Starting With Gratitude

Starting With Gratitude

Welcome! I'm grateful you are here. This podcast holds a safe space to host heart-centered conversations exploring all topics reflecting the human & spiritual experience. Our inspiring guests from all walks of life & I expand on our lessons, awakenings, relationships, careers, healing, feelings, transformations, & beyond. These honest & vulnerable conversations intend to touch your heart, mind, & Spirit. I have always deeply felt that in sharing our truth we cultivate community & foster growth. So, that's what we're doing here. Every conversation starts with gratitude & remains rooted in gratitude. New episode every Tuesday. Listen on your favorite podcast platform & watch on Youtube. Please rate & review the podcast if you enjoy it! Let's feel grateful, practice conscious awareness, & journey through expansion together. Ya girl, your host - Jocelyn


November 1, 2022 58 min

🎙 "If my 28-year-old Self were to give a gift to my 29-year-old Self, I feel like that gift would be an open heart. I feel like that gift would be readiness. I feel like that gift would be a calm, regulated nervous system and a strong spiritual foundation." - Jocelyn

When I turned 28, I published an episode expressing my gratitude for my 27-year-old Self. It only felt right to now publish an episode expressing gratit...

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🎙 "Being in the feeling is imagining something so vividly that my body feels it." - Jamila Reddy

A conversation that encourages feeling and inspires willingness, Jamila Reddy shares with us this season of her life where she is experiencing the beauty of answered prayers and the season that came before, which was full of grief but ultimately contributed to her being where she easefully stands today. With the power of ...

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🎙 "If we don't have our heart open, our blessings don't come." - Réyel Byrd

From the deep desire to expand and experience higher potentials to reprogramming the subconscious to opening your heart and beyond, this conversation with Afro-Indigenous Medicine Woman and Spiritual Teacher, Réyel Byrd, walks you through the spiritual, the awakening, the healing journey. Whether you are in the depths of the journey o...

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🎙 "If you have to suppress a truth in order to keep the peace in a relationship or in an environment… then is the peace really present? Where is the peace in that?" - Jocelyn

This is basically a conversation about why expressing the truth is awesome - even when the truth you're expressing feels uncomfortable. Not long ago I had a moment where I felt called to express an uncomfortable truth to someone and, after a...

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🎙 "If I stuck to my original goals, I wouldn't be where I'm at. I'm in a completely different field that I would've never imagined ten, twenty years ago." - Andy Nguyen

From real estate to streetwear to the food industry (and multiple other seemingly random ventures in-between), successful Serial Entrepreneur and Co-Founder, Andy Nguyen, has experienced an unpredictable yet divinely orchestrated entre...

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🎙 "Had I known that we all grieve differently and that you don’t really move on from grief, especially not when it’s a grief of a dear loved one, I feel like that would’ve lifted a lot of weight off my already weighted shoulders." - Jocelyn

Grief is an inescapable part of the human experience. There is no escaping the experience of grief. That said, I feel it is important that we talk about it.

I wasn't planning ...

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🎙 "The faster you move, the more mistakes that you make." - Brian "Z" Zisook

Although staying true to your values and honoring your intentions may, at times, call for taking the longer route, it's worth it. It also contributes to you experiencing your true success! Brian "Z" Zisook Co-Founded two incredibly genuine (and successful) companies that internally and externally reflect being "for th...

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🎙 "Anything that you suppress will eventually feel like a burden, whether it’s an idea or an emotion or an experience or a thought." - Jocelyn

In our last one-on-one conversation (episode 71), I touched on being someone who has a lot of ideas and being someone who is grateful to have a lot of ideas. Ever since I can remember, I have always had a lot of ideas but it wasn't until a few years ago that I actually sta...

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🎙 "How can we expect to enter the Temple of God when we can't even take care of the Temple that God gave us?" - Tone Levels

I'd like to preface this description by saying that the substance and depth of this conversation is a pure reflection of the substance and depth my Self and my guest have explored within our Self. These beautiful, open, awakening conversations are expressed between two people when each ...

