Simplifying Entrepreneurship

Simplifying Entrepreneurship

You own your business, it shouldn't own you! Welcome to Simplifying Entrepreneurship podcast, the series designed to help you change your entrepreneurial worries and wants into wins, by providing the tips and tools that will help you cut through the chaos and create clarity for your business and your entrepreneurial life.


October 3, 2022 18 min

In this episode, Peter Mohr discusses employee retention strategies with leadership expert Ryan Englin, the CEO of CoreMatters. They dig into the root causes of the Great Resignation, how to cultivate a healthy company culture, and the secret to "cloning" your top performers. Tune into their conversation about leadership and workplace engagement.

Key Topics

Employee Retention

Great Resignation

Employee engagement 

Company Cultur...

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In this episode, Peter Mohr explains how to make it easy for people to find you with the power of personal branding. Are you popping up as the very first result when people Google your name, and if so, is the content they’re seeing an effective representation of your business? If you answered “no” to either of these questions, the strategies discussed in this episode can help you start reaching the right people. 

Here are a few thin...

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September 27, 2022 17 min

In this episode, Peter Mohr and Diane Pleuss talk about why franchising can be a great alternative to owning your own business. They discuss how this path of entrepreneurship can give you a head start, especially if you don’t have a big idea for a whole new brand. Learn which qualities make a successful franchisee and how to choose a franchise you’ll love by listening in. 

Here are a few things we cover: 

  • Business strategy for franch...
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    On this episode, Peter Mohr breaks down how your leadership style fits into the 5 Ps: promise, product, process, people, profit. If you manage your people poorly, you can impact your profit by failing to follow through on your business’s promise. Learn more about how you can get your whole team on board with your mission by making them feel like they’re part of a community.


    great resignation


    entrepreneurial leadersh...

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    September 20, 2022 18 min

    In this episode, Peter Mohr and Gloria MacDonald discuss various methods that entrepreneurs can use to diversify their income. They go over the benefits that an online presence can give to a brick-and-mortar business owner. Then, they chat about weighing the risks and rewards of potentially lucrative opportunities like investing, selling your data ethically, utilizing the foreign exchange market, and more: all which can boost your ...

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    Not sure what to say at networking events, or end up bored because everyone just recites their resumé? In this short episode, Pete Mohr explains how to rephrase your elevator speech to focus on your brand promise. It's all about how your entrepreneurship makes others' lives better — own it!


    Networking advice

    Entrepreneurial problems

    Brand promise

    Business goals



    Visit and book a freed...

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    September 13, 2022 22 min

    In this episode, Peter Mohr talks with Jamie van Cuyk, small business consultant and recruiting coach. People are your deciding factor in the success of your business — yet they can also be a huge source of headaches. A talented team is only as strong as its accountability, but if you're reluctant to delegate tasks or invest in team collaboration, you could end up spinning your wheels. As Pete and Jamie discuss, the right peopl...

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    In this episode, Peter Mohr explains how one of his favorite business tools—Calendly—can save you from the headache of scheduling appointments. If you’re tired of sending 10 emails back and forth with clients, colleagues, and friends just to try and set up a meeting, save yourself time and stress with this simple solution. Cut out the back and forth by learning how to make your life easier with an app both you and the people you’re...

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    In this episode, Pete Mohr and Jason Cercone chat about the power of podcasting and how this simple strategy can be a centerpiece of your branding. In a world where every business is fighting for attention, draw organic traffic to yourself by sharing value and expertise through a quality podcast. 

    Here are a few key things we cover: 

  • How to start a podcast and utilize it for personal branding 
  • Strategy for building authority & bra...
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    What does accountability truly mean in your business? In this short episode, Pete Mohr explains how your people and processes align so everyone can make the right decisions. When that happens, you can delegate with confidence — and stop having to make ALL the decisions! 


  • Accountability
  • Team management
  • Leadership 
  • Delegation
  • Business processes
  • If you’re ready to change some things in your business, let’s have a c...

