Silent Strength with Invisible Warriors

Silent Strength with Invisible Warriors

”Silent Strength: Women Veterans’ Stories of Resilience” is a heartfelt podcast that shines a light on the experiences of women veterans navigating PTSD, MST, and invisible illnesses. Join us as we delve into the courageous journeys and unwavering resilience of these invisible warriors. Through powerful personal stories, insightful discussions, and expert interviews, we explore the impact of PTSD, MST, and chronic conditions on women veterans. From understanding the challenges they face to highlighting the support systems available, each episode offers a glimpse into the lives of these remarkable individuals. Discover self-care strategies, advocacy efforts, and empowering narratives that aim to uplift and empower women veterans on their path to healing and recovery. Our podcast is a beacon of hope, a platform for connection, and a source of inspiration for women veterans seeking solidarity, understanding, and community. Join us on ”Silent Strength” as we amplify the voices, celebrate the resilience, and honor the silent strength of women veterans who continue to stand tall in the face of adversity. Together, let’s listen, learn, and support each other in this journey of healing and empowerment.


July 22, 2024 22 mins
Silent Strength, women vets and Invisible Warriors

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Introduction to Invisible Warriors @ 0:09

Nancy Becher introduces Invisible Warriors, a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting women veterans dealing with PTSD, military trauma, and invisible illnesses. The organization aims to provide specialized resources and build a supportive community for these often overlooked heroes.

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Managing chronic pain is overwhelming for those living with and providing treatment for chronic pain. The demand of patients’ complex needs cause provider burnout, while chronic pain sufferers describe their experience as an “invisible disability”. I crushed three vertebrae after a fall from a balcony leading to excruciating pain in my neck, back, and entire body. I know first-hand how chronic pain leads to significant depressio...

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March 6, 2024 26 mins
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Pain is a very large part of chronic illness but it is not a hopeless situation. Melissa has devoted her life to studying and dealing with issues regarding chronic pain. This episode delves deeply into what it is and how to deal with it.

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December 26, 2023 38 mins

Deb Krier talks about her initiative which primarily works with people dealing with cancer and medical personnel treating them. She emphasizes the need to take charge of one's own care and advocates for treating patients as individuals rather than just their conditions.

Being diagnosed with stage four metastatic breast cancer that is triple positive in 2015, and how it is affecting her life she talks about the o...

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Managing Chronic Pain: Tools and Techniques for Everyday Life

In this episode we dive deep on practical strategies for managing chronic pain so you can function and find some relief during flare ups. Our guest expert shares what’s worked for her after years living with widespread nerve pain from fibromyalgia.

Key Tips Covered:

- Creating an adaptable self-care routine to promote rest, mindfulness, gentle movement and stress relief ...

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Lori Seitz founded a business called Zen Rabbit, which initially involved making and marketing a product called 'The Gratitude Cookie'.  Being grateful can improve one's outlook on life and highlight different ways to cultivate gratitude in their daily routines. Practicing gratitude should come naturally and not be turned into another chore on the to-do list. Lori challenges us to read Chapter Seven of the book "The Science of G...

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I had a stroke nine years ago, which divided their life into pre and post-stroke. They used to work in marketing but can no longer do so due to the stroke. They now prioritize their family, friends, and community, considering everything else as a bonus. They find it strange how their perspective on life changed. Aphasia is a condition where a person is unable to communicate effectively through speaking, writing, reading, or unde...

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October 12, 2023 45 mins

Glenn Williams shares that he has two invisible disabilities, one of them being type 1 diabetes which he has dealt with since he was 15 years old. The speakers discuss their experiences with restaurants improperly handling the presence of service dogs, giving specific examples of illegal acts committed by restaurants. Mr. Williams recalls an unpleasant experience where he was yelled at by someone for having a service dog with hi...

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Living with an invisible disability is a highly individualized experience, shaped by the nature and severity of the specific condition. These disabilities encompass a wide range of health issues, from chronic pain and mental health disorders to autoimmune diseases and neurological conditions. What sets them apart is their hidden nature, making it challenging for others to grasp the daily struggles and limitations faced by those aff...

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It can take 5-7 years to get a correct diagnosis for a chronic illness. Many people with chronic illnesses are misdiagnosed with psychological conditions and are prescribed antidepressant medications.

A large scale awareness is required about chronic illnesses and their handling. Many are grappling with understanding their illness and are not sure how to handle their diagnosis and treatment plans. Further Advocacy is needed for doc...

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August 31, 2023 47 mins


Discussion on how health professionals' lack of awareness towards invisible disabilities impacts patients' mental health.

Benjamin speaks on the need for training in emotional well-being for doctors and explores the idea that overtraining in clinical aspects causes neglect of the human elements of healthcare.

The speaker describes how individuals can start taking control of their inner experience by understanding and ma...

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June 27, 2023 20 mins

One of every two adult Americans lives with at least one chronic illness (often called invisible illnesses). The disability community is the largest minority in the world. Yet, instead of feeling inclusive and wrapped in camaraderie, too many of us feel alone, less valued, and less worthy. 

What We Want to Achieve: 

  • a better-informed medical community that understands and respects us a travel indust...
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As a woman, do you feel like you're in charge of your healthcare?

As a woman, do you feel like you're informed about your own health?

Are you confidently managing or are you unknowingly mismanaging your health?

In this episode, Host Nancy Becher and guest Susan Salenger answers these questions. Susan is the Author of SIDELINED: How Women Manage & Mismanage Their Health, and examines the many ways in which women manage and sometimes...

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Did you know that you can be diagnosed without a scan or other tests revealing anything to be wrong?

Did you know that there's science available to determine the diagnosis without symptoms that can be tested?

I know that's a huge statement, but there are times where doctors diagnose patients with "diagnosis of exclusion." Take IBS, or Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Symptoms may present as one diagnosis, but after rigorous testing, the o...

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Do you have small children fighting for their life?

Do you struggle with health complications, or do your children struggle with health complications?

Have you ever felt helpless in pain, suffered in silence, and wished you'd wake up from a bad dream?

This is Erica Johansen's reality. Her infant son had brain cancer and has had 3 surgeries just to repair the damage from cancer and strokes. There are other complications she is faced...

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How does someone with a chronic illness make themselves feel beautiful or feel positive about themselves?

How does someone who suffers in silence with chronic pain push themselves to put on a smile all day long?

Are you tired of feeling like a victim or made to feel like one?

In this episode, Dr. Carly Hudson talks about her journey and how she pushes past the pain to feel better. After everything she has been through, her mission ...

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