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🎙 "The best thing the Creator creates is the Creator." - Jocelyn 

We all have an inner-Creator that seeks to be liberated and empowered by pure love and pure passion. And I sincerely believe we are all being called to honor this truth and embrace, as well as unleash, the Creator within us.

For the past almost couple of years I have been diligently and devotedly creating multiple creations, including this podcast. I...

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Have you ever had a conversation with someone who is living the life of their dreams? Well, this episode is that conversation with an artist whose wholeness expands into various creative expressions! So, if you are someone who has many passions and dreams, how do you manifest them all? What does it take to live your dream life? Does spirituality play a big role in that? And what's a powerful force that assists you in making it ...

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🎙 "When you don’t wholeheartedly know what you are worthy of, you will settle for less." - Jocelyn 

I know I'm not alone in healing my sense of self-worth, in reflecting on my worthiness. What really triggered this for me was the pandemic. "Losing everything" had me feeling like I also lost my worth and my value. But this didn't wholeheartedly feel true to me. It didn't feel true to me that our wo...

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What began as a pursuit into the yogic path led to the introduction to cacao medicine and ceremony, which then led Christine Olivia Hernandez to a heart opening journey of spiritual, divine unfoldment. Christine did not know all that cacao would lead her to but she knew when she first experienced its medicine that she was called to deepen her relationship with it, explore it, and introduce others to its healing gift.


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🎙 "Don't count your Self out just because you think the Universe hasn't counted you in." - Jocelyn 

Is it just me or do you also feel the cosmic, Universal encouragement to take a step back & see the bigger picture? Is it just me or have you also felt called to expand your perspective & not be so fixated on what you see right in front of you? This episode is inspired by this encouragement, by this cal...

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🎙 "The purpose of our limitations and our struggle is to trigger our expansion." - James McCrae

If you're on social media and you find your Self on a spiritual path, you've more than likely come across one of James McCrae's memes. They're relatable. They're humorous. They're spiritual. And they're deep. And in this episode, we're getting deep with James McCrae on the "true" sp...

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We are living in a time where practicing discernment, tuning into your intuition, and trusting your true Self are progressively, incredibly important. With wellness, healing, and spirituality becoming more and more capitalized and colonized, a strong discernment is necessary for your alignment to truth and divinity.

I am so grateful to have been strengthening my discernment intentionally over the past couple of years, and in this e...

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A beautiful, honest conversation on how spirituality and awakening changes your whole life, Psychology-Based Business Coach, Jen Casey shares with us the breakdown of her journey. From having a voice in her head that was not kind nor uplifting to unidentifying with that voice to changing that voice into one that empowers her, the truths she awakened to of who she is not and who she is not only impacted her internal (and external) v...

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🎙️"Gentle reminder that you are worthy of approaching solitude as an intentional, spiritual practice that not only brings you closer to your Self but to the divine." - Jocelyn

We are continuing the conversation on solitude. In episode 61, I expanded on my own personal journey through solitude. In this episode, I am getting straight to the point on how solitude may change your life (as it did mine) and am offering som...

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🎙 "Most of my life has been spent in the passenger seat or the back seat of the car of my life, so to speak. So, I would say it only was within the past six years, maybe, where I felt increasingly conscious and more invested in being as fully conscious as possible of my own reality..." - Didier Sylvain

Are you in the drivers seat of your life? or are you in the passengers seat? the back seat? What does it take to bec...

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🎙️"In solitude no one can influence or distract you - other than your Self. And at that point you have to ask your Self, 'Why am I distracting my Self? What am I distracting my Self from?" - Jocelyn

At the end of 2020, I decided to move into my own apartment, alone, with the intention to fully process and heal from all the losses I had recently experienced. At first, the solitude was incredibly challenging, as I ...

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