Shock Your Potential

Shock Your Potential

How do you Shock Your Potential? This conversational interview format features high performing businesses, organizations and entrepreneurs who are focused on Shocking Potential every single day. Each month boasts a theme that will support your business and/or career objectives, will strengthen your personal development, motivate you to be an agent for change, and more. Our Host, Michael Sherlock, may not look or sound like your typical podcast host, but she is absolutely serious about business and brings out the energy and dynamic character of every guest. This podcast is definitely worth a listen!


January 25, 2024 3 mins

At different times in our professional life, believe it or not we are sometimes good, sometimes bad and in some cases very rotten. Sometimes we can even transfer this to our personal lives as well.

Listen in!!

Are you ready to join our Enlightened Workplace Movement? An Enlightened Workplace is one where we move fully away from the old stereotypes of how work is done. We create something better, where...

  • There is a foundation o...
Mark as Played

Our guest today is the incredible Haley Walters, better known as Coach Haley, from Orange Theory Fitness in Houston, TX. Haley takes us on a journey from the corporate world’s doors to the corridors of fitness and health, sharing the profound impact it has had on her life. We learn how Yoga helped her shift perception, from what people thought about her, to how she felt about herself.

Haley paints us a picture of her commitment to ...

  • Mark as Played

    When you fall out of your usual patterns, do you feel rundown or like you're out of your zone of excellence?

    There are moments when having a routine might seem a bit boring, but one thing we often overlook is that when we're juggling various tasks at once without a clear pattern, we end up losing track of things along the way.

    In this episode, we're reminded of the importance of having a planning process and why it's crucial for us...

  • Mark as Played

    When we reflect back to being new in your job/career, you operated differently. In the beginning, you work hard to make a good impression. So why do we tend to change over time?

    When we’ve been in a job for a while, we tend to get familiar with our work and have patterns and tendencies that define who we are. What are you known for?

    In this episode, we challenge you to truly assess what you are known for, and to identify what might...

  • Mark as Played
    November 23, 2023 4 mins

    Have you ever taken time to ask yourself how your day is unfolding?

    Taking time to ask yourself what is going well in your day so far gives you a sense of completion. With the same energy, writing down what isn’t going on so well, shows your awareness of yourself and the tasks that you want to get off your desk. 

    When you reflect and see the good and the bad of your work so far, what does it accomplish? What do you feel you could d...

  • Mark as Played

    Are you weighed down by things that happened to you yesterday or today?

    We sometimes find ourselves starting the day with the baggage of what happened yesterday. This can take the shape of receiving feedback that throws us off balance, having an argument with a colleague, missing a deadline, or anything that makes us doubt our abilities.

    Discover how starting each day afresh is key to how you deliver day to day expectations.

    In thi...

  • Mark as Played

    Do you remember about your first interview?

    Were you nervous, scared, or anxious, or were you calm and collected?

    For most people, interviews tend to be very stressful, whether you are interviewing for a position or interviewing others for the position.

    In this episode we discuss how to best prepare for an interview whether as an interviewer or an interviewee and ensure that the process supports your career objectives.

    Listen in!


  • Mark as Played
    November 14, 2023 6 mins

    Do you really only get one chance to make a first impression?

    What job in your past or your present has really excited you? What kind of feelings did you have on the first day?

    Excitement? Happiness? Anxiety? Gratitude?

    Do you still feel those things?

    Over time in a job, we can lose the spark and energy of those first days. We forget what made it all exciting in the first place.

    In this episode, rediscover how you can enjoy each da...

  • What Would One Extra Hour a Day Mean to You?

    Would you really get more done if you had one more hour in your day, or do you need to engage in better planning? It’s hard to be productive when you aren’t even sure if you want to be productive, or if you just want to tick off boxes on a to-do list.

    What will being more productive actually do for you? Get you more sales? Get you more work? Make your boss happier? Give you opportunities...

  • Mark as Played
    October 31, 2023 10 mins

    Have you ever reached the end of your workday and realized that you didn't get anything done?

