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Starlight Pet Talk

Welcome to Starlight Pet Talk! I'm Amy Castro, your guide in the world of pet parenting. Join us for expert advice, heartwarming stories, and a mission-driven commitment to helping pets and their families live their best lives. As a respected voice in the pet industry, columnist for Pet Age Magazine, and president of Starlight Outreach and Rescue, I've fostered over 4000 critters and counting and record the podcast from my 7-acre "rescue ranch." With expert guests and fellow pet parents, we'll explore everything from nutrition to behavior and having fun with your pets. Expect laughs, learning, and camaraderie in every episode. Join the adventure at Starlight Pet Talk! Subscribe now and let's navigate the journey of pet parenthood together!


May 21, 2024 47 mins

In this insightful episode of Starlight Pet Talk, host Amy Castro interviews Eliza Burr, a seasoned pet business coach, about the dynamic world of pet-related businesses. Eliza shares her inspiring journey from the corporate world to becoming a successful pet business coach and delves into the challenges and rewards of starting a pet business.

Key Topics Discussed:

  • Common Misconceptions: Addressing myths about starting and runnin...
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Hi everyone, it's Amy from Starlight Pet Talk. Before we dive into today's episode, I want to take a moment to address something important. You'll notice that portions of the audio quality in this episode is less than stellar. Unfortunately, we ran into some technical issues during recording.

Despite the audio hiccups, we decided to release the episode because the content is truly valuable, and we didn&apos...

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In this episode of Starlight Pet Talk, host Amy Castro interviews Blanca Rodriguez, a certified canine massage therapist, about the benefits of pet massage. They discuss the history of animal massage, the similarities between human and canine massage, and the specific techniques used in canine massage. Blanca shares success stories of how massage therapy has improved the quality of life for dogs, including those with hip dysplasia ...

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Join us for an enlightening episode of Starlight Pet Talk as we shine a spotlight on the Williamson County Regional Animal Shelter in Georgetown, Texas. In this episode, we sit down with Community Programs Coordinator April Pfeiffer,  to discuss the challenges and triumphs encountered by this shelter.

April discusses the pivotal role of fostering, volunteering, and donating in supporting the shelter's mission. By fos...

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This episode explores the heartwarming journey of puppy raisers and the impact they make on both dogs and humans. Roxanne and Jim have been volunteer guide dog puppy raisers for over 18 years, and Donna is a recipient of a guide dog named Wella. They discuss the process of raising guide dog puppies, the training involved, and the importance of socializing the dogs. They also highlight the need for more puppy raisers and the life-ch...

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In this episode, Dr. Zoo from Family Animal Hospital in Friendswood, Texas, is back with host Amy Castro to discuss crucial tips for pet parents to be able to keep pets safe during the spring and summer seasons. The conversation provides valuable information for pet parents to ensure the safety and well-being of their pets during the spring season.

Key Takeaways

·        Allergies are common in pets, and testing can help ...

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Join Amy Castro and Dr. Mary Gardner from Lap of Love in-home pet hospice and euthanasia as they have a poignant yet frank discussion about the benefits of in-home pet hospice and euthanasia and offer insights into navigating the emotional journey of a pet's end-of-life. Discover the nuances of end-of-life care, managing chronic conditions, and coping with anticipatory grief. They share tips on preparing for and coping with pe...

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April 2, 2024 21 mins

In this episode of Starlight Pet Talk, join host Amy Castro as she sheds light on the crucial steps to take if you stumble upon a litter of kittens. As spring blooms in Texas, Amy offers invaluable advice on navigating the delicate balance between intervention and observation. Drawing from her experience as the president of Starlight Outreach and Rescue, Amy addresses key questions: 

  • Are the kittens healthy? 
  • Is their mother pres...
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Step into the world of end-of-life pet photography with Angela Schneider, the heart and soul behind Big White Dog Photography & One Last Network. In this emotional episode, Angela shares profound insights into the transformative power of immortalizing our beloved animal companions through photography. Through heartfelt anecdotes and profound wisdom, Angela shares the importance of cherishing every moment with our pets and the h...

