Squawk Ident - an Aviation Podcast

Squawk Ident - an Aviation Podcast

At Squawk Ident we explore the many pathways to an aviation profession, the challenges that a professional aviator can expect in today’s market place, and we share many stories along the way. Join in on the conversation with your hosts Av8rTony, Captain Roger, Captain Rob, Alex, and Terry. Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/squawkident/support


March 23, 2024 130 mins

recorded on the 19MAR2024

Welcome aboard Flight 144 of the Squawk Ident podcast - When the Music Stops. On today’s flight Roger and I discuss the media’s myopic lens over the recent rash of United aircraft making headlines. We also discuss the alleged slowdown of airline pilot hiring practices, and we discuss how you can get your hands on Delta Airlines aircraft trading cards.

We are also joined today by a Legacy Airlines 73...

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recorded on 12FEB2024

Welcome aboard Flight 143 of the Squawk Ident Podcast - A Good Foundation is Key

On today’s flight Rob, Alex, and I discuss go-arounds and when you should do them, and how the FAA is pushing back on the potential age 67 rule.

We also have the honor in speaking with a guest who started his aviation career at Seneca College in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, where he earned himself a bachelors in Aviation Techno...

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January 16, 2024 85 mins

recorded on 14JAN2024

Welcome aboard Flight 142 of the Squawk Ident Podcast, Aviation Networking.

On today’s flight Alex D and I discuss winter flight schedules, how NOT to show up for an interview, and the best ways to get your airline application looked at.

We also have the honor in speaking with a guest who has work experience on both sides of the cockpit door. All this and more on this, the 142nd episode of the Squawk Ident P...

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December 16, 2023 115 mins

recorded on 15DEC2023

On today’s flight, as we approach the end of 2023, we celebrate Season 5’s final flight. Captain Roger, Alex D., Terry S., and Av8rTony discuss the required flexibility of Part 91 & 135 schedules vs. airline schedules, temporary duty assignments and commuting, 750hrs at Sandpiper, distractions of tech, and the inevitability of the age 67 ruling. So stay with us as we run our final checklists as we prepare ...

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November 5, 2023 157 mins

Recorded on 30OCT2023

Welcome aboard Flight 140 of the Squawk Ident Podcast - Flying High. 

On today’s flight we visit with almost all of the Squawk Ident Crew, on the same flight. We discuss a range of topics from low visibility take-offs, pilot hiring, and how to show up prepared to an interview.  We also discuss international charts, the NOS vs Jeppesen debate , and Mental Health breakdowns and the stigma to ask for help.

 So st...

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September 28, 2023 110 mins

recorded on 26SEP2023

Welcome aboard Flight 139 of the Squawk Ident Podcast - Airline Retirement

On today’s flight, we will be joined by a wide body captain that has recently flown his final flight as a commercial airline pilot. After 38 years of flying the line, he has hung up his Captain’s hat for a final time. He joins us today to explain the retirement process at an airline, how he has handled the transition, and if w...

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Recorded on 22AUG2023

Welcome on board Flight 138 of the Squawk Ident Podcast - Professionalism in the Profession.

On today’s flight, I am grateful to sit down with some amazing pilots and Squawk Ident co-hosts to discuss the profession of aviation. We will catch up with Captain Rob, Terry, Alex, and Av8rTony. Together, we discuss professionalism in the profession, PLM, the FAA's focus on personal devices, and the reti...

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August 10, 2023 105 mins

recorded on 05AUG2023

Welcome on board Flight 137 of the Squawk Ident Podcast - Emotional Intelligence

On today’s flight, I have the privilege to sit down with one of Legacy Airline’s newest First Officers.  Together, we will discover how his journey in aviation started in Honduras and has led him to become a Legacy Airbus pilot. We welcome First Officer Gorki to the show today. We recount our time together at long term ...

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July 11, 2023 124 mins

recorded on 09JUL2023

Welcome on board Flight 136 of the Squawk Ident Podcast - Cooperate to Graduate

On today’s flight we catch up with Av8rTony, Terry, and Alex. Together we will discuss Terry's long term training, Alex’s move to the big D., and Av8rTony’s recurrent training. We also discuss the most violated FAR in aviation…Sterile Cockpit. We receive some more feedback from our very own Captain Roger! Where in the...

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June 16, 2023 107 mins

Recorded on 14JUN2023

Welcome on board Flight 135 of the Squawk Ident Podcast - The Gouge

On today’s flight we catch up with Captain Rob and Terry S. Together, we will discuss Captain Rob’s mainline Upgrade Training experiences, what was expected of him, and how it differed from his upgrade experiences at SandPiper Regional.  From CPTs and IPTs, to PLM and IOC. We hear all about Terry’s Transition Training as he prepares to tr...

