Sovereign States of Mind

Sovereign States of Mind

Explores the many principles of sovereignty and how they can be practiced in our modern age. Join Jordan Urbs in reclaiming authority over our lives, through topics like: homesteading, community-building, off-grid living, self-reliance, Bitcoin, parenting, fitness & movement, authentic relating, integrity, boundaries, and practicing gratitude. Read the newsletter @


November 24, 2023 52 mins

Listen in as we discuss how every interaction we have with nature is a learning opportunity, offering profound insights into life and our role within the natural world.

We discuss the principles of regenerative design and the vital lessons that nature, the great teacher, imparts.

More of a reader than listener? We sum up the episode here:

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In this episode we navigate the expansive and often complex landscape of sexual sovereignty with Kristin Ten O'Guin.

Throughout our conversation, we dissect the intricate concept of sexual sovereignty, revealing its ties to freedom, authenticity, and self-awareness.

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Tired of the 9-5 grind? Check o...

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Bitcoin is the peaceful revolution that allows you to claim financial sovereignty over the value you provide to the world.

This episode is an introduction to the greater scope of what Bitcoin offers the world in terms of the individual reclaiming sovereignty from the State.

Join me for an eye-opening episode that decodes the complex world of Bitcoin and its revolutionary impact on financial systems.

In conversation with Daz Bea f...

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Join us for a thought-provoking conversation with Alicia Sunflower as we discuss the fascinating intersection of shamanism, psychedelics, and branding. Listen in as we explore the interconnectedness of healing, branding, self-discovery, and authenticity. We delve into how creating a...

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Join me on this intriguing journey into the world of Vedic Astrology with Radha Home. Listen in as we unravel the complexities of the fixed stars in the sidereal system, the Gregorian calendar, and the 24-degree difference between the tropical and sidereal calculations. We shed light on how Vedic astrology is a system that follows the stars while Western astrology ...

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Get ready to transform your understanding of sovereignty and how it's powerfully intertwined with your everyday life. We promise an enlightening adventure where we navigate the critical facets of self-expression, personal sovereignty, and how to merge these with teamwork in a community. We'll journey together through the impact of cultural biases on personal topics like sexuality and partner selection, ensuring you never perceive s...
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Join us for an enlightening discussion with Nandi Lovejoy, who brings 20 years of early childhood experience based upon RIE and Waldorf principles. In this episode, she offers us profound wisdom on conscious, patient, and authentic parenting. As we navigate the challenges of raising our children, Auntie Nandi guides us on creating a safe and secure environment for our children. She urges us to take a pause, breathe, and observe mor...

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Join us as we explore the inspiring realm of creator opportunity. Listen in as Tucker shares his journey from being a drummer to becoming a digital creator teaching finger drumming online. Discover how he built an audience through social content and music videos and transitioned into sharing online courses to reach more people.

We discuss the complex relationship between content creators and social media platforms, and learning to...

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In the maze of life, we often find ourselves at the crossroads of pain and healing, tied down by the shackles of trauma, yearning for personal freedom. The journey towards healing, understanding trauma, and reclaiming personal freedom is intricate, yet profound. It promises to challenge your perceptions, dismantle preconceived notions, and illuminate the power of community in our journey towards healing.

The pharmaceutical industri...

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Have you ever pondered how personal branding could serve as a form of spiritual practice? Today's conversation with Max Baker does just that, taking us on a fascinating exploration into the merger of these two worlds. Max and I delve into how platforms such as Twitter can act as a refining tool for our ideas, helping to chisel out our unique message and carve a distinct personal brand, which becomes a conduit for emotional grow...

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What if creativity was more than just an artistic expression? What if it is the key to reclaiming personal sovereignty and catalyzing profound healing from past trauma? Join us on this enlightening journey as we examine the transformative power of creativity and how it connects to personal freedom. We share our experiences and reflections on how creativity can be channeled to make a tangible impact on our lives, and how it can help...

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The power of reclaiming our lives lies within each of us. The episode delves deep into this concept, urging listeners to confront their past shadows and stressing the importance of staying true to oneself. Our hosts share their experiences and the ways they manage to stay wakefully sovereign amidst distractions, highlighting how they navigate their lives around love, vulnerability, sexual energy channeling, forgiveness, and insecur...

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Ever pondered about the power of personal branding and its tremendous impact on your success? This episode takes you on a riveting journey of a fellow entrepreneur Howie Tan, who transformed his life by transitioning from a regular job to his own successful business while navigating through the storms of depression, personal loss, and the birth of his son.

But that self-made business sent him into a deep depression that creating a...

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What happens when you face the shadows of your past and begin an arduous journey toward healing? Nicholas Jordan Moore, author of a profound memoir set for release this September, takes us through his journey from a life shrouded in trauma to a newfound state of enlightenment in this powerful episode. Raised in a strict religious background, Nicholas candidly discusses his experiences with addiction, societal pressures, and unhealt...

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Join us on this fascinating journey with our guest, Shane the bee guy, a passionate beekeeper whose life was transformed by the therapeutic power of bee venom. From overcoming addiction and battling cancer, Shane credits bees with not only his physical healing but also his personal growth and journey towards sovereignty. Tune in as we uncover the miracles of bee venom therapy, discuss the difference between Western and Eastern medi...

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Ready to question everything you know about where your food comes from? Prepare to gain a new perspective on the beef industry as we sit down with our guest, Slim, a seasoned professional in the cattle industry. Slim brings a wealth of knowledge about the controversial practices of multinational corporations in the beef industry, and how such practices are impacting our health and stripping communities of their food sovereignty.


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This episode takes you on a riveting journey through the verdant watersheds of Hawaii, unraveling ancient practices of land stewardship, sovereignty, and a deep-seated connection with nature. The guest on the show is a unique individual who lives off-grid and off-property, unplugged from mainstream society. His intriguing insights into the ancient Hawaiian practices and the concept of 'ahupuaha' (translated as 'pig alta...

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Get ready to explore the multifaceted world of sovereignty and homesteading with me in this in-depth discussion. We begin by tackling the abstract yet essential concept of sovereignty, exploring its applications in various realms such as politics, self-improvement, and even sexual sovereignty. We challenge the illusion that money equals happiness or sovereignty and uncover the profound link between health, happiness, and sovereignt...

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Have you ever contemplated the profound concept of proof-of-work and how it could elevate your life? Journey with us as we unravel these complex notions and interweave them with Bitcoin's intriguing characteristics. We dig into the heart of their significance, contrasting them with the manipulative proof of stake approach too often instrumental in societal and economic control. We also probe the innate human tendency to cheat, ...

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Ever pondered about the roller coaster ride that Bitcoin has been on? The 2017 and 2021 bull runs? The original hacker scenes' thoughts on Bitcoin? Join us as we reminisce about our own rollercoaster experience with Bitcoin, from its discovery in 2013 to its potential as a world reserve currency. Beyond the basic Bitcoin narrative, we discuss the complex mechanics of receiving lightning funds and running a Bitcoin node.

Now, l...

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