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SimpleBiz360™ Podcast

The SimpleBiz360™ Podcast highlights customer-pleasing, overlooked and ignored business principles rooted in common sense. Each 10-20 minute release strives to deliver insightful questions, impactful ideas, and infotainment quality.


May 23, 2024 5 mins

Today we wrap up our six-part series on The Experience Economy.

Subjectivity rules the landscape of this economy, so measuring the results of your efforts is challenging. The proof of success will be evident with healthier repeat transaction, and referral rates. The five-phase pathway is a mindset shift, and by shifting, a positive outcome will become organic and natural. Here is quick recap of episodes 235-239 that highli...

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Today we cover the GAME CHANGER! 
End of the paragraph. 
End of the chapter. 
End of the story. 

The Experience Economy rewards professionals that consistently perform these three, simple actions. 80% of vendors regularly fail at this. By doing these things, you automatically join a small group of 20%. This small group of businesses will be well-positioned for a bevy of repeat and referral transact...

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Installment number four, of our six-part series, examines customer micro-journeys.

Businesses often create dozens of small, customer experiences during the transaction process. It is in these small segments of the purchase that favorable impressions can be won, or lost. Better yet, these components often carry the weight of success or failure in the mind’s eye of the customer. As an example, this episode covers the 39 Stan...

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Our third installment of the Experience Economy series is all about finding commonality in a sea of uniqueness. 

The golden thread of the Experience Economy is to pre-answer common questions before our customers ask them. Getting ahead of our buyers allow us to demonstrate unparalleled respect for their time, money, and mission. The Pareto Principle becomes a close ally as we all try to tune into WIIFM!

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Join us for the second installment of our six-episode series about the Experience Economy.

What is the epicenter of our corporate goals and objectives? Do we have our priorities pointing at the right target? Where does customer perception fit into the puzzle of our operational centricities? Do we embrace a company-first, or a customer-first mindset? The Experience Economy is notorious for slowly dissolving companies that consistentl...

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Join us for the first installment of our six-episode series about the Experience Economy.

What is the Experience Economy? How does it operate? What does it look, and feel like? What do other voices have to say? In this kick-off show we share 10-12 other voices that help us build a foundation of understanding. Once we set the cornerstone, we deliver five additional broadcasts that explore essential ingredients vital to succ...

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“Ghosting” is a societal trend that is taking up more office space then ten, twenty or thirty years ago.

Today we find various businesses choosing to ignore difficult customer questions, concerns, issues, and tedious follow through. Buyer frustration continues to mount, as vendors are absent, and unwilling to respond. Companies are utilizing these operational mechanisms with alarming frequency. Bad news is often on the hor...

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Crafty, cagey, cunning, corrupt, and creative, SPINIPULATORS are a unique breed of business people that cause workplace havoc.

This show offers some tangible ways to survive the ultimate workplace troublemaker. In these five minutes we define the character cocktail that combines the artful wordsmithing of a SPINNER, with the devious scheming of the MANIPULATOR. Shake this cocktail up, and the end result is a nasty, narciss...

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This show touches on the “WISE” versus the “WISER.”

Valuable business stories are one of the greatest gifts we can share with others. This week, we invite story-telling to be part of your life. It’s never too late to start paying insight forward. Step out, and share your lessons learned. What if one of your stories could help a friend, associate, or family member avoid a business snare in the future?

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“Stinkin’ Thinkin” can stagnate companies, leading to unnecessary financial woes, and possible extinction.

High-achieving companies are usually habitual, best-practice chasers! Whereas, the “We’re just fine the way we are” companies, often watch the hungry, and eager-to-learn competitors chalk up success after success. Venturing out into the land of new ideas is a mindset that starts at the top of the executive chain. If y...

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Today’s show is a quick look at why we should avoid of deploying string-along service techniques.  

The success of most business transactions is that they lead to repeat purchases, or referrals. So then why do we jeopardize these future events when we service our current customers? Half-truths, and fictitious stories litter the service landscape, as we attempt to avoid an order cancellation. Is this the right way to provid...

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The Experience Economy feasts on the effects of the transactional micro-journeys!

Each transaction has multiple touchpoints that create their own customer impressions. At the end of a purchase, many of our companies have faced one, or maybe two dozen opportunities to please, or displease a paying customer. Can our companies identify these micro-journeys tucked inside each purchase? If so, do our businesses chart these? Do ...

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Tucked inside our 228th podcast is the Experience Economy poking holes in the myth, that no news is good news!

Silence from customers is not always golden. In fact, this quietness might just be a loud megaphone in disguise. These five minutes ask some who, what, where and why questions. Our hope is for this episode to be an inspiration for making new, customer-pleasing discoveries. Cheers!

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February 22, 2024 5 mins

What are customers missing? What are the industry voids, and how can we detect them?

Scouts play a vital role in the military, and the world of sports. Adopting a scout mindset in business can help us detect marketplace voids, fill them, and monetize them. The business community will introduce these opportunities, as long as we listen, observe, and think. That is what good scouts do…they pay attention to their surroundings...

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February 15, 2024 6 mins

One day a man came into my tradeshow booth and told me I was presenting the product incorrectly. I listened. I changed, and so did the outcome of my efforts.

This piece of third-party advice changed my income, and the trajectory of a brand. It gives me great excitement to pay it forward in hopes it can do the same for you. I recently deployed this advice again in 2024. So far, the brand I represent picked up 3 new dealers....

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We are privileged to invite you on a short journey with a wandering photographer named Hal Moran.

Gifted in writing, speaking, and telling stories with his camera, we are delighted to have Hal share his heart with the audience. Bird Portraits are Hal’s specialty, but glorifying-God is the true heartbeat of this artist. This podcast host is a better man for knowing Hal Moran, and I am quite certain this cliché applies to ma...

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This show is all about revealing our vendor-value to customers, while turning lemons into lemonade.

Issues can present a bevy of opportunities to put professional capabilities on full display. This episode encourages us to see issues as a glass half full, and not half empty. Issues are not the end of the road with a customer. Instead, they can be the beginning of building a super highway, of long- term business together. C...

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Mike Bitter shares his personal story, and his passion for enabling businesses to build better processes through technology.

Turning things around is a common theme with Mike Bitter. This interview illuminates the power of change in life, and business. While CRM processes are the sweet spot for Mike’s consulting business, spreading the life-changing message of Jesus Christ is the true measure of this man. Join us to experi...

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Lazy phrases are often used to shut us up, and tell us what we want to hear.

Today we look at and empty, casual, and over-used response that we often deploy in life, and at work. In fact, we can almost see this picture in our mind’s eye; the responder is multi-tasking, void of eye contact, and then dribbles a few words that show they could care less about the question! What happens when we subject our customers to that hal...

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January 11, 2024 4 mins

How many days, weeks, months, or years go by before we let customer know that we appreciate their business?

The printed “Thank You” post card in the shipment box is a nice display of gratitude, but is it really perceived as sincere? Granted, the customer may appreciate the gesture, but how much more would it mean to hear, or receive the “Thank You” directly from us? Today we share five-minutes of
how we go about saying...

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