She Is Restored

She Is Restored

She Is Restored Podcast is a faith led self and life development podcast that focuses on identifying the root of your anxiety and how to shift your mindset, behaviours and discipline to build on your self awareness in order to live a life Holy Spirit led, thriving and serving God at the centre of all you do. This podcast offers a behavioural psychology approach to personal development paired with scripturally exploration to grow in God’s truth as you rise above anxiety and life a healthier, peaceful life in Christ.


May 8, 2024 24 mins

Are you feeling weighed down by decisions, circumstances or outcomes of your past? 


Are you constantly feeling like you’re going to let yourself down, so why bother change? 

Maybe you’ve recently started a journey towards making changes and find the head noise is a lot. 

this episode will meet you where you are. 

Finding that grace, hope and truth in Christ will always be what sets you free, 


and even more so is what will...

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I took the time this episode to share a bit of what I've been up to recently and how the Lord has really called me to go deeper in my relationship with him and what that has looked like for my life and business. He has made so much clear in my life recently that has thrown me for loops that I did not understand, however, remained steadfast in my faith. He is the only light that shines truth and healing and in this episode I dive ...

Mark as Played
March 7, 2024 52 mins

This episode is different than the ones you may be used to, This episode is sharing a dream turned prophecy I received from God, This is something that comes to all of us the closer we grow to him. I am not perfect, nor am I any more chosen than you, And I am grateful to have been gifted this dream to share with you. Get honest, clear and concise with your devotion to God's word, pray over all your trailing circumstances and bles...

Mark as Played

Do you struggle with goal dismorphia? What is this?  It's when you decide on a goal(s) and within the first few days, maybe even a week(s) you give up because your goal begins to feel unattainable.  It feels like you have to far to go, or once again its just not going to work. We've been hyper conditioned to see other people in the RESULTS we desire and when we step out to accomplish them ourselves we become displeased and feel le...

Mark as Played

This episode breaks down a passage with language you might recognize from new age. This episode is not about condoning new age, rather helping you to understand truly how deeply God's words are trying to help you become better, and how he is calling you to be fortified In him. 

We battle not against flesh and blood but against spiritual warfare, There is a peace we are all offered but our decrement and continuation to stay close t...

Mark as Played

Coming back to centre, and feeling like everything is for a reason; living on purpose when you are overwhelmed with life, circumstances or your own personal doings can feel like an impossible thing. However,  I offer that regardless of what you are navigating and no matter what season of life you are in there truly is a purpose in everything. This epsiode offers your breakthrough moment to see through your storms and live on purpo...

Mark as Played
January 24, 2024 69 mins

Are you tired of getting stuck in your head? Not being able to make clear decisions, let alone staying consistent in them?  Are you tired of Feeling awkward in crowds, even if its around people you know? Are you done with feeling not good enough or beautiful enough when you're getting dressed... or even undressed.. in your own home? This episode is designed to bring the awareness to how self doubt is ruling over your life and HOW...

Mark as Played

In this epsiode Rylee breaks down what a true Ego death is and why spiritualists don't actually understand how to help you to go through one, or properly explain it.  This is a new age concept that was taken from biblical truth and perverted and turned into a self idolizing and worshipping notion that truly only can happen through God. If you are struggling to have and maintain inner peace and joy, even through your hardships, it...

Mark as Played

In this episode Rylee shares a powerful message received from God during an anxious fit.  Have you ever woken up and it feels like the world is against you, even though nothing is wrong or different. Anxiety and anger take over and you just feel this overwhelming boiling feeling of emotions you cant seem to ditch? That was Rylee's experience a few days ago and in surrendering those feelings to God, this is what he shared with her...

Mark as Played

This episode is designed to support you in ensuring that inner peace is attainable in your self and life in 2024. Rylee breaks down 3 themes that are going to continue to cause more and more people intense problems if not taken care of in this year ahead! From themes to solutions this episode will help you shape how you experience your year ahead! Recommendations: Sandra Joe - Financial Stability & Growth Dr. Jacque - Naturop...

Mark as Played

This episode will really bring you back to intention surrounding what this time of the year truly means. 


I dive into why you are more likely to be stuck in high anxiety, over spend, and under appreciate this time of year 


I share ways for you to come back to neutral and intention while keeping your eyes on God during this time 


and why it’s important to not just listen to this but to recognizing your patterns and behaviours ...

Mark as Played
November 27, 2023 29 mins

This episode is an excerpt from The Destiny Moments Week 3 training on what building better habits truly requires and where you need to start above all else for a life time of sustainable success. Jump into the Destiny Moment for program today! Click Here Follow me on instagram Join the free Anxious Free Mama community

Mark as Played

In this episode Rylee dives into how the word is your discipline, and how God calls you to train like a 1st place athlete.


Ate you evolve in your faith and life you are called to look past your own understanding and be an active participant in the race that you’re in whether you like it or not. 


This episode paints the perspective of what it means to be led by the Holy Spirit vs. The Spirit of Poverty and what you can do to bre...

Mark as Played
November 12, 2023 57 mins

In this epsiode Rylee shares about her walk to Jesus and the 3 signs that tipped her off to recognizing how self idolizing and entrapping the New Age realm truly is.  Coming to Christ is not for the faint of heart, and it is an experience and freedom I truly believe is the only way to heal for good and alleviate your anxieties.  There is many people coming to christ and unsure of what to do, how to still seek healing without dipp...

Mark as Played

One of the biggest challenges people who come into their faith navigate is how those who don't believe in Jesus consistently challenge, rebuke, and scoff at someone having faith. Equally, the challenge comes in believers not understanding that through the miracles that even friends and family could have lived through with you, how they do not see the value and inherent importance in Jesus. This episode will shine light on not onl...

Mark as Played
October 29, 2023 33 mins

In this episode Rylee dives into how to take a step back from your own thoughts and beliefs and look at the bigger picture of how you are showing up in your life. Your view of yourself, life and the world plays a big role on how you live, act and respond in your day to day life. From how you manage relationships, the boundaries you struggle to uphold, time management challenges, how you navigate motherhood, your health, your confi...

Mark as Played

In this episode Rylee breaks down how to use your discernment to self reflect on whether the guidance, desires and goals you are striving for in your life is direction from the Lord  Or if it is guidance from the enemy.  A transformed heart in Christ will set your path straight (proverbs 3:5-7) and the enemy has a way of flattering us to pull us back into the world.  Spiritual warfare is a real thing, Rylee makes the case of the...

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In this episode I drop some spicy truth bombs about what its going to require for you to take back control of your life from Anxiety.  2 years ago my coach dove into a conversation similar to this with me, and it rocked my world. At first, not in a positive way, I was mad. after a couple of weeks after sitting with what she said I got it. It took a lot to lay down my pride and comfort levels to be able to understand she was right....

Mark as Played

In this episode I dive into what led me to finding the Lord, what these past 10 months have looked like for me and even more so the rapid transformation of these last 6 weeks. I dive into why its important for you to continue to do the inner work along side your faith, and how that allows you to feel and experience a greater relationship with Jesus when you take the time to unpack the sabotage the enemy is using within you to keep...

Mark as Played
October 3, 2023 37 mins

In this episode I dive into how the Deliverance movement is truly just the corruption of the New Age movement making its way into the minds and hearts of christians and those seeking the One True God. The deliverance movement is holding people hostage to the bondage of their sins and suffering through the theatrics and mass gatherings of attempting to display the miracle of God.  These attempts are often led through those mature ...

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