    Planning your day is only one part of the solution to time management. Knowing what you need to do, when you need to do it, and holding yourself accountable for results makes all the difference in whether you are seen as a valuable team member.

    Is Time in my Workday My Enemy, or My Friend?

    Listen in!

    Are you ready to join our Enlightened W...

  • Mark as Played

    What do you like about your organization?

    Find something that you like about your organization because this will help you better connect with your organization. In finding out how your values are reflected in the company you work in; this will help you have a sense of ownership.

    If you find no joy in the work that you do, then you may be hurting the organization. In the long run you may also be hurting your own career path.

    Listen ...

  • Mark as Played
    October 24, 2023 13 mins

    Have you ever asked; how do I show up?

    Mindfulness means real awareness of where you are at every moment of the day and your own reaction to the stimuli of the day. It’s a reflection of how you handle your tasks, how you are contributing to your environment and asking if there is something better.

    Stress at work is part of learning and growing but our own awareness of how this affect our output at work is what we need to find out. ...

  • Mark as Played

    Do you believe in your brand or do you feel like it’s an ideal what if?

    Living your statement every day begins by reading your brand statement every morning. Reminding yourself of what your expectations of yourself are, makes you more aware of areas that you are ding great and areas that need to be improved.

    Having a brand statement is key to being aware of the adjustments that you need to make in your day to day. Are you ready for...

  • Mark as Played

    What defines you as a person; personally, or professionally?

    Do you ever sit down and ask yourself, what do people say about me when I am in the room. What do they say about me when I am not in the room. Better yet how would I like to be described or talked about.

    Write down words that you feel describe you. Do you have the courage and confidence to ask others to describe you. Are these words what you expected?

    Having a brand is yo...

  • October 5, 2023 6 mins

    Am I ready to receive feedback?

    As you navigate your career, there are instances receiving feedback makes you uncomfortable. We are never ready to face what that discomfort means to us and most of the time we tend to want to avoid it as much as possible.

    Discomfort gives you a glimpse of areas you need to improve. If you are ready to face those discomfort areas, then you find ways to change and improve. Sometimes you can do it on y...

  • Mark as Played

    Have you lately asked yourself, the reason why you ask or not ask for feedback?

    We all need to hear back from our supervisors/ leaders and sometimes it’s hard to hear what they have to say. You may end up asking for feedback in the wrong way. Sometimes we may end up not asking for it because we don’t want to show our weaknesses.

    We want transformation, but we never want to change. We sometimes want to receive feedback from our lead...

    Mark as Played

    Have you ever asked yourself; if you are using the Roadmap or Navigation at work?

    A roadmap is what you interact with but you never interact with it. Navigation on the other hand give you a direct interaction with the work and you can better understand the task that has been given it you.

    Always know there are lots of ways to do the same thing but in order for you to know the challenges that you are to face, you need to interact wi...

  • Mark as Played
    September 27, 2023 7 mins

    Have you ever thought about the give and take with your employer when you need to deliver expectations?

    We might always want to get things done as asked by your leader, however without the proper understand of what is expected of you then you may end up delivering different expectations.

    Getting things done is very important but getting them done the way you are expected bring in the Wow factor and this is found through dialogue. A...

  • Mark as Played

    What is the first thing you do when you get to your desk?

    We might pick up right from where we left things the day before. Maybe we just take things as they come. Maybe we don’t really know where to start, so we start with the first thing in front of us.

    Getting things done is very important but getting them done in order of importance and urgency is equally important. What can we do to be more effective in our day? Listen in!

    Are ...

  • Mark as Played

    How many of us have ever looked at our to-do list and said, “I accomplished everything on it”? Or better yet, how many of us even have a to-do list?

    It’s very easy to flow with the day, to take it as it comes. Planning, however, ensures that you are doing the right thing at the right time, in the right way. Knowing what you will be doing at certain times of the day, gives you an awareness of;

    • When you are most effective.
    • What i...
    Mark as Played

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