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June 26, 2023 94 mins

It's finally here, our Season 1 Re-cap, Part 1! This is a spoiler heavy episode where we go over each episode this season, so if you haven't already, please go listen to Season 1 first! Thank you to everyone who joined us this season, your love and support means more than you know!

Episode 1: History of the OUIJA Board is at 2:44

Episode 2: Pyrokinetic Poltergeist Phenomena is at 16:27

Episode 3: The Erdington Murders is at 28:49
Episode 4: Unseen, Unknown, Unheard; The Atrocities of Anne Hamilton-Byrne is at 36:00

Episodes 5, 6, and 7: The Ballad of Bonnie and Clyde is at 58:29

Episode 8: The Tale of the Tailypo is at 72:25

Shout outs this episode:

Huge shoutout to Chris Johnston for his work on "The Family" Cult. Please check out his book "The Family: The Shocking True Story of a Notorious Cult" that he co-wrote with the fabulous Rosie Jones.

Shout out to Gina DeNoFa for her AMAZING Tailypo Retelling, availlable here:

Shout out to SkekLa on instagram for some SPECTACULAR Tailypo Art!

Shout out to our wonderful friend Psyrolz who continues to make MIND-BLOWING art, and always knows the right thing to say!

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Hosted by Ausha. See for more information.

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