Seldon Crisis – The Podcast

Seldon Crisis – The Podcast

A personal exploration of Isaac Asimov's Foundation epic, including commentary and analysis.


April 12, 2021 3 mins

Trailer introducing Seldon Crisis – The Podcast. Summary description of the intent of the podcast and a brief description of the first few episodes.

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Mark as Played

Young scientist Gaal Dornick travels to the imperial capital Trantor to work with the great psychohistorian Hari Seldon. Shortly after his arrival both are arrested and stand trial for disturbing the peace, due to Seldon's predictions of imminent catastrophe for the Empire. Seldon duels with Chief Commissioner of Public Safety Linge Chen, to secure their release and lay the seeds of renaissance in a Foundation upon the dis...

Mark as Played
April 30, 2021 34 mins

The action shifts to the tiny planet of Terminus near the galactic fringe where Hari Seldon's team of scientists work on compiling the Encyclopedia Galactica central to their plans. The young Foundation is confronted with a powerful menace in the breakaway Kingdom of Anacreon, and it appears the Emperor is now powerless to defend them. A new figure emerges in the Mayor of Terminus City, Salvor Hardin, who has to use his wi...

Mark as Played
May 14, 2021 50 mins

Mayor Salvor Hardin now leads the government of Terminus and the Foundation, but is threatened politically by the emergent Actionist Party headed by the young firebrand Sef Sermak. The Anacreonian military threat is greater than ever, but is momentarily controlled by the Foundation's use of a false religion based on nuclear technology. A new king will soon take the throne in Anacreon, controlled by a regent intent on attac...

Mark as Played
May 28, 2021 30 mins

Limmar Ponyets is a dashing profiteer on the galactic fringe who gets drawn into a life or death struggle to free a fellow Foundation comrade who also happens to be a secret agent. The Grand Master of Askone is not one to let a prime hostage escape without payment of a high price – preferably in the form of a large amount of shiny gold. His ambitious counselor, however, may have a price of his own.

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Mark as Played
June 11, 2021 68 mins

One of the enduring and mythic figures in Foundation history, Hober Mallow, follows in the footsteps of Hari Seldon and Salvor Hardin in facing a truly existential crisis in the growing power of the Korellian Republic, a breakaway star system that may have a very powerful ally deep in the galactic core. Can he find a way to resolve the latest and most troubling Seldon crisis to date? Join us for the concluding chapter of t...

Mark as Played

To finish off Season 1 of Seldon Crisis and the completion of the first book in the original trilogy, Foundation, this special episode consists of an interview with Professor of Philosophy Nathaniel Goldberg. He will discuss his long running course, Philosophy and Science Fiction, in which he asks students to compare Isaac Asimov's Foundation trilogy with Plato's The Republic. Professor Goldberg talks about his passion and...

Mark as Played

In this short episode we summarize the major characters and events of Season 1 covering the first novel, Foundation, in Isaac Asimov's seven novel epic, and tease a few of the major events to be covered in Season 2 corresponding to the novel Foundation and Empire. Also, a brief mention of the Apple TV+ upcoming TV series and a few callouts to the Foundation online community.

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If y...

Mark as Played
July 23, 2021 47 mins

Seldon Crisis returns with the second in the seven novel saga, Foundation and Empire, and the opening of The General, which tells the story of the young and brilliant General Bel Riose's attempt to destroy the growing, but still minute Foundation. He is opposed by an old veteran of a tragic civil conflict and a fearless Foundation trader, but most of all by the dead hand of Hari Seldon and powers of psychohistory.


Mark as Played
August 6, 2021 5 mins

Brief comments in the interval between episodes, thoughts on the intended audience, and an explanation for shift to a more relaxed episode cadence.

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While you wait for the conclusion to The General, please have a listen to my cosmic rock opera!

