation. In this excerpt, host Sean Appoo ...

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“This Earth is an island, just like we inhabit Hawai’i as an island. Island mentality [is] that you live in this place that's confined in geography and limited in resources. Because of that, you depend on the community that you live with to take care of each other and to steward those resources in a meaningful way.” 

Justyn Ah Chong (Kānaka Maoli) is a climate storyteller who guides creative projects in support of Indigenous la...

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