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Splat Attack Podcast

90s Nickelodeon fans and celebrities join Alex and his crew of co-hosts as they explore a Slime Tank full of nostalgic memories together to honor and preserve The Golden Age of Nick for generations to come. Episode formats range from Episode Reviews to Versus, all centered around carefully hand-picked topics for our Slimesters (fans) each season.


July 18, 2024 40 mins

When the creator of "The Orange Years" emails you and asks to be on your show with Phil Moore to promote their latest project, the only answer is yes! Scott Barber returns for one last surprise conversation this season. He and Phil Moore are working on a new series called, "Game Changers." What is it? Tune in with us to find out!

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Zech is back with a frightful collection it may give you a heart attack! Join us in Collector's Corner as we take a look at Zech's collections. You read that right. Plural! We look at Goosebumps, Are You Afraid of the Dark, X-Files and more. Not to mention that there is one very special item that any real fan of the Midnight Society would want!

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Get your ticke...

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July 10, 2024 115 mins

"Have mercy!" When our spouses say they want us to do an episode covering Full House the only answer is, "You got it dude!" Join us in the studio with Heather and Megan as we look at the background, trivia, favorite moments, serious moments, and the impact on pop culture that Full and Fuller House had! What are some of your favorite moments from this show?

If you want to see the America's Funniest Home Videos episode we discuss in ...

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"Lightning bugs are experts, see, on safety and electricity!" Admit it. You started to hear that little jingle! The 90's were filled with public service announcements for children. Many of them we still remember! For the last Meg Reacts of the season, Alex shows his wife some retro PSAs. How many of these do you remember?

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June 26, 2024 117 mins

From sleuthing Petes to holidays Petes, and all of the Petes in between, there have been a lot of shorts featuring the brothers Pete. It's no secret that we love The Adventures of Pete and Pete here at Splat Attack, but so few take the time to discuss the variety of shorts there are. With the combined effort of our guest Ally from Notable Nostalgia, Alex and Jorde take on this daunting task to rank every short of The Adventures of ...

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Looking for a one stop shop for all things 90s and looking for some good company too? Look no further than Nostalchicks! Liz stops by the slime cooler with us to share all of the wonderful things that she has been doing within the 90's circuit. Looking for a fun shop? Nostalchicks has got it. Looking for a fun IG page? Nostalchicks has got it. Looking for a way to navigate and find other nostalgic content creators? Nostalchicks has...

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Poor Alex has been left alone in the studio by his crew and guests. No need to fear. Friends Joe and Kevin stop by to help him along in this versus battle. Once again, we pit Are You Afraid of the Dark? against Goosebumps to see which episode lives on in the afterlife. This time it's a pair of ghostly proportions. Can The Tale of the Lonely Ghost win against The Ghost Next Door? Join us in the studio to find out.

Check out Joe and ...

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Welcome back to Collector's Corner. For this very special episode we have Zac Fieldsend back in the studio. Zac has a very different collection than most people. He actually made all of his amazing collection. Props, masks, and sculptures from Are You Afraid of the Dark?, The Adventures of Pete & Pete, and Kabalm! are some of the shows that he took inspiration from. But don't take our word for it, take Danny's! We also received...

Mark as Played

Welcome back to the house that is Round! This time we are picking two episodes and pitting them up against each other to see which of them is the better of the two. Special guest Trisha Haywood is returning along with new guest judge Jill St. John. You know if we're talking Roundhouse we've got to have someone from the show with us. Back with us is Mark David to share with us some stories of both episodes. Which episode will rise v...

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Video games were a big part of Alex's childhood but less so for Megan. However, there were a few games that left a big impression on her. For this episode of Meg Reacts, Alex shares a few commercials of 90's video games to see how impactful some of these games really were to her.

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Where there is a mystery on Nickelodeon you can bet that the network's first kid detective is on the case! In today's story, we review the case of the fake concert tickets! To help us with case, Shelby Woo has come to the studio! That's right, Irene Ng who played Shelby is here! Not only her but so has Adam Busch (Noah), Steve Purnick (Dt. Hineline), and series creator Alan Goodman! Together they share stories of close calls, chara...

Mark as Played

Welcome back to Collector's Corner! Today the crew all gather together to check out what our friend Carl has in store! He has been a collector for many years and always finds very specific types of things to collect. It's a wonderful trip down memory lane in addition to learning a bit more about the network in the process as well. Don't miss out and join us in Collector's Corner.

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May 1, 2024 118 mins

Happy 45th birthday, Nickelodeon! It's hard to believe the first kids' network has been around for this long! The network has played such a pivotal role in children's programming that it permanently changed the face of how they were made. To get a deeper dive into what set the network apart from other children's blocks on television, we were honored to sit down with the former CEO of Nickelodeon, Geraldine Laybourne. This was such ...

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April 24, 2024 36 mins

Movies is one of the many passions that Meg and Alex share together. In this episode of Meg Reacts, Alex shares some movie commercials of the 90's to see what Megan thought of them. Did these particular movies fall in nostalgic love for her or were they incredibly aged and not as fondly remembered? Grab your bowl of popcorn and join us as we look at some nostalgic movie commercials.

Have a seat with us on the Orange Couch for some ...

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April 17, 2024 95 mins

After all that has been discussed about Nickelodeon in the recent weeks, sometimes we need to be reminded that we need to, "Stop. Look and watch." With another 30th anniversary at hand, we wait inside the green room for our five minutes call as we have a look back at All That. There are still a lot of great thing to celebrate about All That as well as a few other things to address from the wake of the documentary, Quiet On Set. All...

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April 10, 2024 76 mins

We can't believe that Jorde has been part of the Splat Attack crew for so long and we have yet to really dive into the amazing collection that he has! We decided it was time to fix that! For this episode of Collector's Corner, Jorde takes center stage and shows some of his collection. We learn about what got him into collecting, some challenges involved, as well as some of the memories attached to the finding of such things. We do ...

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Oh rapture! The orange years are still intact! Our Gakoids on Patreon chose us to give our reviews of both "The Orange Years" and "Happy Happy Joy Joy". With all of the controversy surrounding Nickelodeon due to the documentary "Quiet On Set", it's been delightful to go back and discuss what was good about the network and why we fell in love with it from the beginning! To get more of an in-depth discussion about the making of both ...

Mark as Played
March 27, 2024 30 mins

Megan and Alex are back to look at some nostalgic 90's food commercials. Join us in the kitchen for some quick snacks and fun stories.

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Enroll at Starcademy for our second Space Cases cast reunion! Kristian Ayre (Radu) joins us for the first time, and Anik Matern (Thelma), Cary Lawrence (Davenport), Paige Christina Heuser (Rosie), and Rahi Azizi (Bova) teleport into Splat Attack Studios once again.

Season 1 left us on a cliffhanger but season 2 has yet to really be explored! We board the Christa with the crew once again to venture into the body swapping episode, “B...

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