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July 22, 2024 21 mins

Developing a food or beverage product is deceptively hard. Anyone can whip up a batch of say, BBQ sauce or cookies in their home kitchen, but commercializing them takes a lot of time, nuance, and consideration. I’m joined today by Jamie Valenti-Jordan, founder of Catapult Consulting to discuss the new product development process for CPG brands. 

Startup to Scale is a podcast by Foodbevy, an online community to connect emerging food,...

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 Kristin Taylor is the co-founder of Mom Juice, a unique wine brand that's reshaping the narrative around motherhood and wine. Kristin, inspired by her Southern roots and a memorable visit to an Italian vineyard, co-created Mom Juice to bring women and mothers together over a glass of wine. With a commitment to authenticity and simplicity, Mom Juice has grown rapidly, offering wines made with just eight ingredients.


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 Debbie Wei Mullin, founder and CEO of Copper Cow Coffee, the sustainably sourced and (soon to be) very first certified organic Vietnamese coffee company. Debbie founded Copper Cow in 2016 out of her sister’s garage with a mission to transform Vietnamese coffee farming via sustainable practices – now, they’ve sold 20 million+ coffees to date, all while supporting farmers in Vietnam. they've certified Vietnam's first-ever ...

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Tip Top Proper Cocktails is an Atlanta-based beverage company that is making delicious cocktails available on the go. The company co-founders, Yoni Reisman and Neal Cohen, are music industry veterans who identified quality cocktails as a missing piece in the beverage offering at festivals, music venues and other high volume events.

Join me as I talk with Neal on building the business during the pandemic, launching with Delta Airline...

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Imagine you finally get to a point as a beverage company where you can upgrade to your first printed cans. You had to secure a new contract with a can company and co-packer to make it happen. Everything is all set for your production run, and the co-packer starts running your product through the line.

But then, disaster strikes. All 10,000 cans come out of the tunnel pasteurizer with labels peeling off. All that product is unsellabl...

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Alex Matthews is the co-founder and CEO of De La Calle, a brand that's bringing tepache—a fermented pineapple drink with roots dating back to pre-Columbian Mexico—to the forefront of the beverage industry. Alex's journey is one of passion, innovation, and a deep respect for cultural heritage.

We'll dive into how Alex discovered tepache, the challenges he faced in bringing this unique beverage to market, and how De La ...

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June 10, 2024 18 mins

You need to know where you’re going in order to get there. For CPG brands this means creating a brand strategy, knowing your business, and then mapping a path to getting where you want to go. I’ve been pitched by agencies who charge $50,000 for this service, but if you’re like me, you have no where near that budget to pay for strategy.

So how can you do it yourself? I’ve invited on Ashley and Sarah, co-founders of The Squeeze, a str...

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Launching a CPG brand is definitely hard, but competing in the highly competitive snacking category is comes with it’s own unique challenges. Laurel Orley, the co-founder of Daily Crunch just launched her sprouted nut snacks in over 450 Target stores nationwide.

In this episode you’ll learn about how she and her team hold themselves accountable through KPIs and weekly check-ins, how to acquire new customers for retail, and more.


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It’s no secret that money is tight for CPG brands. The era of surplus investor funding is gone for now, and businesses need leaner operations. That said, you still need cash to grow, so when and how can you get it? I’ve invited on Jim and Carly from Aion to discuss when you should access working capital as a CPG Brand.

Learn more about Aion Financial Here

Startup to Scale is a podcast by Foodbevy, an online community to connect emerg...

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When Ori left his previous VC funded tech startup, he was determined that his next company would be bootstrapped so he could control his own destiny. Ori co-founded Burlap & Barrel with Ethan Frisch, a single-origin spice company. They made sure the company was profitable from day 1 (without paying themselves). Initially they put all the money back into the company, doing consulting on the side and by year 3 they were able to s...

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 Building a CPG brand can be a winding road. Often times the product you start out creating ends up changing as you learn and iterate with your customers. Now, changing from your original idea can be hard, but ultimately you’ll create a better product if you align your core vision with customer feedback. 

Shibani Baluja knows this journey well. She’s a long time friend and founder of Lil gourmet’s, a line of baby and toddl...

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Will Nitze created IQ Bar, a protein bar to increase mental health and cognition, and now runs a multi-million dollar brand selling bars, hydration sticks, and mushroom coffees.

Learn his strategy for growing a brand to a projected $55 million including fundraising, channel strategy, and mindset.

Startup to Scale is a podcast by Foodbevy, an online community to connect emerging food, beverage, and CPG founders to great resources and ...

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As a CPG founder, it’s necessary to understand where you want to go in your business in order to get there. Financial Modeling, Forecasting, Budgeting are crucial steps to turning your strategic vision into actionable steps.

Join me for a conversation with Brad Ebenhoeh, CEO of Accountfully as we break down how to do each of these for your business.

Need help with your finances? Accountfully specializes in working with CPG brands. Ex...

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April 29, 2024 21 mins

Kaitlin Mogentale founded Pulp Pantry in 2019 to reduce food waste and increase nutrition using upcycled veggie pulp. She had great initial traction getting accepted into Target’s Accelerator, airing on Shark Tank, and launching in major retailers. She found that while consumers say they are interested in sustainable messaging, labeling her product as “pulp” and “upcycled” was turning away potential customers who thought they would...

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As you launch in retail most brands will start by taking orders manually via email, phone call, or even text. But once you start working with larger retailers, they’ll usually require you to process orders via EDI.

In this episode I break down:

  • What is EDI?
  • When do you need it?
  • How does it implement for a brand?
  • How to choose an EDI provider?
  • How long does it take to set up?
  • How much should I expect to pay?

CRSTL is a new modern E...

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If you find yourself constantly putting out fires, this episode is for you. I talk with Katie Armistead about how to build strong relationships and processes across your supply chain so you don’t have to solve every issue that comes up.

We discuss building SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) and how to improve those with your partners.

I am excited to announce our friends at JPG Resources are celebrating their 15th anniversary with ...

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Tia Lupita Foods pitched on Shark Tank in April 2023 and made a deal with Kevin O’Leary. So what’s new? I invited on Jose Carrillo, Tia Lupita’s Head of Marketing and Strategy to discuss. We get into how Shark Tank affected their brand awareness, channel strategy, and a packaging rebrand to better communicate to consumers.

Listen in!

Startup to Scale is a podcast by Foodbevy, an online community to connect emerging food, beverage, an...

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Launching a new CPG business is tough at any time, but launching one in 2024? Let’s find out. I invited on Brian Bethke, founder of Bear Maple, a new Ginseng Maple Water. Brian first came up with the idea in 2020 when looking at Maple Trees outside of his window. Fast forward a few years, he officially launched the brand at Expo West 2024 to much fanfare, winning the KeHE Trendfinder “Golden Ticket”, designed to help fast track you...

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As a CPG brand, understanding your business financials is imperative to building a successful company. You first need to understand your business goals to get where you want to go. I’ve invited on Brad Ebenhoeh from Accountfully to talk through how to build a strong financial foundation for your business.

We discuss:

  • The difference between Bookkeeping, Accounting, and Finance
  • Choosing between Profitability and Growth at a Loss
  • Calc...
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March 6, 2024 17 mins

Telling your brand story comes naturally for some, but challenging for others. In this episode I invite you to learn how to build a compelling story for your brand so you can influence how customers thing about you. I invite on Jake Ahles to walk though his F.E.E.E.D. Method to story telling.

F.E.E.E.D. stands for:


Startup to Scale is a podcast by Foodbevy, an online c...

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