Small Steps, Big Wins with Sue Saller

Small Steps, Big Wins with Sue Saller

Welcome to the Small Step BIG Wins podcast where I’m dedicated to helping you take control of your life. Each week, embark on a personal journey found nowhere else and be inspired by guests that will challenge your thinking and expand your knowledge. Becoming the hero of your story takes time, commitment, and determination. Small Steps do lead to BIG Wins when you pair your desire for transformation with people who know how to get you there. Are you ready to change your life? Let’s go do this! Support this podcast:


June 19, 2024 14 mins

In this enlightening episode of the Small Steps, Big Wins podcast, I welcome back Marc Picard to delve into the intricate world of sensory overload and mental clutter. Marc, a hypersensitive person, bravely shares his personal experiences, describing how life's noise often feels overwhelmingly loud. Together, Marc and I explore practical strategies to manage this sensory overload, including a powerful visualization exercise tha...

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Harnessing Heart Rate Variability for Holistic Health with Dr. Torkel Farrow

In this episode of the Small Steps Big Wins podcast, Sue explores the diverse and impressive background of Dr. Torkil Faero, a general practitioner, emergency room physician, documentary filmmaker, author, and photographer based in Norway. In 1996 he was one of the first Norwegian medics to work for Doctors Without Borders when he worked in war-torn Angola...

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Have you ever wondered why you sometimes ignore your gut feelings, even when they scream louder than logic?

Join me, Sue Saller, and special guest, producer Marc Picard, on this captivating episode of the Small Steps, Big Wins podcast as we unravel the mysterious nature of gut feelings and their vital role in decision-making. Discover what it means to connect with your authentic self and how being present—like a musician lost...

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From Wedding Singer to Functional Medicine COO: Dave Van Der Laan's Unique Journey

In this episode, Dave Van Der Laan shares his intriguing journey from being a wedding singer to becoming the Chief Operating Officer of Nourish House Calls, a functional medicine practice run by his wife, Joya. Dave discusses his past experiences, including his education in vocal performance, his transition to law, and eventually leaving the lega...

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In this eye-opening episode, I and Marc Picard take a deep dive into the dark side of life coaching. We discuss the empowering versus dependent dynamics in coaching relationships, challenge societal pressures around "hard work," and share tips on finding a genuine coach who fosters true personal growth. Key Topics Discussed: - The distorted cultural perceptions of "easy" vs. "hard" tasks - The potent...

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Unlocking the Potential of Conscious Cannabis with Ryan Sprague - The Conscious Cannabis Coach!

In this episode, Ryan shares his journey with cannabis, discussing the therapeutic benefits and historical context of the plant. He emphasizes the importance of conscious and responsible use, detailing a four-step process for incorporating cannabis into a holistic health regimen. Ryan also offers insights into the biochemical aspect...

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Unveiling the Power of Purpose and Vision in Personal Development

In this lighthearted episode of the Small Steps Big Wins podcast, Jim, a seasoned professional speaker and author, shares his profound journey in personal development, highlighting the pivotal moments and decisions that shaped his career and life philosophy. Starting from his early days of seeking purpose and growth, to becoming a celebrated figure in the speaking wo...

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Cultivating Servant Leadership through Empathy with Stephen Sokolow

In this insightful podcast episode, the host converses with guest Stephen Sokolow, a servant leader deeply rooted in healthcare administration and senior care. Born and raised in South Florida and currently living in Southern Indiana with his family, Stephen discusses his unconventional career path, which led him from assisting his grandmother after a stroke, ...

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The Power of Story: Overcoming and Reframing Life's Challenges

In this episode, guest Lori shares her personal journey of navigating through life's trials, including her experiences with divorce and emotional growth. She discusses her path to peace and understanding through the power of reframing past narratives, emphasizing the importance of emotional intelligence training and the role it played in her healing process...

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In this engaging episode, Sue sits down with Dustin Riechmann to explore his multifaceted journey from being a burned-out traffic engineer to becoming a successful entrepreneur. Dustin shares insights into his 23-year-long marriage, his role as a father, and how his entrepreneurial venture 'Seven Figure Leap' helps mission-driven entrepreneurs grow by telling their stories through podcast guesting. Delving into his backgrou...

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This episode of the 'Small Steps Big Wins' podcast features an extensive conversation with Reid Tileston, a successful entrepreneur and the author of 'Grit It Done'. Reid shares his insights and experiences on embracing the entrepreneurial journey, highlighting the importance of taking intentional, step-by-step actions towards achieving one's goals. He discusses his personal journey, from his challenges in busin...

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Finding Balance: The Intersection of Fasting, Mindful Eating, and Embracing Food Joy

This episode brings together Marissa Moon, an author and health coach renowned for her work on intermittent fasting, and Marisa, a nutrition enthusiast who finds joy in the culinary world, marking an enriching dialogue on achieving a healthy lifestyle without compromising the pleasure of eating. The dialogue uncovers the transformative power o...

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What journey is your life on? Explore this concept from a different perspective and see if it resonates.



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And remember, life doesn’t get better by chance, it gets...

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Bet on You: Finding Strength in Vulnerability with Laban Ditchburn

In this insightful episode, Laban Ditchburn, celebrated as the world's best courage coach, shares his powerful story of transformation through honesty, vulnerability, and the purposeful pursuit of a life beyond addiction. Laban discusses pivotal moments of his journey, including the life-changing advice from Les Brown, leading to the publication of his book...

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Unleashing Your Potential: A Deep Dive into Mindfulness, Self-Discipline, and Self-Transformation

This comprehensive dialogue navigates the intricate realms of mindfulness, self-acceptance, meditation, and personal growth, featuring insights from a seasoned author, meditation teacher, and self-discipline coach, Giovanni. From his initiation into meditation at the tender age of 14, Giovanni shares his journey and the lessons le...

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In this inspiring episode of the Small Steps Big Wins podcast, Patricia Bathory, a multi-faceted entrepreneur-turned-psychotherapist, shares her journey towards finding personal fulfillment and making a meaningful societal impact. Discussing her transformative book 'Connections', she highlights the vital role of building a supportive 'village', the significance of intentional relationship-building, and the profound ...

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Uncovering Your Unconscious Competence

In this episode of Wednesday Wisdom, Sue explores the concept of unconscious competence, one of the four stages of learning along with conscious competence, conscious incompetence, and unconscious incompetence. Sue delves into how recognizing our areas of unconscious competence, those skills we excel at without realizing, can be both challenging and enlightening. She shares personal anecd...

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Join us for an empowering episode featuring an insightful conversation with Lindsay Lovell, a real estate investor and entrepreneur who pivoted from a conventional career path into the thrilling world of real estate investment. Sue and Lindsay explore the intricacies of taking bold steps, overcoming fears, and embracing a future where work is driven by passion rather than necessity. 

Lindsay shares her transformative journey from a...

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In this thoughtful episode of Wednesday Wisdom, Sue prompts listeners to reflect on what they're thankful for. Initially considering superficial appreciations like houses, cars, and jobs, she realizes true gratitude comes from deeper, often non-materialistic sources. By adding a 'why' to their gratitude, such as appreciating a rare compliment from a boss or the peculiar annoyance of a cat walking across one's face a...

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Dr. David Powers is an adventurer, philosopher, and pioneer and lives a life of constant experimentation. His life's compass is "to seek out adventure in everything he does by being intentional, determined, and unstoppable and by energizing and outfitting others to embark on their own adventures". He fulfills his purpose through speaking and books and is a best-selling author in psychology and education. He is a decor...

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