Sola Scriptorah

Sola Scriptorah

Discussion on the Law of God from a systematic theonomic perspective and that paradigm as it interacts with Christian living in a fallen world in need of the light of Christ as revealed by His Word Alone. As well as Apologetic reviews of non-reformed theonomic systems of thought in form of critique .


January 4, 2021 62 mins

Considering the distinct world views of Government which flow out of one's ecclesiology or understanding of church government. Talk on the US Constitution and preparing for hardships.

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The name and hymn says it all ;)

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November 24, 2020 58 mins

Discussion on current events. What is happening? What is the Christian response?

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An introduction to a good friend of mine, and a teacher of Christian Reconstruction, as well as a man who the world would now thank if they listened to him when he made his debut in 1980 concerning Monetary Realism, this man is Bruce G. McCarthy.

Knowing that his message is so pertinent for today and that I can not share it any better, it is worth having my now late brother in Christ as guest on this episode of Sola Scrip Torah.


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September 28, 2020 50 mins

Considering the Christian Faith as it shines upon the 21st century theory, or hypothesis?.. of science, and comparing it to definitive science with a health dose of biblical logic and warning along the way.

This was a message preached at Church fellowship by your host, and repackaged for a busy week for your enjoyment and admonition.

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On this episode we will dive back into the foundations of Covenant Theology, Taking a look at the pre-manifestation language of the Prophet Isaiah, as well as t the Words about our Lord and statements by our Lord concerning that which was immutably said before the foundations of the world by his own witness in the confirming of the Covenant of Grace.

We will then consider dispensationalism's attempt to take away and add to the...

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In the Theonomy and Reconstructionist camp we have two problems that commonly occur and then combine with varied results:

  • The accusation of Theonomists being judaizers and practitioners of legalism by non-theonomist Christians
  •  Believers unacceptance of part of the Law of God found in the Pentateuch due to our 21st century mentality.
  • When these two problems interface with one another it often produces thought processes that are ai...

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    August 16, 2020 67 mins

    Considering the impact of ignoring the Lordship of God over all areas of salvation, can lead to like impacts upon our worldview which lend it self desiring bondage over sonship.

    Soteriology affect the way we think and act in the world we live in, and the world we live actively attempts to ignore the Lordship of the LORD and His Christ unto it's own deification as master.

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    Our last direct look at the subject of Christian self sufficiency, from Grace to providing an inheritance for ones Godly posterity. Today in a world riddled with trouble and fear, the churches mind should be reeling with questions and answers to help in the future- this 6th episode of Sola Scrip Torah is dedicated to that end.

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    July 20, 2020 72 mins

    True Self Sufficiency is rooted your treasure in Heaven, for there is where your heart is. The Christian's every aim and goal is to serve his Master and this service must interface with the world we live in as creatures that are allured by Mammon. What is the answer?

     How do we reconcile not taking thought for tomorrow with the Godly care of preparing for ourselves and families?

    Join Sola Scrip Torah as we consider the birds ...

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    July 6, 2020 77 mins


    The term 'self- sufficiency' is a known term, folks use it often to speak of preparing for the future needs of physical life, but what about the spiritual needs of the Christian life?

    In this episode we are going to look at the absolute need for knowing where all-sufficiency comes from, as is acknowledged by a Christian; as well we are going to considering how the Christian Family within the Church has a '...

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    June 22, 2020 73 mins

    A look at the biblical ideal of Truth as it is found foremost in the influence of the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Truth and how a Christian is lead into 'all truth' by a desire to see Christ glorified.

    Also a consideration of gender and racial issues as they are presented and defended from the position of hidden knowledge of a science falsely so called or a religious perspective more interested in defending emotional positi...

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    In this episode we are going to discuss the disjunction between a God centered world view and a man centered world view in terms of Justice and objective truth; and apply the revelation of Righteousness by God's Law and the Wisdom of Scripture to the Big News of the last few weeks of George Floyd and Officer Derek Chauvin. We will be asking "What does the Law of God via the Scriptures say about the Justice of this matter?&#...

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    In this first Episode we are going to look at the foundations of Sola Scrip Torah's soteriology, apologetic and world view as to firmly seat our systematic theonomy in the quickening work of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit in the revelation of the Word of God, and that Word made flesh in the son of Man Jesus Christ. Also: We will discuss the presuppositional witness all who are sinners truly have, How the Gospel of the kingdom ...

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