  • Planet and Sky, a cosmic love story - the rock opera by The Max Wyvern Band (full album on Bandcamp)
  • Planet and Sky, the deeper story - ...
Mark as Played
August 20, 2021 47 mins

We pick up where we left off with the meager Foundation reeling from the onslaught of the Empire's great general Bel Riose. The Emperor's sycophantic envoy Brodrig joins him at the front and insists on personally interrogating the captured spy, Lathan Devers. He and Ducem Barr plot a means to bribe Brodrig, but he surprises them by bribing Devers instead for information on Riose's hidden plans. The two heroes find an oppor...

Mark as Played
September 3, 2021 21 mins

We go a little deeper on the theme of The General, the opposing forces of psychohistorical determinism vs the futile efforts of Bel Riose to exert his free will against it. Bringing this into our current universe, we talk about Thomas Carlisle's "Great Man" theory of history and some of the pushback against it. Your host then takes it into the personal realm with some reflections on a couple of modern candidates for "Great...

Mark as Played
September 22, 2021 15 mins

This brief episode is for any prospective watchers of the new Apple TV+ Foundation television series who have not yet read the books and are looking for a quick primer on the series. The new show will likely cover at least the first two chapters of the first book, so that is what I focus on in this episode, with a little more general overview of the remainder of Foundation and Foundation and Empire.

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Mark as Played
September 24, 2021 73 mins

We begin the grand story of the unconsidered variable in Hari Seldon's equations, a mutant being of indescribable powers known only as the Mule. He conquers worlds overnight, including the honeymoon destination of Bayta and Toran Darrell. There they meet a clown fleeing from the planet's new lord, the Mule himself. They also encounter Captain Han Pritcher from the security forces, and eventually the Foundation's greatest s...

Mark as Played
October 8, 2021 15 mins

I share some thoughts on the new AppleTV+ adaptation of Isaac Asimov's Foundation series from the perspective of someone who loves the books and wants the elements that make it a beloved classic to me to be retained, but also one who is aware of the challenges of adapting a series of novels written almost 80 years ago to a modern audience. Does it honor Asimov's core concepts? Are the departures valid? Will the showrunner ...

Mark as Played
November 5, 2021 53 mins

Foundation has fallen to the Mule and the proud citizens of Terminus are shocked and dismayed. Haven is under siege and our heroes make a mad dash for the center of the Galaxy to find clues to the location of the fabled Second Foundation, the only hope of stopping the Mule from his goal of total galactic conquest. Join Toran & Bayta Darell with Ebling Mis and Magnifico the clown as they seek the ruins of the Imperial L...

Mark as Played
November 19, 2021 56 mins

Bayta & Toran Darell, Ebling Mis, and Magnifico arrive on the ruined former capital planet of Empire, Trantor. Mis searches frantically in Hari Seldon's psychohistorical archives while their old friend Han Pritcher pays a visit to brag about his promotion under a new boss. Can our heroes find the Second Foundation before the Mule? The fate of the entire galaxy is at stake!

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December 3, 2021 10 mins

A brief look at the three mysterious Greek goddesses who were imagined to shape human destiny, and how Hari Seldon chose to challenge their authority. A look at what we must do in our current time, with our own fateful challenges, to be like Hari.

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The Fates - the Destiny Goddesses

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Mark as Played
December 17, 2021 72 mins

A wide-ranging conversation with astrophysicist Stephen Webb, owner of all the canonical works of Isaac Asimov save for a couple of wall charts. Dr. Webb talks about Asimov the teacher, speculations on the distant future of humanity in the galaxy, the plausibility of psychohistory, faster than light travel, robots with positronic brains, other favorite science fiction authors, and the biggest question of all – are we alone...

Mark as Played
December 24, 2021 49 mins

A little holiday sampler collecting some of my favorite scenes from the series so far including; Seldon maneuvering Ling Chen into granting him exile, a bit of Lord Dorwin, Hardin vs Wienis on Anacreon, Ponyets vs the Grand Master of Askone, Mallow with Commdor Asper on Korell, Ducem Barr and Bel Riose discussing great man theory, Sgt Luc's fatal charge, a meeting with Magnifico, tea time with Dagobert, and the unexpected ...

Mark as Played

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