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    In this episode, Peter Mohr and Alejandra Slatapolsky discuss scaling the elements of your business as it grows in size. As corporations grow larger and more impersonal, they often lose the charm, customer service, and attention to detail that made people love their smaller operations. But it doesn’t have to be this way: Alejandra says there is a way to get the best of both worlds. 

    Here are a few things we cover:

  • Improving the scala...
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    In this episode, Peter Mohr discusses strategies for effectively filtering your email inbox. Thousands of messages become an overwhelming burden, and then you don’t want to respond to any of them—and that’s a problem. Listen in to learn how to automatically set aside promotional emails, ones you’re CC’d on, and ones that your team can handle so that your inbox only contains the important messages you need to see and respond to. 


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    August 23, 2022 19 min

    In this episode, Peter Mohr and Shaily Hakimian discuss social media strategy. If you’re posting content that is pretty but doesn’t provide much value, you’re missing out on so much opportunity. Find out how to attract new customers, keep your current client base engaged, and provide value to your entire audience by practicing a few key social media strategies. 

    Here are a few things we cover:

  • How business owners can help their socia...
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    August 18, 2022 5 min

    It's never easy to fire your employees — but it's harder to hire the right ones. In this short episode, Pete Mohr shares his tips for more efficient onboarding. When you know how to find the best people for your business, it's much easier to build a strong team!

    To download the Candidate Evaluation 1Page evaluation simply go to:

    Want more entrepreneurial advice and insigh...

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    August 16, 2022 18 min

    In this episode, Pete Mohr and Rob Rawson discuss how businesses can not just survive, but thrive when working in a remote setting. The traditional, in-person workplace is not necessarily the most effective system—you might be surprised at the great benefits that can come with running a team remotely! Both your team and your daily operations can be maximized if you focus on the right management strategies.  

    Here are a few things we...

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    In this episode, Peter Mohr explains his favorite tool for convenient, efficient, personalized communication! If you like to talk more than you like to type, Loom is your perfect match. Share your screen and walk clients or partners through the important stuff—all while conveying the exact tone you’re going for.   

    Here are a few things covered: 

    Personalizing communication 

    Utilizing Loom 

    Video messaging 

    Upgraded version of emails


    Mark as Played

    In this episode, Peter Mohr and Mark Herschberg compare and contrast leadership and management. A successful entrepreneur should understand the difference between the two, but practice the best parts of both. Listen in to learn strategies for improving the way you motivate your team. 

    Here are a few things we cover: 

  • Day to day management VS ‘big picture’ inspiration through leadership
  • Influential leadership VS positional leadership 
  • W...
  • Mark as Played

    In this short episode, Peter Mohr explains how creating accountability can help you take a much-deserved break from your business. Working all the time won't give you the freedom you desire as an entrepreneur! Tune in to learn why the right people and process will free up your time...and make you love your business even more. 

    Key Words/Phrases:

    entrepreneurial freedom

    business accountability

    entrepreneur self care

    entrepreneurial h...

    Mark as Played

    In this episode, Peter Mohr discusses burnout and busy-ness with entrepreneur Bryan Clayton. They explore the myth of overnight success, the risk of overworking, and how to break free from the employee mindset. Tune into their conversation about sustainable entrepreneurship. 

    Key Topics

  • Small business ownership
  • Entrepreneur problems
  • Burnout
  • Shiny object syndrome
  • Sustainable business growth
  • Notable Passages

    3:55 Overcoming shiny object synd...

    Mark as Played
    July 26, 2022 21 min

    In this episode, Peter Mohr and Jake Brown discuss what makes a great leader. The hard truth is that the most amazing, successful, hot-shot entrepreneur could also be the worst boss in the world. Find out strategies for improving the underrated skill of leadership by listening in.

    Here are a few things we cover:

  • Becoming a better leader for yourself AND others
  • Strategic management tools to increase company work ethic
  • Why business owner...
  • Mark as Played

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