Sensory W.I.S.E. Solutions Podcast for Parents

Sensory W.I.S.E. Solutions Podcast for Parents

Calling all parents! Do you have a neurodivergent child with sensory processing challenges or Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD)? Looking for some practical tips and advice from an Occupational Therapist’s expert in sensory development? This podcast is for you! Every week, Laura Petix, (aka The OT Butterfly) will educate you on the impact that sensory processing has on your child’s learning and behavior. She’ll teach you the why behind your child’s behavior, how to identify their sensory profiles, how to support them using sensory strategies and how you can engage with them using the just right challenge. Being a parent of a child with SPD can feel so isolating, but Laura’s here to let you know, you are not alone. Get comfy, press play and imagine yourself hanging out with your new OT mom bestie.


December 4, 2023 40 mins

Listen in as I discuss important signs parents can look for to determine if a therapist or clinic is neurodiverse affirming so they can make the most informed decision when looking into therapy providers for their neurodivergent child.

episode on making the most out of OT services

Sensory Detectives Waitlist (next cohort: early 2024)
Episode transcript:

The OT Butterf...

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In this episode, I explore one of the most nuanced topics in parenting - the use of labels for children. As an OT and mom to a sensory sensitive child, I've seen firsthand both the pros and cons that labels can bring. I discuss my own journey in understanding different perspectives on labels and how my views have evolved. Listeners will gain insight into why labels are so meaningful to some, yet controversial to others. I also...

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In this episode, I share my top comebacks for dealing with judgmental comments about parenting a neurodivergent child. As parents, we've all experienced unwanted advice or passive aggressive remarks from friends and family about our parenting style or our child's behavior. But it can be hard to know how to respond without causing conflict.

I'll provide a variety of polite, informative, and sassy responses you can have...

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In this episode, Laura Petix interviews Casey Ehrlich, a social scientist and expert in Pathological Demand Avoidance (PDA). Casey shares her personal story of discovering her son's PDA diagnosis and journey to understanding. She discusses PDA as a dysregulated nervous system perceiving threats to autonomy. Casey provides 5 key accommodation strategies for supporting PDA needs, including letting kids win games, using declarati...

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I recently had an open discussion with my instagram audience on whether or not someone with a clinical diagnosis of anxiety would be considered neurodivergent. This stemmed from an inner conflict I was experiencing and trying to decide– am I neurodivergent? 

I actually shared a more in depth view of where I stand on this topic personally and it’s in the previous episode, 88 if you want to go back and listen to that after this. 


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October 30, 2023 35 mins

It all started when a 4th grader at my daughter’s school asked me if I’m neurodivergent after I finished doing a read aloud of my book to their school. And I don’t know why but I stumbled over my words. 

I kept thinking about it over and over again that day and then shared it to my stories with a question, am I neurodivergent? 

Sensory Detectives Waitlist (next cohort: early 2024)
Episode transcript: htt...

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We talk a lot about noticing when your child becomes dysregulated and paying attention to their behaviors so you can identify a pattern, but what if the pattern isn't obvious?

There are 4 main questions that you could be thinking about to help narrow down patterns around your child's behavior and I'm sharing them with you today.

You'll also get to hear testimony from previous sensory detectives...

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Are you searching for the answers to help stop a certain behavior that keeps coming up for your child? Maybe they’re always hitting or yelling; maybe they are getting notes sent home from school that they’re not paying attention or keeps disrupting class.

Before you can look for solutions to stop the behavior, you need to understand why the behavior is occurring. And the first place to look for the answer to that question is in...

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October 9, 2023 18 mins

Have you ever wondered how to help your child understand or process a certain life event, like when a pet dies, or when a friend moves away? 

Or maybe you’ve wondered what’s the best way to prepare your child for something that’s going to happen like moving houses, welcoming a new sibling to the family or even going to the dentist?

Perhaps you’ve needed to find a way to talk about a certain behavior or challenge that keeps ...

