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SoulStream Radio is a weekly paranormal-themed broadcast that provides a platform for sharing UFO, Paranormal, Cryptid and the Strange and Unusual with our audience as well as on-air demonstrations of mediumship and electronic voice phenomena.


July 3, 2022 156 mins

Michael Andrew Esposito was born in Gary, Indiana in 1964. He is a descendant of Alfred Vail who invented the Morse Code and several early telegraph devices with his partner Samuel Morse. The invention of the telegraph sparked the spiritualist movement of the middle 1800s and the telegraph was used in spirit communication. Another ancestor, Jonathan Harned Vail was office manager and assistant to Thomas Edison. In his later years, ...

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Wendy Rose Williams had 2 Near-Death Experiences (NDEs) in August 1997 while pregnant.

She met her Angels for the first time while home alone, lying unconscious on the floor & again the night before surgery.

Meeting the soul mate Wendy contracted with to ‘wake her up spiritually’ led her to Dr. Michael Newton’s ‘Journey of Souls’.

These two events in tandem triggered a profound spiritual awakening and wild ride to resolve their 21...

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 This show is a respectful sharing of Mark and Debby Constantino’s appearance on our show back in May of 2009. This show was a very positive memory of them in better times and we loved having them on with us. We will tell stories of the lessons applied from their being part of the program. 

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 Nikola Tesla was a Serbian immigrant whose brilliance matched or even to some degree eclipsed that of Albert Einstein. His technological insights were so far beyond the ordinary science community that he often had to talk down to them to get them to understand what he was working on. His spiritual origins, abilities that included astral travel and a sixth sense for finding the right answers for new technologies remain legends to t...

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We hosted special guest Sharon Day to talk about Haunted Amusement Parks on June 4th with special guest, Sharon Day of!

What started off as a discussion with Sharon about haunted amusement parks evolved into a full on discussion of the Spirit World, the nature of the Universe, and open wondering about space travel, Nikolas Tesla and what he really worked on, and much more! One of our best interviews ever!

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 Join us for an evening of stories about the ghosts and odd happenings that surround the sinking of the Titanic! 

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Part 2 of our interview with Vicky Elsing. We discuss life after our 2009 interview up to the closing of the shop in 2020 and Vicky's stories and memories of living with ghosts at the shop.

Life with Ghosts in a haunted secondhand shop. Elsing’s Secondhand Shop was a haunted store that Vicky and her husband Phil ran for many years in Stoughton, Wisconsin. Join us as Vicky tells the story of the shop and her ghosts she...

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Vicky Elsing

Life with Ghosts in a haunted secondhand shop. Elsing’s Secondhand Shop was a haunted store that Vicky and her husband Phil ran for many years in Stoughton, Wisconsin. Join us as Vicky tells the story of the shop and her ghosts she and so many others experienced in daily life!

From Vicky’s book “The Grand Hotel Legacy”

“Our building was built in 1891 as the Hanson House and then became the Grand Hotel, two years after it ...

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Join us to talk about Bigfoot in America with Paranormal author, Sharon Day. Jon and Sharon will discuss recent and older sightings and try to come to a better understanding of what is in store for us with this amazing cryptid.

About Sharon

Screenwriter. popular blogger of “Ghost Hunting Theories,” and “Groovy New Life,” paranormal investigator and author of several books including “Ghost of a Chance! (A SEEK Team Investigation),” “T...

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On December 2, 2022 a series of UFO sightings occurred across Northern California and swept south all the way to the Los Angeles area in a matter of one hour.

What were these strange sightings all about? We will explore this on this show!

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April 25, 2022 127 mins

It’s the Night of the EVPs! We’ve been digging into our huge library of EVPS and I’ve found many more to share along with stories from our missions.

Progress has been made on another case from 2007 with EVP captures as well. This is another of our X-File cases which we will be discussing and playing evidence from.

We will also be covering the Big Circle, a world-wide gathering that meets on the first and third Thursdays of every mont...

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In 1976 and 1979 two very unusual UFO sightings occurred in the small agricultural town of Colusa, California. There were many more sightings over those years, many of which went unreported or barely acknowledged.

We will be covering these sightings on SoulStreamRadio in some depth and share some of our conclusions about them.

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We host our periodic  "Open Discussion" tonight on the show. Topics will include, but are not exclusively limited to:

  • The GRI web site is being updated. It sports a new look and feel and we’re planning new case. We’re open to past investigators rejoining.
  • The Paranormal as a business – Jon to discuss the cost of gear and what is truly essential.
  • Home-brew Paranormal Gear.
  • Articles on inexpensive paranormal gear on the GRI...
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We were slated to discuss all things relating to the 1976 and 1979 Colusa UFO this evening .  
The Colusa UFO sight was moved to the April 16, 2022 broadcast. 

I made the executive decision to pull the plug on that and roll out a open discussion night about a couple of cases I am reviewing  evidence from after Ghost Rider Investigations visited the Haunted Santa Maria Inn and Queen Mary hotel!

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EVPs we've picked up over years of videos on YouTube and paranormal stories. Visit the SoulStreamRadio page for this show to listen to the various EVP videos we are sharing. Ghostly voices in mines and in everyday YouTube videos!

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 Civilization-ending disasters are numerous. Which one will be the one we face in the not-so-distant future. We will cover EMP wars and Coronal Mass Ejections from the sun and talk about how YOU can prepare to face these! 

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Join us as we share some of the strange and spooky side of ancient and modern Egypt on this show with hauntings, paranormal events, UFOs and aliens at the great pyramid and high strangeness in Egypt.

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March 6, 2022 77 mins

 We will be discussing UFOs and the Bible in this upcoming episode. Is it possible that people of Biblical times witnessed alien ships and phenomena and mistook some of these for angelic visitors, acts of God and divine intervention? 

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 On the evening of August 29, 1994, radio host Art Bell and his wife Ramona had a most unusual encounter in the desert near their home town of Pahrump, Nevada. This dramatic sighting is similar to one my cousin experienced here in Northern California in the fall of 2016. We will be covering both of these triangular UFO sightings on the show. 

We also cover my own unique triangular UFO sighting with a friend in 2016 near my...

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We have been doing paranormal radio in various forms since 2008. We've hunted ghosts, done on-air mediumship and EVP recordings, reports from the field while looking for UFOs and much more. 

Jon shares stories about his background in aerospace, chasing ghosts and mediumship and much more in this "shakedown" of the studio episode.

We're back and will be producing weekly 2 hour podcasts with the ...

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