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Taking care of a pet with a long-term illness can often add another level of stress and commitment to being a pet parent. In this episode, I interview fellow pet podcaster Julie Marty Pearson to explore caring for special-needs pets. Discover the challenges and triumphs faced by pet parents like Julie when our furry friends receive unexpected medical diagnoses.

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn about the silent struggles and victori...
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March 12, 2024 40 mins

Join us as Kristen Maurer from Mission K9 Rescue shares heartwarming tales of reuniting retired working dogs with their former companions. We explore the emotional journey of rescuing these canines from military and police backgrounds, highlighting their transition to a peaceful retirement.

Key Takeaways:

  • Retired working dogs transition from service to retirement, requiring careful attention and love.
  • The adopt...
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Tired of chaotic encounters with unruly dogs in public spaces? Join host Amy Castro and guest Nancy Hassel from American Pet Professionals for an insightful discussion on dog etiquette. Gain valuable insights to enhance your canine adventures with key takeaways such as:

- Deciphering your dog's body language for better communication.
- Assessing breed-specific behaviors and individual quirks honestly.
- Handli...

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Join host Amy Castro as she delves into the world of canine behavior with Dog Behaviorist Will Bangura, M.S., CBCC-KA, CPDT-KA, FFCP. In this episode, we focus on the common challenge of resource guarding in dogs, providing expert advice for pet parents.

Key Points:

  •  Understanding resource guarding and its causes.
  •  Recognizing signs of resource guarding and early intervention strategies.
  • Proactive training techniques to a...
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February 20, 2024 46 mins

Join Amy Castro, founder of Starlight Outreach and Rescue, as she takes you behind the scenes of the journey of cats in rescue shelters, from intake to adoption. Gain insight into their lives in foster homes, hear heartwarming stories of resilience, and explore the process of preparing them for adoption.

Key Points:

- Learn about the lives of fostered cats and how their behaviors are assessed for adoption.
- H...

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February 13, 2024 59 mins

 Discover the captivating journey of rescue dogs with Donna Ball from Rangers Reach, a Houston-based dog rescue. Learn about the compassionate care and rehabilitation these dogs undergo on their path to finding forever homes. Dive into the challenges and triumphs of animal rescue, including medical treatments, successful adoptions, and the vital role of community support. From heartwarming stories like Beau the lab-pit mix finding ...

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Join Host Amy Castro as she interviews Marcy Berman, the compassionate force behind Save a Bunny Rabbit Rescue. Marcy sheds light on rabbit rescue, debunking myths and addressing challenges. From spaying/neutering to ethical dilemmas in 'no-kill' shelters, explore the complexities of small animal care.

Key Points:

- Marcy Berman shares stories of rescuing over 5,000 rabbits, highlighting care issues and ...

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In our latest episode of Starlight Pet Talk, we're continuing our discussion with Dr. Emma Milne on the remaining two crucial animal welfare needs: pets expressing their true nature and the importance of companionship. Building on our previous conversation about nutrition and providing a safe environment, we're uncovering what truly makes our pets happy and fulfilled.

Key Points & Takeaways:

  • Pet&...
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Hey everyone! Amy Castro here, teaming up with the incredible Dr. Emma Milne for an insightful two-part series on what real pet care entails. We're delving beyond the basics to uncover the core principles of animal welfare.

In this episode, we focus on the first three of the five essential needs every pet has:

1. Proper Nutrition: We explore the nuances of providing true nutrition tailored to your pet's ...

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If you haven't set your new year's resolutions as a pet parent, we're here to help!  In this first episode of Season 2 of Starlight Pet Talk, Bev and I serve up a playful yet practical guide to ensuring the well-being of your precious pets. From the significance of regular vet visits to grooming you can do on your own, we're here to help set you and your pets on a path to a joyous and healthy year ahead. 


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Wrapping up Season 1, Amy and Bev journey through your favorite episodes & theirs. We laughed, learned, and built a community around our love for pets. Looking ahead, Season 2 will bring even more enlightening content to support pet parents. We're not just here to guide you through the challenges of pet ownership; we're here to celebrate the joyous, tough, and funny sides of life with our animal companions. Join us as...

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