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Have you ever used a combination of sensory inputs and sensory tools to build this ultimate, customized sensory strategy for your child? Mixing and matching, adding on or taking away sensory input? 

If so- you’re already a pro at sensory layering. If not, give this episode a listen to understand how you can use what I call “sensory layering” to enhance nervous system regulation. 

Sensory Detectives Waitlist (next cohort: ea...

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Many of us are back into the swing of things at school, and with that comes so much more dysregulation! In this season premiere episode, we’re talking about where that dysregulation comes from and how you can try to get ahead of it (key word: try!). 

You’ll learn: 

  • What dysregulated behaviors are common to see after school 
  • How after school restraint collapse looks different for neurodivergent kids
  • Some immediate ways to regul...
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The transition to summer comes with so many emotions and behaviors, it can be really exhausting. There are ways to support your neurodivergent child through this transition.

In this episode, you’ll learn: 

  • Why the transition from end of school to summer vacation is difficult
  • How to handle big feelings around the end of school 
  • How to optimize regulation at home 
  • How to structure your time at home 

Sensory Detectives Wa...

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I wanted to create a kids book about neurodiversity not only to help our neurodivergent kids feel seen and represented in a positive light, BUT also to help educate the greater population, the neurotypical population about what neurodiversity means- to foster more inclusion, to take control of the narrative about neurodiversity and change it more from a conversation centered around ableism and make it more about just differences- h...

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One of the big topics I talk about and something i joke will be written on my tomb stone one day is “Sensory is behavior” i’m always trying to reframe the debate “is it sensory or is it behavior?” because everything that we’re noticing our kids do is a behavior, but what parents/teachers want to get to the root of is “is this kid doing this thing on purpose or is it out of their control?” 

So what I try to reframe for them is i...

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Kindermusik  is a  purposefully created multisensory music and movement program for ages 0-7 that provides neurodivergent children the opportunity to improve in all learning areas by consciously stimulating the whole brain.

Kindermusik creates shared research-based curricula that:

  • Empower educators
  • Strengthen family and teacher-child relationships
  • Enhance community connections
  • Build a deep-rooted love for learning

while pro...

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Tune in to this episode to learn about: 

  • What is repair and restitution and why are they important?
  • When should a parent repair with their child? 
  • What we should do when we’re in a constant cycle of rupture and repair.
  • The power of re-writing the story 
  • What does it sound like for a parent to repair? 
  • How to facilitate repair from your child, even when they don’t want to

With Myla Leinweber B.Ed, M.Ed, PCI Certified Par...

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Tune in for this short but sweet episode where I interviewed my 5 year old about some of the things we talk about often at home, including

  • how she expresses her emotions
  • what she thinks about everyone having feelings
  • how meltdowns are handled and how she prefers to handle them
  • what it's like being sensory sensitive

Podcast transcript:
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Do you have a child who avoids, is fearful of, or has meltdowns around sensory triggers related to: 

  • wearing certain clothes/fabrics/shoes/socks
  • eating a variety of foods
  • being around loud sounds/busy environments
  • getting their hands or skin messy/sticky
  • hygiene tasks like taking a bath, washing their hair or brushing their hair

This episode takes you through my 4 step process (W.I.S.E.) to supporting them through this at home!<...

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May 15, 2023 27 mins

In this unscripted episode, I catch you up to speed with where we are with emotional and sensory regulation. Spoiler alert- Liliana is THRIVING. I talk about some of the big, foundational, anchoring concepts we focused on that I feel have made a huge  impact in getting to where we are today. 

You'll hear me talk about

  • Whether or not I think development/age plays a factor in her progress
  • The top 5 game discussions/co...
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Educating your kids about how their brain and bodies work can be a game changer when it comes to supporting their regulation. When we give them the cheat sheet to how their brain works, they can start to understand why certain things are hard for them, and why they may have certain quirks or behaviors. More importantly, when we educate our kids about how their brain and bodies work, it can give them the language to self advocate wi...

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