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May 18, 2023

WARNING! Massive Truth Bombs Ahead...

You may or may not be ready to fully take in today's absolutely mind-blowing show -- an SOMTV Exclusive Conversation with special guests: Rick Martin from the Constitutional Law Group, Lt. Scott Bennet, and Lt. Col. (USAF Retired) Dr. Sandy Miarecki.

As this great awakening which is transforming the political and social landscapes all across earth hastens -- it now becomes critical -- that We ...

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Clear your evening! Break out the finest wine you have! And prepare your abdominal muscles for a laughter marathon!

Once again (and for the third time) I'm joined in-studio by my very own brother, Taylor "Uncle TJ" Schultz -- for another amazing conversation.

This is the most messed up podcast I've ever done. I'm just going to leave it at that.

Uncle TJ will be at the Racine Zoo (here in Racine, WI) on May 20th representing The ...

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Freedom isn't free -- not even close.

I'm deeply honored to be joined in-studio today -- by the one-and-only, Nick White (Facebook: @Stacks Rackham // Twitter: DanCrenshaw).

Nick is a US Army veteran, a martial artist, a father, a freedom advocate, a free-thinker, and put quite simply: an all around bad-ass, charismatic dude who has a great way of boldly telling things like they are while being able to back that shit up.

Dude knows...

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Not only does Danny Schmitz from the Milwaukee-based, heavy rock band Lost In A Name look like Jesus -- he also plays guitar as well as Jesus does -- if Jesus played guitar -- which I believe he did. Fact check it.

It's my great pleasure to (finally) have Danny on the show as we go back many, many years.

A fellow musician, a producer, an entrepreneur, a free thinker -- and so much more! From his humble beginnings, to working wi...

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Ladies and gents, I couldn't be more thrilled to welcome back onto the platform -- someone of profound stature: lead vocalist for the iconic heavy rock/grunge band Smile Empty Soul, fellow patriot and lover of freedom and truth -- the one-and-only Sean Danielsen.

We're getting into all of it today!

A little bit of shop talk right out of the gate -- but this conversation gets very in-depth, very deep, and very thought-pr...

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The time has finally arrived!

For the first time ever we are graced with the baritone-voiced, insanely talented, and open-minded bassist extraordinaire -- Lyle Wagner.

For a long time, Lyle was the bassist for Child On Fire where he and I were able to enjoy many amazing music-realted experiences over the years, but several years ago he moved to Nashville, TN. Apparently there's some type of "music scene" there or something. IDK...

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This is how you kick off a brand new season of the show!

Today, I am happy to be joined once again by the one-and-only Truth Warrior himself -- David Whitehead (DWTruthWarrior // Unslaved // Cult of the Medics).

Join us as we talk about all of the things. That's right -- all of them.

We couldn't help it. We're talking about it all. Everything. The whole damn story -- and what to do about it...

And if you're not already famili...

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SHOW START // 1:03:01

Hello, my friends! We're back! How are you all?

What a unique episode we have in store for you today -- as I'm joined by the one-and-only Corey Blair from Break The Chains Media.

I recently sent Corey four jars of my homemade, hand-crafted salsa -- and he sent me a great bundle of his own hot sauces (Realmwalker Hot Sauce) which are fantastic! So we decided we should test each others' creations while doing ...

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Welcome to the third and final installment of our thought-provoking and eye-opening series, Jonathan Wichmann Tells All: The Raw Truth About Wisconsin Politics.

It was a real honor and a privilege to work with Jonathan on this series and we certainly left the best for last.

In this (lengthier) installment we decided to zoom out a little bit and attempt to discuss the "big picture" itself.

What is happening to America? What is happe...

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Thank you for checking out the second part of our latest series, "Jonathan Wichmann Tells All".

In this episode Jonathan Wichmann dive...