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May 31, 2023 122 mins

recorded on the 29MAY2023

Welcome on board Flight 134 of the Squawk Ident Podcast - The Airline Transition

On today’s flight, I am joined by Alex and Terry. Together, we discuss why anyone in their “right mind” would open a cabin door mid-flight (to let in some fresh air maybe). We also listen to some audio feedback, we hear about our first Squawk Ident meet-up, and much more.

Today, we start off the show by with the...

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May 7, 2023 168 mins

Recorded on 02MAY2023

Welcome on board Flight 133 of the Squawk Ident Podcast - Sick or Fit - Recorded from the mobile Av8r Sound Studios, high a-top the 8th floor of the Sonesta Hotel in beautiful downtown Columbus, OH.

On today’s flight I am excited to be joined by a gaggle of the excellent Squawk Ident co-hosts. Captain Roger, Alex, Terry, Kyle and I discuss the start of the summer travel season, adverse weather, diver...

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April 23, 2023 182 mins

Recorded on 19APR2023

Welcome on board Flight 132 of the Squawk Ident Podcast - the Syndrome Effect

On today’s flight I am grateful to be joined by some excellent co-hosts Captain Rob & Terry . Together, we will discuss our latest flight schedules, we have an audio update that Alex has sent in, and I will share an event that I was able to take part in that involved some very special Make-A-Wish families. 

We also welcome a spec...

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March 30, 2023 146 mins

recorded on 29MAR2023

Welcome on board Flight 131 of the Squawk Ident Podcast - The Reluctant Pilot

On today’s flight, I have the honor of being joined in the mobile studios by an aviator who’s journey began the Pacific Northwest when his older brother dared him to take a Demo Flight after a heated discussion that people with glasses can’t fly airplanes. From student pilot, airport lineman, gold seal flight instructor, to airl...

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March 24, 2023 137 mins

recorded on the 23MAR2023

Welcome on board Flight 130 of the Squawk Ident Podcast - Flying Fatigued 

On today’s flight, I have the honor of being joined by Squawk Ident co-hosts Roger, Terry and Alex.  Together, we will discuss what causes Pilot Fatigue, we discuss the recent Emergency Safety Summit hosted by the Federal Aviation Agency, and what we have learned from it.  We also look at joy riding around the boroughs of New York i...

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March 5, 2023 128 mins

recorded on 02MAR2023

Welcome on board Flight 129 of the Squawk Ident Podcast - It's Still Worth It

On today’s flight, I have the honor in speaking with an aviator we first had on our podcast on Flight 23 of the Squawk Ident Podcast - Apaches, C-12s, and Battalion Commander. He has since retired from the U.S. Army after 24 years of service. Today, he is a B737 first officer at Trans Global Airlines (an alias to his employ...

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February 24, 2023 120 mins

recorded on the 20FEB2023

Welcome on board Flight 128 of the Squawk Ident Podcast - Peeling Away the Armor

On today’s flight Av8rTony has the opportunity to speak with an American Airline Captain whose journey in aviation began when she and her family moved to the U.S. from Hungry in the year 1975. She accomplished an education that thought her to speak a little more than a handful of languages. 

After earning a degree from th...

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recorded on the 11FEB2023

Welcome on board Flight 127 of the Squawk Ident Podcast - Going Where the Jet Stream Takes Us

On today’s flight, Av8rTony, Captain Roger, and Alex D. discuss pilot egos and the high stakes of an aviation profession. With the recent report that the NTSB has subpoenaed the 3 American Airlines flight crew members involved in last months runway incursion at JFK, we ask the question, “How does One protect their...

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January 27, 2023 129 mins

recorded on 23JAN2023

Welcome on board Flight 126 of the Squawk Ident Podcast - NOTAMs & EKGs 

On today’s flight I am joined by Captain Roger, Rob D, and Alex D. Together we discuss scheduling snafus, Captain upgrades, complacency, old school training, pilot EKG issues and the FAA Aero Medical Division, the reason for the FAA system outage, Pilot Bonuses for SWA pilots, and much more. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the...

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recorded on 08JAN2023

Welcome on board Flight 125 of the Squawk Ident Podcast - Seniority is not Everything, It's the Only Thing

Today’s episode marks the first Squawk Ident flight of season 5. 

Alex and I recently had the honor in sitting down with a truly remarkable aviator who’s journey in aviation started in the early 1970s. That is when our featured guest’s decorated military veteran father paid the steep cost of $600, fo...

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