Sensory W.I.S.E. Solutions Podcast for Parents

Sensory W.I.S.E. Solutions Podcast for Parents

Calling all parents! Do you have a neurodivergent child with sensory processing challenges or Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD)? Looking for some practical tips and advice from an Occupational Therapist’s expert in sensory development? This podcast is for you! Every week, Laura Petix, (aka The OT Butterfly) will educate you on the impact that sensory processing has on your child’s learning and behavior. She’ll teach you the why behind your child’s behavior, how to identify their sensory profiles, how to support them using sensory strategies and how you can engage with them using the just right challenge. Being a parent of a child with SPD can feel so isolating, but Laura’s here to let you know, you are not alone. Get comfy, press play and imagine yourself hanging out with your new OT mom bestie.


June 17, 2024 37 mins

Are you a late diagnosed adult with childhood trauma relating to their missed/ignored neurodivergent needs who is NOW trying to provide better support for their own neurodivergent child? *Sigh* us too. Join Marcela Collier, certified parenting coach and neurodivergent mom to discuss our journey to accepting our neurodivergent brains and advocating for our own needs so we can better show up for our kids. 

Marcela Collier is a ce...

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It’s 2024, self-pleasure, masturbation, orgasms…. It’s one of the most natural, fun, immediate ways to regulate our bodies, why should we be ashamed of it? Listen in to this unfiltered discussion about changes to intimacy after becoming parents and how burnt out, touched out moms can start getting bringing sexy back!

Dr. Tracy Dalgleish helps empower women and couples to improve their communication and build strong and healthy ...

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Dr. Miyabe Shields, is a Ph.D. pharmaceutical scientist who specialized in the structural biochemistry of the endocannabinoid system for drug discovery. They have received national and international recognition for their pre-doctoral research in the endocannabinoid system and industrial accomplishments in the cannabis and emerging psychedelics industries.

After co-founding a cannabis research startup post-PhD, they delved into ...

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Restaurants are a multi-sensory experience, and if you've got a neurodivergent child, you know that multi-sensory doesn't always necessarily mean a good thing. Between the sensory overload, confined space and social expectations of "behaving" in a restaurant, it makes sense why eating out as a family feels stressful for some families. Today I'll peel back the layers and talk about the specific triggers that...

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Whether attending other celebrations or hosting your own, birthday parties can often be overwhelming due to sensory and emotional regulation challenges. However, with proper preparation and accommodations, we can minimize distress and help our neurodivergent kids fully participate and enjoy the experience. In this episode, I'll share my go-to strategies for birthday party guest OR host preparation. 


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Tune in to hear us discuss the benefits of nature-based occupational therapy with Dr. Laura Park Figueroa. We explore how incorporating natural elements into therapy can help children build skills while regulating their nervous systems. I share some of my own experiences as an "indoor cat" to highlight how nature-based approaches aren’t always inherently sought out, but still incredibly important. 

Dr. Laura Park...

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Have you ever wondered what it’s like to live as an undiagnosed Autistic person living in a neurotypical world? Maybe you’re a parent to a nonspeaking child or a child who’s too young to be able to properly express their experience. Learning from actually Autistic adults is one of the most valuable things you can do for your Autistic child and other Autistic individuals in the world, and today, we’re lucky enough to be hearing from...

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This week I'm diving into some sneaky reasons why some sensory kids might be wigglers that have nothing to do with needing more movement. Prepare to get your mind blown as I break down the connection between core strength, posture, and focus. I'll also give you tons of do's and don'ts for supporting these kiddos in the classroom. By the end you'll be armed with all the deets to help your little learner shin...

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As an OT, I often get asked how parents should explain why their child has to go to Occupational Therapy visits.

In this episode,  parents will have some guidance on preparing children for evaluations, answering their questions about therapy, and explaining OT to siblings.

You'll learn simple scripts tailored to different child ages that will help demystify the process and make OT a more positive experience...

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Get ready for an info-packed episode on Occupational Therapy to celebrate this wonderful field in OT month (for U.S.).

 I shared how OT can help with all different kinds of challenges like motor skills, focusing, anxiety and sensory issues. Whether assessing needs, modifying environments or teaching regulating strategies, OTs have creative solutions to support kids' skills and behaviors. From building body awareness t...

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In this episode, I dive into why some kids – especially neurodivergent ones – thrive on routine and struggle when things change.

 As a neurodivergent adult and occupational therapist, I'll share insights into the sensory and cognitive challenges that can make even small changes feel like big disruptions. I'll also dish out practical tips for parents to support their neurodivergent kiddos through these transitions...

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Do you feel pulled in multiple directions trying to meet the unique sensory needs of each child in your home? In this episode, I’ll dish my top strategies for balancing the often conflicting sensory profiles within families.

You'll learn practical ways to create separate sensory spaces, set clear boundaries with alternatives, and rely on sensory layering to make any environment work for everyone. 

Whether you have an o...

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Parents, are you dealing with a kid who just constantly wakes up on the wrong side of the bed? NO matter what you do or offer them, they're just dysregulated no matter what. 

This episode is for you. I'll help you make sense of those non-sensical moods and give you an action plan to hopefully curb some of that dysregulation.  

Listen into learn: 

  • That chronic dysregulation is a real thing and some chi...
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In this episode, I'm exploring an approach I've found really effective called collaborative problem-solving. I'll break down the steps so you can understand the process. And I'll share a real example from my own parenting journey - what happened when I tried validating my daughter's perspective and attacking the problem objectively (minimizing emotions) to find a creative solution that she could agree to? C...

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 I wanted to share a new concept I've been thinking about called the "nervous system budget." Basically, it's a way to visualize how different tasks and environments affect our nervous systems. I'll explain how we all have a limited amount of "nervous system cash" each day, and how certain things can cost more than others. 

I'll also give some ideas for how parents can help kids spen...

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Dr. Alex Reed is a clinical psychologist who specializes in the assessment and support of neurodevelopmental diagnoses across the lifespan 

Alex and I are both contributors in Dr. Becky’s goodinside community- a movement and platform that we really enjoy supporting. Alex and I have so many sideline conversations about neurodiversity and are constantly sharing resources and posts that speak to our souls— they usually have to do ...

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February 26, 2024 26 mins

Liliana surprises me every single day. She’s intelligent, well spoken, mature, empathetic and so so caring. You can see all of those qualities through her in this episode, which was in part created by you who submitted questions for her to answer!

In this episode, you’ll hear Liliana give advice about

  • What to do when you’re worried about going to school
  • What to do when you can’t fall asleep
  • Her favorite calming techniques
  • What ...
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We cannot co-regulate our kids if we aren’t regulated ourselves. And most of us (I’m raising both of my hands here) need to make extra effort to activate our parasympathetic nervous system because our sympathetic nervous systems can go into overdrive so quickly as parents to neurodivergent kids. Chronic dysregulation and chronic sympathetic nervous system activation is definitely a THING, our kids can experience, and we can too. An...

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Let's normalize screen time use in whatever way works for your family. I know as parents we are CONSTANTLY bombarded by a list of shoulds and shouldn’ts and really big, click-baity headlines that really create a lot of fear and guilt among parents. You see this for almost every childhood concern, but I see it a lot around screens. And in 2024, we’re definitely not decreasing our kids’ exposure to screens so let’s lean into it ...

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Dr. Joy and I chat about why nervous system regulation is so important for parents and kids to understand, and how you can start to explain it to them. We then touch on how you expand the knowledge of nervous system regulation into understanding that some brains and bodies are different, and their nervous system regulation (and finding the green energy) can look different for neurodivergent kids. 

Dr. Joy Malik-Hasbrook, P...

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