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SOMTV #SouledOutTV #JonathanWichmann #WichmannTellsAll #WichmannForWisconsin #JoBradley #Wisconsin #Politics #Truth #Freedom #TheGreatAwakening #WeThePeople #Primaries #MidTerms #ElectionFraud #TossVos #AdamSteen #Governor #LtGovernor #WI #IRL #TellAll #GOP #SaveAmerica #AmericaFirst #SavingWisconsinTogether

This is the first of a three-part series where the one-and-only Jonathan Wichmann reveals for the first time -- many...

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October 14, 2022

SHOW START // 1:00:32

I know. I know.

I'm not trying to sound like Aaron Lewis from Staind -- but it's been a while.

After two months of no podcasts I'm back and I'm angry! Sort of. Think of this episode as a catch-up and "recallibrating my instruments" show. I've been tied up with quite a lot in the last two months and much has transpired.

As we get closer to the midterm elections, it's important that we take time to det...

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SHOW START // 01:01:26

Wild times we are in! It's beyond absurd!

I can't even...

My people -- my people -- we must unite and find peace. We must not forget our divinity. We must not succumb to evil eugenicists who have openly declared war on our hearts and minds.

Thanks for joining me once again for another round of the show that saved my life -- the Souled Out Podcast.

There's 72-ish things to over today (or so) -- but my mai...

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SHOW START // 58:26

Welcome back my friends! Oh, how I missed you all!

We have much to catch up on. The world is rapidly changing!

And what about all these SCOTUS rulings?! OMG!

2nd Amendment defended. Right to life defended. EPA (and by default other three-letter agencies) reeled in. 'Remain in Mexico' -- overruled? Yikes!

It appears the good guys are indeed winning this war, however there is so much more on the horizon a...

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Jo Bradley makes his debut guest appearance on The Johnny Ruckus Show! Be sure to check out all his work and all his links! Johnny is a great friend of mine and we go way back. I'm actually alive (in a sense) because of him.

TheJohnnyRuckusShow SouledOut.TV

Get access to exclusive / members-only content for only $3.69/mo ($36.99/yr)

When you directly support SOMTV / Souled Out Media -- you are contributing to the Pro-Freedom Mov...

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SHOW START // 01:01:18

Welcome back, ladies and djentlmen! It's been too long! My most sincere apologies!

We hope you are all having a wonderful start to the summer! The world is just absolutely nuts right now, so it's about time we took a deeper dive into all this stuff...

From "2000 Mules" to "Selection Code". Politics and geopolitics. Revisiting False Flag events and psychological warfare. Big picture look at duality. Fea...

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The fun continues!

Corey Blair from Break The Chains Media has arrived once again -- for another amazing chat with yours truly!

So today -- you get TWO, not one, but TWO patriotic, free-thinking, freedom-loving, content creators giving it to you long, hard, and rough! Just the way Klaus Schwab likes it!

From some current events stuff -- to the nature of reality itself -- to the collapse of the petro-dollar system -- to the upcomin...

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I'm strongly considering filing the necessary paperwork to legally make Michael Tsarion my uncle -- if such a thing is possible. I frickin' love this man and his mind. I'm so honored to have Michael back on the show today!

Yes indeed my friends -- he is here once again and we are diving deep back into the madness of the day!

Today's discussion is very wide-ranging as Michael's work is vast and extensive.

Occult symbolism, psych...

Mark as Played

SHOW START // 59:13

Ladies and djents, how are you all?

I know it's been some time -- but we're back in action today!

Lot's going on in the bottom-right of Wisconsin these days and as usual it's almost impossible to keep up!

Looks like some SCOTUS drama and some Johnny Depp drama have both arrived right on schedule to detract attention away from things that truly matter. Twitter may actually become "cool" again (that is if it ev...

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Get stoked! Get excited! And get your pens and notebooks out if you'd like to become empowered!

Today, we are graced by the one-and-only -- Rick Martin, the founder of The Constitutional Law Group.

He is responsible for some truly amazing tasks and has dropped (figurative) bombs in courtroom after courtroom -- helping expose systemic corruption at high levels, helping to keep businesses open, putting away child predators, and sim...

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